Tipping in Thailand: How to Properly Tip Service Professionals


Do you want to know how is the culture when it comes to tipping in Thailand? In this post we have broken down top tips on how to tip service professionals!

Thailand is a vivid place for an excursion. There are varieties in areas, cultures, tastes, and even in nature’s blessings. The plenty of fun and pleasures found here cannot be completed if you do not pass a thanksgiving to the people who made you feel home.

Small tipping to the loving people who acquainted you with their rich culture and heritage is a must. Be it a homestay at a local’s house or a hotel in the city, and they are the ones who take care of your needs, as a tourist, you are an ambassador of your heritage, tipping them is an ardent part of visits.

Tipping across the globe has different denotations; the below-mentioned guide is to assist you with tipping etiquette in Thailand.

Tipping in Thailand: How to Properly Tip Service Professionals

tour guide in thailand
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Reward the Guide

The tour Guides in Thailand are required to enjoy all the funs of this wonderland. The tour guides will take one for hiking, trailing, island hopping, National Park explores, and to the best of viewpoints.

These services mentioned are exact when it comes to the real effort Guides put-in to let you know their country at best. The politeness of the guides would elevate your excitement of adventure.

Even if they don’t understand a bit of English, but they would never make you feel uncomfortable with their attitudes. As a tourist when you take their service, you pay them, but they deserve a thank you gesture from you. They will never demand tips, such as the tipping etiquette in Thailand.

Out of courtesy, one is advised to handover them some parting gift of some Bahts to make them feel that you loved them and their country. It gives a fantastic vibe to tip people who find it challenging to meet their ends meet but still hesitant to accept money from you.

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Royal Cliff Grand Hotel Spa
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Be sweet at suite

The porters and bell boys at the hotels are often the most courteous ones. They would be readily available for your service at a call right from the time you check-in. They will be carrying your luggage to the allotted rooms; sometimes hotel’s policy is not to carry the luggage on elevators; they would be taking it to your rooms via stairs.

Tipping them 15 to 20 Bahts as a tourist will be enough. They are shy to accept the amount but if you insist they will accept.

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Experience a Traditional Thai Massage

Deserving masseuse

The ones relieving others of their pain remains empty-handed as they say the same goes with these masseuses. They put considerable effort into relaxing your body of all the pain and stress. Approximately 40 minutes of effort in massage will make them burn their lots of calories.

Whether at a local massage parlor, high-end spas, or beachside bungalow spa, the masseuse put in their talent to let you enjoy their art. If you are satiated with the service, popping extra bucks for them is not difficult. These people are often not paid well; the tips tourist give them will ensure a slight heaviness in their pocket.

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Housekeeping staff at your service would not expect you to tip them as you had already stuffed the amount for your stay, but a small tip will make them cheery.

It comes under etiquette to refrain tipping in coins slightly bigger currency looks noble for the purpose. 10% is a good rule of thumb for tipping purposes. Tipping in Thailand is not very common, but tourists must ensure to make this sweet gesture.

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Tip the tattooist

The geometric designer tattoo with Buddhist enchants are the signature of Thailand. This hand-etched tattoo is popularly k/a SakYant tattoo. The local artists who get you tattooed are very dedicated to their task. They make sure you get the best service, so tipping them with some extra Bahts would always elate them for your gesture.

The tipping amount can be anything between 1/10th of fee or what your pocket permits. There are tattoo parlors that might charge hefty amounts for their brand reputation. If one is availing of their service, the service staff must be rewarded for their unbeatable talent and effort.

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Salon artist/Hairdresser

Most often, a tipping jar is there in chic saloons, but it is better to tip the fellow being at your service personally. The local saloons have nominal charges, but the person performing your cuts must be given a token of appreciation as a tipping etiquette in Thailand.

One does not to be very generous on bucks, a small amount will do. Spare a thought; we can conclude that these jobs are often not paid handsomely unless one is the owner. The little spare of tourists will make them scoop some extra Bahts.

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taxi thailand
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Tip the taxi driver

Road transport in Thailand is not much sorted; one has to juggle a lot to hire a metered taxi in the most tourist-visited city of Bangkok also. If one manages a willing driver, ready on meter fare, it would be good luck. App-based taxis like GRAB and Uber are always at the service, though GRAB comes with the upper hand.

Their rides are cheap and reasonable, so tipping them would be no harm. It is not like you pay them a hefty extra buck, but insisting them to keep the change would materialize your wish for tipping in Thailand as a courteous tourist.

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Extra bucks for waiters

The easy-going and straightforward people of Thailand will win your heart at every gesture of them. Thai delicacies ought to be relished, their magical tastes and service at a roadside food stall at affordable rates are just excellent.

If one feels like tipping the stall owner, such would be the innocence that it would not be able to know the purpose of that extra amount. They would generally refrain as there is no concept of tipping in Thailand by locals.

The bartenders or restaurant waiters also deserve your attention. The small amount of tip personally given to them will ensure that they own it.

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Be a giver of affection Samlor driver

If samlor is hired for the door alighting some extra bucks would make them unique. Samlor drivers are generally older people manually pulling the vehicle, your gesture of affection will make them more than happy.

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