Top 15 BEST Things to do in Sukhothai


Looking for a place that is striving with culture and traditions? Check out the top things to do in Sukhothai and plan your trip to this city!

Many travelers think of Thailand as either a shopping haven or a beach bum’s delusion, but not looking beyond this is a disgrace. Sukhothai is a place that displays raw, pure attraction, coupled with the warm cordiality that the Thais are famous for.

This is the place to travel around the alternate exquisiteness of Thailand and soak in its history and culture. Sukhothai, which means Dawn of Happiness, is the main Thailand territory, about 400 km (248.5 miles) from Bangkok.

If you’re seeking a moderate pace of life and a change of surroundings, Sukhothai is the best place to consider for your next Southeast Asian vacation. There are plenty of things to do in Sukhothai.

The remarkable remnants of temples, chedis, and stupas give evidence to the majesty, this city possessed from the 13th to 15th century, viewed as the Golden Age of Thai civilization. The new parts of Sukhothai are lovely enough but pale in contrast to the remnants from its glory days.

Top 15 BEST Things to do in Sukhothai

Things to do in Sukhothai Wat Chang Lom Sukhothai

Explore Si Satchanalai National Park

Pay a visit to Si Satchanalai to discover Thailand‘s early history. As in Sukhothai, there are remnants of temples, palaces, and houses.

The top three famous temples to see are Wat Phra Mahathat, Wat Chedi Jet Taew, and Wat Chang Lom. It’s worth visiting to get a fuller representation of this once-flourishing area and the country’s early kingdoms.

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Shop at the Sukothai Saturday Night Market

Sukhothai rejoices its Saturday evenings with the most energetic energy. Every Saturday night, you will get this market space to switch into a public concert or a dance floor. You must explore this night market to get pleasure from great food at a reasonable cost. Most sellers are pleasant to customers, and it’s a great environment.

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Sukhothai Old City

Take a Trip to Sukhothai Old City

This is a UNESCO World Heritage site that stands as a tribute to Thailand’s storied and vibrant past. Almost 200 temples were excavated and partly reconstructed; offering tourists with a look at what Thailand’s early capital might have been like.

This was the hold of Thai culture, and archaeologists have found the remnants of artistic and religious works that would delineate a society for centuries.

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Si Satchanalai Sukhothai Province Thailand
Si Satchanalai Sukhothai Province Thailand

Take a Day Trip to Si Satchanalai

The Si Satchanalai Historical Park is just an hour’s drive north of Sukhothai. The Park was established in 1250, the ruins of the “City of Good People” are like a miniature Sukhothai Historical Park.

You’ll find impressive, Buddha statues, temples, and the remains of city defenses meant to keep out Burmese invaders. The temple ruins are every bit as spectacular as the ones in the Sukhothai Historical Park.

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Wat Traphang Ngoen Temple

Visit Wat Traphang Ngoen

An island enclosed with lotus flowers in the Traphang Ngoen or “Silver Lake,” lies the wonderfully stunning chedi of the Wat Traphang Ngoen and the proud columns from a larger wiharn. Mountains shape the background of the chedi, which holds statues of Buddha in its niches and is crowned by a lotus bud.

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Top attractions to see in Sukhothai

Visit the Ramkhamhaeng National Museum

Learning about history is one of the most interesting things to do in Sukhothai. The museum provides an excellent outline of the progress of the Sukhothai style from the period of Khmer influence to the rise in fame of the Ayutthaya style. Mainly remarkable is a stepping Buddha (the best example of this kind). There are other statues and ceramic kiln in the museum garden.

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Sukhothai Historical Park
via Wikimedia Commons|Paulrudd

Visit Sukhothai Historical Park

The 13th-century Sukhothai Historical Park features the early remnants of Sukhothai. The ruins are separated into five zones.

The design of the Sukhothai temples is epitomized in the great lotus-bud, highlighting a tapered tower on a three-layered base. Watch the affluent architecture, like the bell-shaped Sinhalese and two-fold Srivijaya chedi.

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Wat Si Chum

Experience the Magic of Wat Si Chum

The real appeal of Wat Si Chum is glimpsing the 50-foot-tall Buddha statue through a uniformly tall slit at the entrance.

The fingers pointing downward have been rubbed with gold. Engraved slates along a corridor portray the life of Buddha. These artworks are considered to be the oldest examples of Thai drawing.

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Wat Si Sawai Shukhothai Historical Park Thailand

See Khmer Architecture at Wat Si Sawai

Wat Si Sawai is poles apart from the rest of the temples in Sukhothai because it was initially a Hindu shrine. It’s also one of the oldest temples there.

Many statues of Hindu deities have been found in the area and are now on exhibit in the national museum. Wat Si Sawai was converted to a Buddhist temple sometime in the 14th century.

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Wat Mahathat Sukhothai Thailand

Explore Buddhist Temples like Wat Mahathat and Wat Saphan Hin

The Wat Saphan Hin Temple is located on a hill above the old city. There is a stone stage, with a little square stupa on it and the Buddha sculptural remnants are on the peak of the hill.

Similarly, Wat Mahathat is the Temple of the Great Relic and a standout amongst the most crucial temples of the Ayutthaya Kingdom. This temple is positioned on an island and contained an amazing number of auxiliary chedis and viharas.

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Top things to experience in Sukhothai

Experience a Traditional Thai Massage

Thai Traditional Massage

Traditional Thai massage is maybe the most renowned and helpful body revitalization treatment. With the Thai ancient methods, Thai Traditional Massage becomes an essential ritual of medical practice.

Treatment begins with the feet and slowly moves upwards towards the head. Elbows and knees are also used to perform specific manipulations.

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Sukhothai Pottery

Make Your Own Sangkalak Sukhothai Style Pottery

Sukhothai stoneware is the most eminent style of Thai ceramics. They’re strikingly stunning and make an implausible memento. Enjoy trying your hand at painting your ceramic dishes at Ganesha Gallery.

While your design won’t nearly as attractive as the local craftspeople, you will enjoy a lot of fun trying. This fun experience is one thing you shouldn’t miss and must be added on your bucket list of things to do in Sukhothai.

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Goldsmith in Sukhothai Thailand

Watch Goldsmiths Making Traditional Jewelry

Sukhothai is very famous as a well-liked place to purchase gold and silver jewelry. Head to Somsamai Gold Shop to walk around the workshop and observe local artisans design traditional jewelry with solid gold. After your trip to the workroom, stop into the gift shop to take a treasure home.

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Top food to eat in Sukhothai

Sukhothai organic farms

Have a Conventional Thai Breakfast at Sukhothai Organic Farm

Sukhothai’s Organic Agriculture Project is a charming place for a traditional Thai breakfast. Enjoy local dishes made from the farm’s organic produce while taking in views of the orchids growing in the lilypad pond below the rice fields. If you’re feeling adventurous, the farmers invite guests to take part in traditional Thai farm activities too.

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sukhothai noodles

Try a Thai Dish at JayHae, Poo, or Tapui Restaurants

Jay Hae is a renowned restaurant in this area, and for you to have a genuine Sukhothai experience, try the Sukhothai noodles in addition to Pad Thai at this restaurant. It’s a rice noodle soup style, and you can also accompany your meals with Belgian beers at Poo restaurant at a reasonable price.

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Check out these activities in Sukhothai

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