Top 10 BEST Things to do in Sangkhlaburi


In this article, we detailed the best things to do in Sangkhlaburi to make the most out of your experience. A meaningful and fun-filled adventure awaits you to this northern frontier.

Here is a comprehensive list of the can’t-miss things to do in Sangkhlaburi, Thailand.

Sangkhlaburi province lies in the northeastern part of Thailand, some five hours of a ride from Bangkok City. Amidst the chaos and wreckage caused by civil unrest decades ago, Sangkhlaburi slowly emerges into the ecotourism limelight. For many locals living in the urban jungle, the town has become a favorite weekend getaway.

Today, more international tourists are trooping to Sangkhlaburi to have an experience of “real Thailand.” This holds especially true for those who spent a big deal of time in the bustling city of Bangkok and wanted to escape into the wilderness.

The province offers just that. It may not have the powdery white sand beaches that Thailand is known for. But it boasts of ancient wilderness that teems with an amazing diversity of wildlife species.

Now here are the best things to do in Sangkhlaburi for an ultimate Thailand getaway.

Top 10 BEST Things to do in Sangkhlaburi

1. Sip Hot Brewed Coffee at Graph Café

The surrounding mountains of Sangkhlaburi are ideal sites for growing coffee, making it one of the province’s main crops. To have an authentic taste of this highland coffee, check out Graph Café.

It offers various servings of coffee with cold and hot options. For those who prefer the authentic taste, they can opt for purely brewed coffee. There’s nothing like it sipping a cup or two of it while taking bites of local snacks.

Many tourists prefer visiting the café during the rainy months of May to October. During these periods, they can experience the tropical breeze of the province. Besides, the cold weather would complement hot and steamy coffee.

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2. Relax and experience rejuvenation at Tara Spa

Dubbed as the best spot for massage in Thailand, Tara Spa offers a high-end but simple form of massage therapy. Who would expect that such a remote province such as Sangkhlaburi offers massage services that will keep visitors back? But that’s something that tourists will no longer ask once they try what it has to offer.

The spa itself has a relaxing and serene vibe that somehow gives instant relief. It’s just a simple structure but is well decorated with lush foliages and designs. Once the staff starts rubbing natural essential oils, visitors will find themselves floating in rejuvenation. Some would even doze but come out feeling refreshed after the massage.

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3. Have a Sumptuous Meal at Toy Restaurant

Toy Restaurant is one of the cheapest restaurants in Thailand. But that doesn’t mean that the meals here don’t satisfy. A lot of foreign tourists come here not for the low price but the quality of servings.

The owner cooks authentic Thai cuisines with variations depending on the region represented. Because the owner has been cooking for several years in this humble dining area, expect local foods to be at their finest. There’s no better place to have a sumptuous feasting experience than here relative to price.

4. Shop for locally-made souvenirs at Chuen Jai House

When looking for the best souvenir shop in town, look no further than Chuen Jai House. Among the priced items sold here are jewelry and artsy postcards made by the owner herself. Materials used for these are sourced locally. That means every item bought helps promote and improve the local livelihood.

Aside from jewelry, the shop sells other handicrafts such as woven baskets, textiles, and wooden sculptures. These are sourced from local organizations throughout the province.

Tourists don’t have to worry about their stomachs when visiting Chuen Jai House. The owner occasionally serves home-baked pizzas. The pizza here is not only favorite tourists treat but also a come-on of residents near the shop.

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5. Experience the chilly power of Songkalia River

Songkali River originates from the forest-clad mountains of Sangkhlaburi. It is one of the cleanest rivers in the area, making it a favorite getaway for locals escaping the summer heat. There are floating cottages lining the river.

Tourists can have meals on one of these while gazing at the pristine beauty of the river. Others dangle their feet on the river to experience its chilly power while treating themselves with local delicacies.

Tourists who are into adrenaline-pumping experiences can try whitewater tubing on the river. Some parts of the river run wild with powerful cataracts and churning waters. All these makeup to a thrilling tubing experience.

Add to that the beautiful sceneries to see along the river, including rolling hills, lush forests, and different wildlife.

Things to do in Sangkhlaburi: Wooden bridge Sangkhlaburi Thailand
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6. Have a Thrilling Stroll on the Bamboo Bridge

Strolling on the Bamboo Bridge is one of the best things to do in Sangkhlaburi, being one of its iconic tourist spots. A strong typhoon ravaged the bridge in 2013.

But the locals resolved to restore it and, after some months, brought back the glory of the Bamboo Bridge. Today, it’s not only an important tourism destination.

For the locals, the Bamboo Bridge plays an important role in the local economy. It connects the town center to the Mon village nestled on the other side of the lake.

Tourists can stroll on the bridge from either point. Not only will they enjoy the sights of the river and the traditional structure but also experience the simplicity and practicality of rural living. If they want to beat the summer heat, they can jump right into the river and have a refreshing swim.

Sunken Temple (Wat Saam Prasob)
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7. Explore the Sunken Temple via Kayak

Three decades ago, the national government built a massive dam that submerged towns and temples. Today, some temples’ top structures can be seen, especially when the water levels of the lake drop.

One of the most frequented sunken temples is Wat Samprasob, which stands on a site where three major rivers of Thailand meet.

It’s best to visit it during the early morning to experience a caressing atmosphere and a fresh view of the lakes, rivers, and mountains. Tourists can also swim on the lake or drive to explore the sunken temples and other structures.

8. Experience Vibrant Culture at the Mon Market

Once you’re done strolling on the Bamboo Bridge or swimming on the adjacent river, check out the Mon Market. It is one of the busiest places in the province, and tourists will themselves in a market of cultural diversity. Folks from different municipalities and neighboring areas come here to trade goods.

Tourists will not only be amazed by the unique products that are sold, including fresh fruits, indigenous garments, wooden sculptures, and exotic animals. They will also appreciate the colorful attire of the different ethnic groups coming to the market.

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9. Relish the Sight of Wat Wang Wiwekaram Temple

Tourists can easily spot Wat Wang Wiwekaram Temple when cruising on the lake. This easily recognizable structure is a favorite pilgrimage site of local Buddhists. Even tourists love coming here to experience the serene atmosphere or to engage in spiritual activities like meditation. The body of the temple‘s head monk is displayed in the temple for good fortune.

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10. Chase Kratengjeng Waterfall

Kratengjeng Falls lies deep in the remote forests of Khao Laem National Park. Therefore, it makes up for a memorable experience, especially for tourists who crave extremities. Expect to trail on dense forests and cross rivers before finally catching sight of the waterfall. But don’t worry. The trails reward visitors with the richness and beauty of the forest. There are elephants, bears, and different species of birds inhabiting the vast forest.

Now, there you have it. Those are just some of the best things to do in Sangkhlaburi. Of course, these are just icing to what the province has to offer.

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