Top 16 BEST Things to do in Phi Phi Island


Are you planning to visit the Phi Phi Islands soon and don't know what to do? Here's our list of the things to do in Phi Phi Island you can add on your list.

Phi Phi Islands is also well-known in Thailand as Koh Phi Phi is gorgeously stunning and ranks as one of the top attractions in southern Thailand. Situated 43km west from the coast of Krabi, Phi Phi is made up of six islands, mainly Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Leh.

Although busy, just like in any built-up tourist island, there are still little slices of heaven waiting to be discovered. Tourists flock here to find their slice of heaven, yearning for sapphire, turquoise blue waters and palm-fringed beaches.

The Thai island is the most excellent and sweetest place for your holidays or backpacking. You can find out what things to do in Phi Phi Island during your trip there.

This island is ideal for beaches, snorkeling, impressive accommodation, the viewpoints, and more. The larger-than-life Maya Bay and Viking cave are just some of the wonderful things to see in Phi Phi Islands, Thailand.

Top 16 BEST Things to do in Phi Phi Island

Hike the View Point

When you’re not too active enjoying islands and beaches, enjoy and go hiking in Phi Phi as it has some of the most fascinating and natural viewpoints in Thailand. From each peak, you are addressed with natural views of the clear waters and flourishing greenery of Ko Phi Phi. This trip is one of the most fun and exciting things to do in Phi Phi Island.

Shark Site Tours

You can travel around and do the shark watching tours from Kho Phi Phi Don; the tours generally start early and go ended till midday. The trips are a plan in a tiny group that is assisted with the full snorkeling tools and an expert guide. Generally, the groups visited the shark points, which are a small and roughly 800m long beach.

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Visit Phi Phi Le National Park

Phi Phi Le won reputation through the shooting of “The Beach,” where it presented an excellent background for Leonardo Dicaprio to play a tourist exploring the island.

The natural panorama on offer is supreme in exquisiteness, with rocky cliffs plunging spectacularly into the turquoise water. And with no accommodation anywhere in the region, a tranquil and quiet environment thrives all around.

A Long-tailed Phi Phi Boat Tour

Phi Phi private boat tour has diverse stops such as Bamboo Island, Monkey Bay, Maya Bay, Mosquito Island, and Tonsai village. On your boat, you can also notice and experience the gorgeous and thrilling sight of the sunset and rays striking the surface of the water, which gives a beautiful sea scene.

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Enjoy Diving in Phi Phi

Sea diving in Phi Phi is one of the top things to do in Phi Phi Island tour for travelers and tourists. Here you can have the unique and professional diving courses too including divemaster courses and discoverer scuba diving. You can also visit and try the particular diving sites areas on the island.

Top attractions to see in Phi Phi Islands

Explore The Phi Phi Maya Bay Beach

Kho Phi Phi is the second biggest island related to the Phi Phi; this island has one renowned beach in Maya Bay. This spot is prominent among the sightseer due to white sands and lovely weather for diving and swimming. The well-known movie “The Beach” made Maya bay beach the best place to visit for tourists in Thailand.

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Enjoy Viking Cave

Viking cave is one of the stunning and beautiful sites to explore in Kho Phi Phi Lee, which is situated in the northeastern area of the island and beneath a tall limestone cliff. You can ride a long tail boat from the Tonsai Bay, which takes 30mins to be at the Viking Cave.

Watch Phi Phi Lee’s Bamboo Island

Bamboo Island is one of the wonderful islands to see. It is situated in the northeast which is roughly 5 km from the Kho Phi Phi Don. It is a perfect site for the tourists. It has white sand and the environments enclosed with the bamboo trees, that why the place got the name of Bamboo Island.

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Explore Moo Dee Bay

Moo Dee Bay (Loh Moo Dee in Thai) hosts a 500m-long white sand beach surrounded by bright green waters. Located on the east coast of Koh Phi Phi Don, it is an excellent getaway from the crowd. The beach provides its tourists pleasing snorkeling opportunities, typically at both ends of the bay.

Visit Bida Islands

The Bida Islands are situated in Phi Phi and comprise the number of Small Island. You can have an extraordinary experience while visiting there. These islands have several popular spots, gorgeous small dive sites, and shallow water which give a superb experience of diving here to the travelers and the professional divers too.

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Top things to experience in Phi Phi Islands

Try Your Hand At Rock Climbing

The limestone cliffs of Koh-Phi Phi are striking and are absolutely a secret worth exploring on the island. Offering panoramic views of the region, the rock climbs obtainable here are advanced but worth the endeavor.

Numerous trustworthy companies proffer inexpensive climbs and use exclusive, trusted tools. It’s suggested to try a climb in the later afternoon as the temperatures are much cooler.

Watch a Muay Thai Fight

Situated in a Reggae bar, you will get a small boxing ring that looked like it was located just right smack in the middle of this place. They have nightly fights at about 8:00 pm and can get pretty crowded. Also, aside from being a viewer, you can volunteer to “fight,” and the winning table gets two free buckets.

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Attend Phi Phi Thai cooking class

If you want to find out some methods to cook delicious Thai food at your home after your holidays, then you can join the Thai cooking classes too. This is the chance to look at and learn about the methods and ingredients to cook Thai cuisines. You can earn the memories with your visit to Thailand.

Top food to eat in Phi Phi Islands

Fish, Seafood

Southern Thailand is a perfect place to experience new, fresh, and delicious flavors from the sea. In Koh Phi Phi, restaurants along the sea proudly and wonderfully showing off the catch of the day, positioned on ice. The cook generally prepares tasty lobster and seafood in front of the customer.

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Noodles are made from rice flour and served in delicious, diverse forms: In soup, with chicken or beef, vegetables, and some cilantro. In sauteed with minced meat, with shrimp or Chinese cabbage. In a spicy salad, with pepper and lemon. There are thin noodles (sen lek) and wider noodles (sen yai).

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