Top 10 BEST Things to do in Pattaya


A famous party place in Thailand, there are a lot of other amazing cultural things to do in Pattaya you must not miss. Read on to learn more!

Famous for its neon light-filled nightlife, Pattaya is a place where you can party hard and still experience the tranquility of Thailand’s culture.

Located in Thailand’s east gulf, Pattaya grew from being a fishing village to a fast-paced resort city filled with shopping malls, cabarets, condos, and hotels that can accommodate locals and tourists alike. It’s a city that changes and grows every second.

A lot of people, locals and tourists alike, seek to spend their life after retirement in this city. Another great thing about Pattaya is its proximity to Thailand’s capital – Bangkok. You won’t have a hard time looking for the place as it only takes a two-hour bus ride to reach Pattaya.

Due to the rising popularity of nightlife in Pattaya, this coastal city is often referred to as “the perfect destination for bachelors”.

However, there are several things to do in Pattaya that you cannot put it under one category – it can range from sightseeing Pattaya attractions and participating in its fascinating cultural activities to enjoying different watersports or chilling out on the beach!

To put it simply, Pattaya is a highly recommended destination if you’re someone who wants to enjoy the serenity of nature, experience thrilling water-related activities, and lose yourself in under the lights of its glamorous bars and cabarets.

Still, thinking about what to do in Pattaya? Check out this list and start planning your next trip to Thailand!

Top 10 BEST Things to do in Pattaya

Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden
via Wikimedia Commons|Brenden Brain

Visit Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden

Away from the city, don’t you think it’s difficult to resist the things nature can offer?

There are lots of things to see in Pattaya – and the Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden is something that you must visit. Situated in Chonburi, this garden covers 2.4 square kilometers of land that is blanketed by trees, flowers, and other landscapes.

Another thing about that makes the Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden attractive to travelers is the fact that it’s home to more than 670 variants of orchid.

Because of the intricate process in which this garden is taken care of, there is no wonder why it has bagged several awards attributed to its overall design, which took inspiration from+ French-styled gardens in the 17th century.

After breathing the pleasantness brought to you by the flowers and trees, you can also watch an elephant talent show – another must-have in your Pattaya trip bucket list.

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Visit Anek Kusala Sala

What to see in Pattaya? Aside from authenticity, something to look forward when visiting Thailand is the destinations showcasing a fusion of culture – in this case, between Thailand and China through the Anek Kusala Sala.

At first, visit Pattaya and see this museum that served as a symbolism for the friendship of Khao Chi Chan of Thailand and the Chinese. It has more than 300 pieces of bronze and brass statues, which are mostly Chinese artworks. These pieces consist of prominent historical figures and deities, which include those of accounted in Taoist and Buddhist beliefs.

Once you get there, you will notice that there are two floors. If you wish to see large statues, then we advise you to go straight to the second floor. Don’t miss the statues of Shaolin monks doing martial art poses! That’s one of the many remarkable things that they showcase there.

But should you get tired from that, there are also statues depicting almost everything about Thailand’s culture from fortune-tellers and dressmakers to liquor sellers – name it. The Anek Kusala Sala museum will surely have what you’re looking for!

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Coral Island
via Flickr| Shuba

Go to Coral Island

Wondering about the exciting things to do in Pattaya? Nothing must be listed on top of your list except for taking an adventure to the sea – by going to Coral Island!

Being a coastal city, it’s no secret that Pattaya will surprise its visitors with awe-inspiring beaches. The Coral Island is a one-boat away destination from the pier of Pattaya, making one among the many in-demand Pattaya points of interest. Considered as the largest island near Pattaya, this island also boasts with turquoise colored seas and a refined white sand beach.

There are numerous Pattaya activities that you can do while you spend your time here. From climbing hills and enjoying the view above the sea or indulging in adventurous water activities such as waterskiing, snorkeling, windsurfing, parasailing, and more!

What’s more to this is that there are lots of restaurants nearby where you can have an authentic Thai lunch.

To maximize your time and budget, it’s best to plan your trip! Look for the best Coral Island tour and get the deal that will suit you the most.

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Thai Cooking Class

Take a Cooking Class

Does the usual travel, visit, and see a place leave you unsatisfied? Skip the mundane and take a cooking class in Pattaya!

Not many travelers would recommend something like this since it can be time-consuming as opposed to the usual eat and go that we do when we travel. However, participating in a cooking class would give you a long-lasting souvenir from Thailand – you get to cook an authentic version of their food!

If you aren’t sure where to go in Pattaya to join a cooking class, just browse through your phone since most of them offer an online application.

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Walking street pattaya
via Wikimedia Commons|Biswajit Majumdar

Stroll around Pattaya Walking Street

What to do in Pattaya? Strolling around Pattaya Walking Street is something that would never be left out from any list about places of interest in Pattaya. It’s simply the largest and most sought after among the party hotspots in Thailand.

The Pattaya Walking Street occupies a whole kilometer stretching from the end of Bali Hai Plaza to the Beach Road advanced gateway. Not a single inch from this length isn’t dedicated to a beer bar, go-go bar, nightclub, or an authentic Thai restaurant.

The thing that makes people want to come back to Pattaya Walking Street is the number and variety of places to see in Pattaya. There’s even a saying that is used to describe this place – that you will have to spend around 4 years if you were to visit one bar every night before you get to experience everything in Pattaya Walking Street alone.

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Tien beach Koh Larn Pattaya
via Flickr| Richard Barton

Go on a day trip to Koh Larn

Speculating where to go in Pattaya? Pack your favorite bikini or tank top and experience a day trip going to Koh Larn!

Oftentimes referred to as “Ko Lan”, there’s no better way to enjoy Pattaya tourist attractions except for basking under the sun and enjoying the activities offered in this coral island. What makes this island exceptional is that each of its 6 main beaches exudes a different vibe – enticing its visitor to roam around and explore every corner of the beach.

Koh Larn is also a great spot for Pattaya sightseeing. If you’re looking for the best day trip in Pattaya, booking a day trip to Koh Larn might be the perfect option for you.

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Sanctuary Of Truth
via Wikimedia Commons|Rolf Heinrich, Köln

Visit the Sanctuary Of Truth

One of the most interesting places to go to Pattaya is the Sanctuary of Truth. Because of its intricately crafted walls and ceilings, the Sanctuary of Truth would seemingly look like a palace or sacred; however, this 105 m structure is intended for art appreciation.

The hall showcases a comprehensive set of carvings representing Thai craftsmanship. Inside the hall, you’ll witness creatures, scenes, people, and elephants meticulously engraved in its walls.

What to do in Pattaya? Drop by the Sanctuary of Truth. Visiting this hill is one of the most remarkable yet effortless to do in Pattaya – a way to appreciate Thai art without breaking the bank because it only costs 250 and 500 baht for children and adults respectively.

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Pattaya Floating Market
via Wikimedia Commons|Horiuchi

The Pattaya Floating Market

Pattaya tourist spots wouldn’t be complete without you exploring a floating market – and there’s one in Pattaya!

Encompassing a hundred thousand square meters, the Pattaya Floating Market is situated on Sukhumvit Road and segmented into four different areas. Around the area, you’ll find fruit stalls, eateries, souvenir shops, and even art galleries!

The Pattaya Floating Market isn’t just a market filled with hundreds of stalls; it’s a place where Thais show their cultural identity – cultural shows are being shown every day.
Should you wish to get a full experience of the floating market, rent a boat and ask a local to guide you! One boat is advisable to fit four people, and most rentals around can be availed for a small fee.

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Wat Phra Khao Yai
via Wikimedia Commons|Ruslik0

Visit Wat Phra Khao Yai

Another marvelous places to visit in Pattaya is the Wat Phra Khao Yai. Should you visit Pattaya, you’ll notice why this destination is deemed to be a cultural highlight.

Nestled on Pratumnak Hill, the Wat Phra Khao Yai is an 18m Buddha statue that you would easily find because it’s the biggest you can find in the area aside from being placed on an elevated location.

Aside from that, it’s also one of the oldest structures in Pattaya, witnessing how the city evolved from the fishing village it was to the glamorous city it has been.

This place might look opulent, but it’s not going to burn your wallets! Temple entrance is free; however, you must prepare around 200 baht for transportation.

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Buddha Engraving At Khao Chi Chan
via Flickr| Richard Barton

Witness the Buddha Engraving At Khao Chi Chan

The Buddha Engraving at Khao Chi Chan has earned global recognition because of its unique and large appearance – being the largest Buddha engraving, with a size of 130m long and 70m wide, in the world. This man-made attraction was engraved on a limestone mountain. It was created as a celebration of the 50th reigning year of Thailand’s king.

People fall in love with the beauty of this attraction because this man-made engraving perfectly blends with nature as it peacefully resides on Silverlake.

Indisputably, one list isn’t enough to define all the things to do in Pattaya – because there’s just too many! However, handpicking the best would save you a lot of time and give you the best experience – so give your best shot and plan ahead of your trip!

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