Top 15 Epic Things to do in Patong (2020)

A beach resort not far from Phuket, there are plenty of things to do in Patong you can experience! Read this post now and learn more about it.

Patong is a beach resort city, situated not very distant from Phuket and is one of the most famous tourist spots in the area overlooking the Andaman Sea on the west coast.

Generally well-known for its long beach, Patong draws a large number of tourists every year, and for a good reason, as there are lots of things to do in Patong which include the noisy nightlife, beaches and fantastic southern food that has attracted tourists for decades.

It’s possibly most eminent for the nightclubs, go-go bars and massage shops mostly lining the well-known Bangla Road, but there is ample more to amuse travelers who aren’t into such things.

As anyone who has ever resided in a Phuket resort close to Patong, the island’s notorious party capital has lots of recreation to offer. From zip lines to go-karting and shopping, Patong has almost anything you can imagine doing on holiday.

Things to do in Patong

Bangla Road Patong Thailand
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Walking Tour to Bangla Street

Bangla Street is one of the most phenomenon areas, mainly at night, and not for those people who are seeking tranquility and silence. Loud music is found nearly everywhere on this street, and a good time is guaranteed here. Enjoying a night partying on Bangla Street is certainly one of the economic things to do in Patong.

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Traditional long tail boats in patong Thailand
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Take a Boat Tour around Patong

Most travelers limit themselves to Patong and don’t travel around the lesser-known islands around the region. The Similan Islands and Phi Phi Island are the most attractive tiny islands, with lesser crowds and white clean, pure beaches. There are boat trips that take you for day tours.

Shop Till you Drop

There are local markets and sellers selling everything from clothing to souvenirs and can be a cool shopping experience. It’s totally common to barter, but don’t make an effort to press the vendors too hard – they are just trying to make a living and their products are cheap anyway.

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Parasailing in Patong Thailand
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Take an Adventure Tour

From jet skis and parasailing to windsurfing, there’s a host of water-based activities to get up to on this side of the island. With many vendors on and just off the beach, all set to make your dreams come true. Situated on Beach Road, Surf House is a flow-riding spot where surfers of all ages and abilities can surf on artificial sea waves.

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Tiger Muay Tai martial arts
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Visit Muay Thai Fight

Muay Thai is the most popular martial art form in Thailand, and in Patong, there are many fights that take place on a regular basis, and these fights are well advertised. This is one of the most entertaining things to do in Patong at night. The fights happen typically at gyms.

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Top attractions to see in Patong

Big Buddha Phuket Thailand
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See the Big Buddha

The massive Buddha that sits on the peak of a hill is both stunning and exciting. It’s well worth to go and take a look. Get pleasure from the views and join it with a trip to Wat Chalong, an impressive Thai temple is twenty or so minutes away before coming back to Patong.

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Patong Beach
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Unwind in Patong Beach

Possibly the most renowned spot in Patong, visiting this beach is one of the top things to do in Patong. The beach stretches for about 3-4 kilometers, and you should make sure to get there early, as the beach gets jam-packed very quickly. There are lots of service providers for water sports activities.

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Paradise Beach Patong Thailand
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Explore Paradise Beach

Going to Patong without traveling around Paradise Beach is like hindering yourself from another fantastic moment. Paradise beach will astonish you for its distinctiveness. It also features secure swimming all year round. It’s dense and has grand views right across Patong Bay. The beach itself is hardly 150 meters long.

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Phuket Old Town
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Visit Phuket Town

If you come to an end everything on the list, perhaps think about a visit down to Phuket Town. Buses leave every half hour or so. The journey is cheap and short. There are ample more things to do – eat, drink, party, museums, galleries, and participating in several of the optional activities on offer.

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Patong City Thailand
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Explore Patong City

Just roam the streets and soak in the local culture of the people. Walk down the streets of the local markets, or take a scooter through the non-commercial parts of the town. Most of the people are welcoming and will hold in conversation with you, and inform you many tales about the history of Patong city.

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Top things to experience in Patong

Natural thai massage in spa
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Get a Thai Massage

Nothing depicts a holiday better than a soothing spa session done by a good Thai massage. Stretch and calm down every last muscle in your body and feel fully rejuvenated at the end of your session. Aside from Thai, there are also lots of other alternatives you can select from, like Swedish, Ayurvedic, and hot stone massages.

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Thai Cooking Class
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Do a Cooking Class

If you love Thai food, it’s well worth spending a half-day or so learning how to cook some of the tasty dishes. Thai cuisine is intricate – innumerable ingredients go into most dishes. Most cooking classes begin at the local produce market to learn about the diverse ingredients on offer.

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skin and body care massage at the spa in thailand
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Enjoy Well-deserved Pampering

Patong has plenty of implausible spas nearby, from the spectacular Siladon Spa with its views of the bay, to the similarly exquisite Aqua Spa. From traditional Thai and oil massages to hot stone therapy, there’s a large variety of treatments on offer to ease your sore body. These places are bound to bring you to a state of delight you didn’t think was possible.

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Top food to eat in Patong

Tray of seafoods with spicy and sour dipping sauce of Thai seafood flavour
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Gorge on Seafood

Patong offers some delectably fresh seafood to gorge on. Huge tiger prawns, crabs, crispy fried whole fish, squid, and clams. Best eaten with nam prik Talay, a spicy Thai dip made from chilies, fish sauce, and garlic. Taste this fresh seafood and experience a great feeling of eating authentic.

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Som Tum Thailand dish
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Som Tum

This spicy, sweet and sour salad is the national dish and as a result quite easy to come across in Patong. The primary ingredients are green papaya, tomatoes, green beans, and a variable amount of chilies. You can decide how spicy or sour you want your Som Tum to be.

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