Top 9 BEST Things to do in Mae Sariang


Dive into Thailand’s culture in Mae Sariang by witnessing the town’s beauty in the eyes of a local. Here’s a complete list of the things to do in Mae Sariang.

Mae Hong Son is famous for its mountain ranges, undiscovered caves, and virgin forests. This province in northwest Thailand houses a booming sustainable tourist spot called Mae Sariang. This local town boasts of the tribal way of life. But, the community has its own surprises too. Check out this list of things to do in Mae Sariang.

Top 9 BEST Things to Do in Mae Sariang

Wat Phra That Si Chom Thong
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1. Pay respects at the Wat Phrathat Chomthong

Mae Hong Son is rich in Buddhist temples that tourists frequently visit for its panoramic mountain views and tranquil surroundings, perfect for expressing devotion to Lord Buddha.

Wat Phrathat Chomthong in Mae Hong Son houses part of Buddha’s holy relics that villagers pay respects for. This temple is most known for its giant statue of Luang Pho To, which is the biggest in the province. It is a 15-meter sitting Buddha on top of a mountain made of brick and lime.

The wat features a scenic view of Yuam Valley and the main town of Mae Sariang. It’s a nice place to take a relaxing walk and free oneself from the city’s noise.

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2. Visit an entire valley covered in wild sunflowers

Administered by Thailand’s Public Welfare Department, the Tribal Development and Assistance Center features a colorful flower plantation that most visitors often miss when they tour around Mae Sariang.

Populated mostly by the Hilltribe people from the Karen ancestry, the Center comes in full bloom in November, where Bua Tong or wild sunflowers cover its entire valley. Those who will be lucky to visit the Center during its blooming season can take photos of the yellow gardens. Traditional woven dresses are also available for tourists’ use.

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Salawin national Park Mae Hong Son
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3. Enjoy bird watching at the Salawin National Park

Tourists who don’t have much time in northern Thailand and need to know what to do in Mae Sariang should definitely visit Salawin National Park.

Recognized as one of Thailand’s national Park in 1994, Salawin National Park features recreational attractions–from mountain ranges to wild creatures that people don’t normally see on a day-to-day basis.

The Salawin National Park is home to a number of birds like White Wagtail, Sooty-headed Bulbul, Dollarbird, Common Kingfisher, Magpie Crow, Tailorbird, and Brown Shrike.

But it’s not only that: the Park is also flourishing with various plants such as teak, Burma Ironwood, evergreen resinous trees like Hopea Odorata and more. It’s a perfect escapade for someone who loves to be immersed in nature.

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4. Immerse in authentic Thailand culture in Lawa Hill Villages

Mae Sariang may not be the most popular town known for trekking, but it’s also possible. But it definitely has potential.

Trekking Lawa Hill Village is more than just a fun activity to do: it’s an eye-opening experience for people who want to understand more of Thailand’s northern culture.

The authentic Hill tribe experience guarantees visitors a humbling experience: upon arriving at Lawa Hill, a homestay family will welcome tourists flocking in the area and invite them for a sumptuous traditional lunch, either in the village or at the local temple.

Atop the mountain with a magnificent view, tourists can learn more about the practice of Buddhism and try meditation. For a deeper cultural experience, most foreigners choose to stay for three or more days at the hill tribe homestay.

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5. Shop at Mae Sariang’s night markets

Mae Sariang is abundant with small day markets where guests and locals can buy fresh produce; however, the town is mostly known for its night market that offers a selection of native-style delicacies and dishes.

The Mae Sariang morning market has a variety of organic vegetables and traditional foods, which is open daily. On the other hand, the night market opens on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday for the “Walking Street” where people sell more than authentic Thai street foods – they also offer clothes, bags, accessories and souvenir items that tourists can bring home with them before they leave the town.

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Things to Do in Mae Sariang: Salween River Salween River
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6. Join boat trips at the Salween River

If some tourists ask locals what to do in Mae Sariang, the answer might lead them to take a boat trip at the Salween River.

Those who have enough time to spare jump on a Salween River cruise trip first pass through China then northwest Thailand before heading for Burma. But it’s a long 2,400-kilometre journey, tourists who are already around the Salween River can opt for smaller boat trips that give a glimpse of both Thai and Burmese river banks.

Most people traverse the Salween River using a long-tailed boat for sightseeing purposes. There are numerous boat services guests can sign up for around the area and will offer almost the same great experience.

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7.  Swim in the waterfalls after a cultural trek

The Karen Hill Tribe in Mae Sariang has been serving tourists from all around the world with its hospitality and ethnic culture.

Guests who sign up for the cultural trek will traverse plantations, rice paddies, and jungles that lead to spectacular waterfalls. They will be able to see northern Thailand in the eyes of a local.

It’s a small and private group tour, so slots may be limited, but the experience isn’t. Tourists will gain firsthand experience of the hill tribe’s way of life in a non-intrusive way. While guests are signed up, there’s the flexibility to the tour, too: if they wish to take a long time swimming in the waterfalls, they can do so.

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8. Dine-in at Inthira

Foreigners in Mae Sariang find themselves indulging in authentic Thai cuisine at the Inthira, the oldest restaurant in town, which opened in 1964.

Located along Wiang Mai road and serving customers from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., Inthira remains to be a local and foreign favorite restaurant who stop by Mae Sariang. It offers basic Thai dishes like Pad Krap Pao (stir-fried chicken and pork with holy basil) as well as seafood and freshwater fish.

One of the restaurant’s bestsellers is the Salawin fish served with garlic rice and Thai chili. To cap the night off, guests often accompany their meals with a few bottles of beer, which is served ice cold.

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9. Watch the sun go down at the Wat Phrathat Chom Mon

What better way to end one’s Mae Sariang tour than by watching a gorgeous sunset at the Wat Phrathat Chom Mon?

The wat is most commonly known for its white pagoda in the middle of a mountain. It used to be a monk house, but after several years of renovation, it has become a small Buddhist temple. Most people visit the wat before the sun goes down to take lovely sunset photos and reminisce about the trip they had at Mae Sariang.

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