Top 11 BEST Things to do in Loei


Looking for the best things to do in Loei? In this post, you will get to know this amazing Southeast Asian destination even more. Explore the forests, shop around, and meet with the locals.

There’s more to Thailand than it meets the eye. Known as the “land of smiles,” this exotic destination in Southeast Asia is not just about religious temples, elephants, welcoming people, food, and city adventure.

There is a province here called Loei that will let you experience what it means to be in tune with nature’s finest. In this edition of our post, we introduce a few of the best Loei attractions.

For the lover of Thailand travel, Loei should come in their list perhaps on their second or third visit, as Bangkok will always be the first-timer’s destination of choice.

Exploring deep down the terrains of Thailand, this Northern province comprises national parks and reserves, plus a plunge into their very own Phi Ta Khon Festival.

Loei itself is found in the local dictionary. It’s a Thai word which means “at a far extreme” or “pass beyond.” True to its meaning, the provide features mountainous lands and temperatures that change from one part of the spectrum to the next, which is very unpredictable. In the dry season, the atmosphere is hotter compared to other parts of the region. During the colder months, the temperature in Loei drops.

From Bangkok, the Thai capital, you can get to the province in about seven hours. It takes a lot of patience, but once you are in your destination, everything changes.

It’s a place to find peace and a place to relax after a tiring trip. Do not procrastinate your tour, and make sure to allow half a day to one full day traveling from the city to this province.

It is also very accessible from the country’s major airports, Suvarnabhumi Airport and Don Muang Airport. Returning from this area back to the city wouldn’t be difficult if you have tours waiting in your remaining stays in Thailand. What are the top things to do in Loei?

Top 11 BEST Things to do in Loei

pine forest in loei

1. Start with a relaxing walk into Loei’s forests

Does it sound like you are going to brush up your air bending skills, or transform into a hermit into the woods? One of the best places to visit while in this province is the Phu Bo Bit Forest Park that gives a 360-degree view of the town around the vantage point.

Within the forest, you can find the Buddha Cave, which is a more adventurous version of the classic temples in the capital. Catch the magnificent sunset around the forest, take beautiful pictures to bring with you, and share it with your friends and loved ones.

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2. Bike around the Mekong waterway

Or, work on your glutes and ride a bicycle along the Mekong River banks, with views of the community and neighborhood in the area. Like the Floating Market, you may also purchase souvenirs, postcards, shirts, and other items. Bicycle rentals are at their cheapest rates, and there are compartments where you can store these goods.

3.  See the Elephant Cave

While you are in Thailand, caves are less frequent compared to when you are, say, in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. However, in the country’s Loei province, you can visit Erawan Cave, which houses a large Buddha figure, accessible after a 600-step climb upstairs. For shopping and great item finds, you can visit a small market right at the foot of the cave.

There are also restaurants and places to rest after the exercise within the cave, before moving forward and continuing on with your tour.

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Things to do in Loei: Chiang Khan town
via Flickr|Thanate Tan

4. Marvel at tradition in Chiang Khan town

What other things to do in Loei? If you think the province is all about nature and outdoor living, you can reconsider these thoughts. Nestled right into Loei is a town known as Chiang Khan, where you can find traditional buildings in its old form architecture. In here, there are line-ups of stores and restaurants, plus locals on the road with their bicycles.

The nearby Mekong River is open for a relaxing boat ride, or you can take your family to witness the sunset as the afternoon comes to a close.

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Wat Si Khun Muang
via Wikimedia Commons|satori.corvus

5. Discover pagodas and temples

Your trip around Thailand won’t be complete without the sightseeing tours around the country’s beautiful pagodas and temples. After all, these structures are the Asian staple. When you head over to this province, you can pay a visit to Phra That Satja, located at Tha Li District.

This building is characterized by the huge staircase that leads to the main spectacle, presenting views stretching toward the countryside. The structure exudes calmness, cream, and golden shades, and is reminiscent of the pagodas in Laos.

Then, you can head over to the Buddhist temple nearby known as Wat Si Khun Mueang. It carries the local name but is constructed in the style of the Laos temples. Murals of history adorn the facade, and while smaller compared to other Thai temples, it features stories and images that tell about their culture.

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Dan Sail Folk Museum

6. Visit museums

If you are the type of traveler who wishes to indulge in the place’s interesting past, then the museums at Loei are for you. One of these features artifacts, particular masks, that are revered in Southeast Asian culture.

Pad Thai

7. Indulge in food and wine

More often than not, a tourist will move around a locality without forgetting about trying the local cuisine. Forget about the fast food and the convenience store items for now, and invest in the country’s delicacies.

In Loei, you can enjoy the most popular Thai cuisine, which includes fried rice, curries, pad thai, and more. They also have the mieng Kham, or the blend of meats and vegetables, and the sticky rice known as khaow chee. Plus, you can also tour around Loei’s famous winery.


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8. Learn about dinosaurs

The Phu Luang Sanctuary can be reached through hiking, but once you are in there, be prepared to get amazed. In here, you can come across flora and fauna, and the diverse worldwide you cannot find elsewhere. This, not to mention, spotting old dinosaur tracks that will make you believe in their existence. For first-timers, it is recommended to hire a local ranger to guide you along the way.

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Phra That Si Song Rak
via Wikimedia Commons

9. Visit a sanctuary for lovers

No, you don’t need to be a couple to enjoy this attraction. Loei’s Wat Phra That Si Song Rak has been known to be a favorite hangout amongst couples, but with a twist — the sceneries of nature are around you. Here, you can see flowers and plants that are relaxing and soothing for your health. The fusion of Thai and Burmese cultures are in this place.

10. Walk across a floral garden

In the list of the best things to do in this area is a floral garden that resembles many of the attractions in the outdoors of mainland China. Being a nation that carries heavy influences from the East Asian country, this beautiful rock garden in Loei is very popular among tourists who want to add variety to their trips.

11. Find a flight to Loei today

Thailand has been the favorite destination of various people around the world. They visit because of the events and festivals, and perhaps to rejuvenate during the holidays. However, there are groups of individuals who take the great leap and discover what more this country has to offer.

Pack your luggage right now, and experience the organic beauty of Loei. The best sights and the surroundings are at your fingertips.

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