Top 15 Things to do in Koh Lipe

Clear blue waters, beautiful jungles, and fantastic vibe. Here are the top things to do in Koh Lipe, a stunning island in southwest Thailand!

Koh Lipe is quite undiscovered heaven, located in the Andaman Sea, 60 km from the Thai mainland. There are a fantastic number of things to do in Koh Lipe. Koh Lipe is a tourist’s delight tucked away in the distant southwest area of Thailand.

With turquoise-blue waters that lap against powder sand beaches, the island is a nice location to opt for relaxed fun. Koh Lipe is one of the top sites to explore in Thailand! Bordered by serene seas and hilly, jungle-clad islands, Koh Lipe is more than just a beach-bummer spot. Marine conservation laws of Thailand protect Koh Lipe.

So there are many wonderful coral reefs to explore. There are activities here to maintain even the most adventurous tourist entertained. It’s tiny enough to feel friendly but huge enough to present nearly everything, even a bit of nightlife for those who seek it.

Things to do in Koh Lipe

Take a Tour to Walking Street

You can’t indeed overlook Walking Street while in Koh Lipe. Frankly, it is a lot more urbanized than we were envisioning, but still, it’s worth a wander. Walking street truly gets active at night when the seafood cafés are busy, and the fresh catch of the day is being roast right beside where you’re walking.

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Go on a Boat Trip

While in Koh Lipe, you should not ignore the grand chance to do a great island-hopping tour by boat. You will see a few spectacular islands with beautiful rock creations, watch wildlife, including lizards and monkeys, and watch the amazing bioluminescent planktons as you locate unbelievable perfect spots for swimming.

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Get a Stunning View of the Island

If you like stunning vistas and desire to get some exercise, you can hike the mountain on Koh Adang, it is the island in front of Koh Lipe, to catch a birds-eye view of the “Maldives of Thailand.” The panoramas from the viewpoints are fabulous, and once you’re here, you will right away perceive where Koh Lipe’s nickname derives from.

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Hike to Pirate Waterfall

You can make the thrilling trek to the Pirate Waterfall. It’s just about 90 minutes (3 km) one way from the ranger station and appears very attractive in pictures. Be sure to find guidelines from the visitor center if you feel like to go because the path can be quite tricky.

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Enjoy Snorkeling Day Trip

Nobody should explore Koh Lipe without having one day of snorkeling. The waters are too great not to jump in. There is plenty of tropical marine life. There are many different snorkeling day trips offered in the high season. They frequently entail stopping at several of the small islands close to Koh Lipe.

Top attractions to see in Koh Lipe

Explore the Temple

The temple is located in the center of the Koh Lipe. This peaceful temple is enclosed by jungle and makes a pleasant getaway from the sun and people for a bit. You might spot the monks doing their daily chores or listen to their chants in the morning or afternoon.

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Explore Sunset Beach

It is a little bay on the west side of the island, with several rocks, calm water, and some simple restaurants and bars. There is also a camping area, which gives it a slightly hippy environment and, as the name suggests, it’s the ideal place from which to enjoy the sunset.

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Visit Art Garden Batik Workshop

Another on the list of interesting things to do in Koh Lipe is visiting the Lipe Art Garden. The laid-back vibe and vivid art are spectacular. They also have art workshops throughout the week, and it is a great place to bring the family. They also have a tiny kitchen on site that can whip up delicious food.

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Explore Sunrise Beach

You can watch the sunrise if you manage to get up early enough in the morning. This is the most attractive beach in Koh Lipe. There is a gentle breeze during the whole day, and it’s a fantastic spot for snorkeling and water sports. You could travel around the whole island on foot.

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Chill at Pattaya Beach

Pattaya is Koh Lipe’s most famous beach. Travelers often gather to this part of the island in search of recreation, water activities, and parties until dawn. But, occasionally you want to chill out and soak up the sun. There are also many cafés and restaurants with which to treat your seafood cravings.

Top things to experience in Koh Lipe

Take a Soothing Massage

Island life is all about recreation, and what better way to relax than getting a massage beachside. There are lots of massage places to opt from, but our pick is the open-air places right on the sand. Prices seem to float around 300 baht for an hour-long soothing Thai massage.

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Do a Yoga Class

If you’re more into rest and relaxation, a yoga class is one of the best things to do in Koh Lipe. You can start your day with a slow-paced Hatha yoga class or a sunrise meditation right beside the beach. Yoga classes are one hour long and run every day except Sunday.

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Get a Thai Facial

Koh Lipe is all about relaxing, so why not go the extra mile and enjoy some soothing beauty treatments too? Try almost every kind of treatment during your stay on the island, from the eight-part Thai facial to mani-pedi. Get to know the therapists and learn a bit more about what’s involved in each treatment.

Top food to eat in Koh Lipe

Enjoy Pad Thai

It is cooked fresh right in front of you, then tossed in a tiny container to enjoy on the beach, or wherever you desire. There are many places in Koh Lipe to eat, but Pad Thai from the street is one of the cheapest and most delectable options to try.

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Gorge on Roti

Thai Roti is the ideal food, any time of day. They come filled up with eggs and vegetables for a meal-size portion or packed of banana and chocolate sauce for a tasty yummy dessert. It might be worth bringing a pal or two so you can share more than one.

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