Top 14 BEST Things to do in Koh Lanta


If you're looking for the most relaxing holidays in Thailand, make sure not to miss out on some of the best things to do in Koh Lanta!

Finding peace and solitude in the glitzier parts of Thailand like for instance, Phuket, Bangkok, Krabi, etc. can be a bit difficult considering the number of tourists they get all year round.

These places are literally jam-packed with people, and so can feel a bit overwhelming for someone that is visiting Thailand for the sole purpose of getting some solitude and tranquillity.

Although Thailand‘s main touristy areas do get a lot of crowds, there are also scores of other places that lie off the beaten track which are perfect for a peaceful stay.

Koh Lanta is one such place in Thailand. It is one of the many islands located in the Kingdom of Smiles- Thailand. Koh Lanta is a popular holiday destination just like most of Thailand’s popular hubs like Koh Samui and the famous Phi Phi islands but truly sets it apart for these is that sits more on the tranquil side.

Ko Lanta is perfect for you if you are looking for exclusivity, solitude plus long stretches of snow-white beaches, tropical rainforests and premium resorts overlooking its beautiful beaches. Ko Lanta is situated in between the mainland and the exotic Phi Phi islands and comes under the Krabi province.

Ko Lanta is blessed with so many attractions. So there is something for everyone, you can engage in a lot of exciting activities like going island hopping, scuba diving, and snorkeling, which is a very fun way to explore its vibrant and lively underwater life that includes colorful and eye-catching corals, huge schools of fish and so on.

The most popular scuba diving and snorkeling points are Koh Haa Yai Island, Koh Bida, Phi Phi, etc. Apart from these activities, you can also spend a relaxing time at the beach, sunbathing your day away or playing a sweaty session of the volleyball on the beach with your pals. Additionally, you can also engage in a bit of hiking in its tropical forests all the way to the Khlong Jark Waterfall.

So you see there is no time to stay idle whether you visit Ko Lanta in the peak months or not, there is something to do here all year round. Part of what makes Ko Lanta so famous is its unique topography that includes thick forests and undulating waves of the ocean lapping at its serene beaches.

And you get all that minus the crowd. Ko Lanta’s beauty takes your breath away from the moment you set foot here and leaves an indelible mark on your soul. If you are planning a trip to Ko Lanta, check out its various attractions below.

Top 14 BEST Things to do in Koh Lanta

Old Town Koh Lanta
via Wikimedia Commons|Stefan Fussan

Wander around Koh Lanta Old Town

While the western part of the island is where most of Koh Lanta’s beautiful beaches are located, its eastern side consists of forest-covered mountains.

The historical old town of Koh Lanta is located here in the eastern part of the island. What makes this part so special is the fact that it is still pretty much untouched by outside influence and so it still retains its pristine nature.

There are scores of rustic bamboo huts located here all overlooking the stunning seaside. The old town area in terms of its area is not that big, and so it can be explored in less than an hour’s time. A perfect option for when you want to see something other than beaches.

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Explore the island by scooter

The entire island of Koh Lanta covers an area of 27 kilometers, the island has an elongated shape and having just one main road that too a paved one, makes it very easy for you to simply hop on a scooter and go about beach hopping and exploring the island in its entirety at your own pace.

There are many spots to hire scooters in Koh Lanta, and that too for very cheap. For the entire day, renting a scooter would cost you 6 US dollars. For fuel, you do not have to solely rely on gas stations as there are so many shops here that sell petrol in alcohol bottles for a mere dollar.

Since the roads are paved, it is extremely easy to ride on them except for some potholes here and there. If you are not into scooters, you can even go for a private taxi, but hiring a taxi might be a little expensive for you.

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Relax at Sunshine Hill Viewpoint

Koh Lanta has scores of cafes and eating points that are either built on a cliff or against it. What makes them so special is that they all overlook the great ocean, which is perfect if you want to take great pictures or simply enjoy the view.

Sunshine Hill Viewpoint is one of the most famous ones of these eateries solely because the water below the cafe showcases some amazing combination of colors. From hues of blue to emerald green to bright orange.

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Long Beach Koh Lanta
via Flickr|Sonia Marotta

Stroll on a Long Beach

The long beach in Koh Lanta as the name itself suggests it is a long stretch of beach surrounded by tall palm trees, tepid waters, and immaculate beaches. What’s more, it is also less crowded. Going for a stroll on the long beach is an ideal way to rewind and recharge your batteries.

The great views, cool breeze blowing on your face, and the feeling of slippery sand underneath your feet are truly what makes the long beach so stunning. The long beach and Koh Lanta itself, in general, is famous for its breathtaking sunsets. You can simply grab a cool margarita from the beachfront cafe-bars and relax somewhere and enjoy the great show.

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Mu Ko Lanta beach
via Wikimedia Commons|Luděk Chmurovský

Laze on Koh Lanta’s Southern Beaches

Koh Lanta is blessed with numerous beaches, all of which provide excellent options when you want to go beach hopping. Towards the south of Koh Lanta, there are a number of such beaches available. The Mai Pai Beach or the bamboo beach is one such place.

The bamboo beach is part of the three beaches located in the south of Koh Lanta. It is located in between bays covered by mountains with imposing palm trees dotting its 800-meter long beach area. The beach is very beautiful and proves to be a solitary layover.

Mu Ko Lanta is another beach that is located in the south of Koh Lanta, and it is part of the Mu Koh Lanta National Park. The beach area consists of powdery white sandy beaches and thick foliage perfect for sunbathing.

The waters near the beach because of the presence of rocks is a bit unaccommodating if you are looking for a swim. Nevertheless, the beach is great to just laze around and do absolutely nothing.

WHERE TO STAY? Best hotels in Koh Lanta

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Go scuba diving

Scuba diving in Koh Lanta is what prompts most tourists to come here. Although there are no diving points on the island of Koh Lanta itself, there are some that are just a few minutes of a boat ride away.

The Hin Daeng or the Red Rock and Hin Muang or the Purple Rock are some such diving points that feature over 200 different types of corals and 100 different types of reef fish. Hin Daeng also boasts of the deepest point of drop off in the whole of Thailand, which is about 50 meters.

These two diving sites, because they experience stronger currents, can be accessed only by experienced scuba divers. However, amateur scuba divers need not be disappointed as there is a diving point just for beginners known as Koh Haa or the Five Islands.

Diving in Koh Lanta can be a great way to experience an amazing array of underwater life from turtles, barracuda, rays, and even whale sharks if you get lucky.

WHERE TO STAY? Best hotels in Koh Lanta

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Enjoy Yoga

Practice Yoga

Being one of Thailand’s most popular hubs for all yoga enthusiasts, Koh Lanta is a yogi’s true paradise. The whole of Koh Lanta is flooded with numerous yoga retreats that offer from single sessions of yoga to several days of it.

Here you can practice all types of yoga-like Ashtanga, Vinyasa flow, yin, etc. The whole calming atmosphere of Koh Lanta proves to be highly conducive for a relaxing yoga session.

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Explore Khao Mai Kaew Cave

The Khao Mai Kaew cave is an adventure buff’s ultimate dream come true. It is a narrow cave located in Koh Lanta. There are several hikes and excursions organized to explore this cave. What makes exploring this cave, so special and nerve-wracking at the same time, is that it is very slippery and muddy on the inside.

To get inside, you need to slip through cramped spaces and climb bridges made of bamboos, etc. The most fun part of the entire hike is that you can bump into bats, creepy crawlies like huge cave spiders, and also frogs and toads here.

But when you finally reach the main interior of the cave, all that is forgotten, as you are greeted by pools of fresh and clear water to take a refreshing dip, and also formations like stalactites and stalagmites.

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mu koh lanta national park koh Lanta
via Wikimedia Commons|Wanjak Atikomchakorn

Visit the Lighthouse in Mu Ko Lanta National Park

The Mu Koh Lanta National Park is situated in the southern part of Koh Lanta. The main highlight of this national park is a lighthouse located in its premises perched atop a hillock silently overlooking the neighboring coves and the wide expanse of water beyond that.

The national park charges around 6 dollars per head as entrance fees to enter the national park. You can enjoy its twin beaches located on the inside and, of course, take a mini hike atop towards the lighthouse.

From the lighthouse, you get a breathtaking view of the surrounding areas, perfect for some photography. Apart from that, you can also go hiking to the Khlong Chak Waterfall, which is also located inside the National Park.

WHERE TO STAY? Best hotels in Koh Lanta

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Koh Rok
via Flickr|dronepicr

Snorkel at Koh Rok

Koh Rok is an island located some 30 kilometers away from Koh Lanta in its southern part. Koh Rok is made up of two different islands, namely Koh Rok Nai and Koh Rok Nok. Koh Rok is practically uninhabited apart from some national park rangers.

Koh Rok is blessed with a number of wonderful beaches, crystal clear turquoise waters, and an overall picturesque landscape. In addition to that, it also has thick mangroves and lush green forests. It is a day’s trip from Koh Lanta to Koh Rok, and you need to rent a speed boat to get there.

The snorkeling points in Koh Rok is a bit crowded, but you still get access to secluded spots easily. Apart from pristine corals, you also get to see false clownfish, parrotfish, titan triggerfish, and other such wonders.

WHERE TO STAY? Best hotels in Koh Lanta

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Klong Chak waterfall

The Khlong Chak waterfall is situated in the center of the southern point of Koh Lanta. Hiking towards this waterfall is a welcome change if you are tired of lazing around on the beaches. The total distance that it takes to get to the waterfall is 2 kilometers through the forest.

Most people visit Koh Lanta during the dry season, which is from December through April, the waterfall is not that splendid during that time of the year. Still, nevertheless, it is worth it in the end. On your way towards the waterfall, you get to see a lot of primates lazily swinging from the tree branches in their lush green surroundings.

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Explore Klong Chak Cave

When you are done with your hike up towards the Klong Chak Waterfall and after spending some time there on your way you back, you come across this huge cave known as the Klong Chak Cave.

The cave is very imposing, and the huge tree roots that have penetrated through the rocks seem to keep the cave intact and preventing it from falling apart. A great place to get lost at, whether you are a nature enthusiast or not.

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Bamboo Bay

The Bamboo bay is one of Koh Lanta’s most beautiful beaches. It is blessed with long stretches of sandy beaches, vibrant blue waters, and lush green surroundings. The most exciting part about visiting this beach is that it is practically crowded free and so you, in a way, get the whole beach to yourself.

The beach consists of two beach-facing restaurants that serve refreshing beer and coconut water. A great spot in Koh Lanta to enjoy a peaceful and relaxing time.

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Sip tea in a built teahouse in the jungle

The Asalanta Organic Teahouse is an ethically and sustainably built cozy teahouse built among a thick bamboo forest. The teahouse is just located nearby the Khao Mai Kaew cave.

So it can be sort of a stopover for you to re-energize yourself with some refreshing organic drinks like coffee, smoothies, etc. You can also grab some vegan-friendly snacks here to accompany your drink. The teahouse also sells eco-friendly souvenirs, crystals, etc.

The teahouse premises comprises of earth homes. At the Asalanta Organic Teahouse, you can also apply for a workshop to get the technical know-how about sustainable building overlooked by the owner of the teahouse himself.

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Check out these activities in Koh Lanta

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