Top 15 BEST Things to do in Koh Chang


Looking for the best things to do in Koh Chang? Make sure to read this and do not miss all of the top attractions in this beautiful island!

Koh Chang is the second-largest island located in the Gulf of the Kingdom of Smiles- Thailand. It is located up north further than the other popular spots like Koh Phi Phi, Koh Pha Ngan, Koh Samui, etc.

Koh Chang is the perfect amalgamation of a modern holiday destination and the still intact rustic Thai culture. The whole of the island is replete with thick, lush jungles, stunning beaches, beautiful waterfalls, and an endless number of activities that you can engage in here. Because the island is shaped like an elephant’s head, it is also known as the Elephant Island.

The island is pretty secluded, and because it gets plenty of sunshine all year round, its lush surroundings make it a nature enthusiasts’ ultimate dream come true.

The island has lots of luxury hotels and resorts. In stark contrast to that, you can also see simple homes of the locals existing in harmony alongside these resorts. One of the best attractions of this island is probably the fact that along with snorkeling, scuba diving, you can also go swimming with the elephants!

Yes, you heard it right! And what’s more interesting is that you can even bump into one or two elephants lazily going from one side of the road to the other or simply chilling in the cool ocean water. Such is the charm of this island, and this as close as you can get to nature.

Getting to Koh Chang is as simple as it is beautiful, you can either take a flight from Bangkok‘s Suvarnabhumi Airport to the Trat Airport and then hop on a minibus which takes you to your hotel.

If you are looking for a cheaper option, then you can go for a bus ride. A VIP bus that is. From Suvarnabhumi to Koh Chang. The V.I.P. bus ride will cost you 18 U.S. dollars for a one-way trip and 28 USD for a return trip. Additionally, you can also go for public transport.

Whether you are looking for just a night or two’s stay here or are willing to spend a week’s time, let’s look at the various exciting things that you can do in Koh Chang.

Top 15 BEST Things to do in Koh Chang


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Hike at Kai Bae Waterfall

The hidden waterfall of Kai Bae is tucked away in a valley behind the Kai Bae beach. What makes it so unique among all of Koh Chang’s waterfalls is that you can go hiking up towards without the help of a guide. The Kai Bae waterfall is just a 40-minute walk or hikes away from the Kai Bae beach.

The best time to visit the waterfall is during the summer months as there would be plenty of water then for you to take a refreshing dip in its pools and also plenty of water cascading down from the waterfall.

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Watch a Muay Thai tournament

Besides enjoying the beaches and the waterfall, you can even see one of Thailand‘s most famous combat sports- The Muay Thai Tournament. It draws in a lot of people who watch this is a nail-biting competition between fighters that showcase equal amounts of strength and thirst to beat the other one.

Muay Thai tournaments hold a sacred value to them, which states that the spirit, body, and mind of a person must become one to reach the very top extent. The fighters, unlike as seen in boxing can also make use of their forearms, fists, shins, etc.

The fighters ahead of the bouts adorn a traditional Thai headband known as Mongkol. For the fighting itself, they wear a cloth inscribed with charms around their waists or on their arms.

In recent years there has been a boost in its popularity owing to the fact that practicing Muay Thai helps attain over the fitness of the body, think ripped muscles, and a calm mind.

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Koh chang beach massage
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Try a beach massage

Most of the people that flock Thailand are not very well aware of what a Thai massage actually does to your body. Most people, when asked about its benefits, cannot think of anything beyond its relaxing benefit.

But there is so much more to a Thai massage than just relaxation, it also helps with relieving stress, increasing blood flow to the area, improving the circulation system, draining of the lymph nodes, and so much more besides that.

Almost all of Koh Chang’s beaches are lined with numerous small massage huts that you can visit after a long day of exploring around and hiking. The oil massage is particularly popular as it has even more benefits than the ones mentioned.

WHERE TO STAY? Best hotels in Koh Chang

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Whaleshark in Koh Chang diving site
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Dive in Koh Chang

What makes Koh Chang so famous apart from its beaches is probably the number of activates that you can do here. What tops the list of to-do activities are Scuba diving and Snorkelling.

Koh Chang has two Scuba diving centers, namely the Dive Adventure and the Scubadawgs these scuba diving centers offer various diving courses not only for the pros but also for the amateurs.

The diving paraphernalia that these diving centers use is of very high quality, ensuring you stay safe throughout the entire session.

Just like Scuba diving, snorkeling is also a very popular attraction here in Koh Chang. The various hues of emerald green and turquoise blue waters are so clear that you can make out its the underwater colorful coral reefs along with its many types of fish.

You can easily get your hands on tickets for these snorkeling tours throughout the island; however, if you want a discount, you can directly go to the boat and book. The boats take you to various snorkeling points, all located in close proximity to each other. Make sure you don’t forget your sunblock cream and water bottle.

WHERE TO STAY? Best hotels in Koh Chang

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Watch a crocodile & Snake Show

Not for the faint-hearted, but if you are into hair raising activities, then you should definitely attend the Crocodile and Snake show. This show is held at the Chai Chet beach.

Here you can witness experts playing with dangerous wild animals like growling crocodiles and hissing snakes in order to thrill and entertain the audience, without inflicting any harm on them. Audiences can also try playing with them under the expert’s supervision if they want.

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sunset in Ko chang
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Catch a sunset

The whole of Koh Chang is perfect for witnessing amazing sunsets. However, if you want to get an unforgettable sunset gazing experience, then you will have to head to certain places within Koh Chang.

The north part of Haad Sai Khao is one such place that takes the crown away for being the most photographed at places in the whole of Koh Chang. It falls on the way to Khlong Son.

Another great sunset viewpoint has to be the White Sand Beach’s northern part. Grab a bite to eat and some beer to sip on and wait for the great show to begin.

WHERE TO STAY? Best hotels in Koh Chang

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Experience zip lining

Ziplining in Koh Chang is a whole new experience altogether, not only do you get your fill of adventure and thrill but also get an amazing treetop view of the beautiful island of Koh Chang. From the vast expanse of ocean water to thick forests to its stunning beaches, all of these can be enjoyed while ziplining.

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Explore Koh Chang by ATV ride

One of the best ways to spend some time away from Koh Chang’s beaches and to really see its interiors is to rent an ATV bike. Two ATV bike companies offer ATV tours in Koh Chang- ATV Winner and ATV Monster Adventure.

You can only ride these ATV bikes on marked trails and not on the roads. Riding them on local roads will have you fined, so be very careful. Before embarking on an ATV tour, the company people as a way to assess your riding skills will have you practice for some time.

Whether you are an amateur or a pro at it, this is a great way to get the actual feel of the vehicle, and it also gives you enough time to be more comfortable.

The duration of the tour is of either 45 or 90 minutes. This thrilling adventure filled activity takes on a ride through the dirt trails and hilly areas. It provides some very amazing views of the entire island on the way.

WHERE TO STAY? Best hotels in Koh Chang

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Join boat tours

Koh Chang is an archipelago that is made up of 54 islands in total. It is located in the Trat precinct of Thailand. Hopping on a boat is the perfect way to go island hopping in Koh Chang, given its numerous numbers of famous islands all blessed with lush green forests and splendid beaches.

At Koh chang, you can get all sorts of boat trips based on your budget. Most boat trips feature Snorkelling as their main highlight, while some boat trips also include fishing.

The cheapest boat ride will cost you 15 U.S. dollars per person, but the only downside is that the boat is shared and so be prepared for a lot of fellow riders.

The most expensive boat ride will cost you 110 US dollars, which includes great service with plenty of drinks and food. What’s more, these boats have a maximum of just 17 people on board, and so you can enjoy the view in peace.

WHERE TO STAY? Best hotels in Koh Chang

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Camp in a tropical jungle of Koh Chang

Being the second-largest island in Thailand, Koh Chang is blessed with wide and long stretches of beaches and thick forests. There are plenty of unexplored forests, especially towards the eastern and western points of the island.

These forests are perfect for camping, and you can stay in tree houses here or rent a pre-erected tent that comes with excellent camping facilities.

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Ko chang waterfall
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Visit Koh Chang waterfall.

The beautiful island of Koh Chang is blessed with a number of waterfalls, all with its own unique features. Klong Plu is one of the most famous ones judging by the number of tourists it receives each year. The waterfall is just 10 minutes’ walk away from the main road.

It is not necessary for you to be a pro athlete to get to the waterfall as even a person with very low fitness levels can also access it easily. Unlike most of Koh Chang’s waterfalls to enter here, you need to pay some entrance fee.

One thing to keep in mind is that since waterfalls partially dry up during the winter months, it is best if you visited this waterfall in the rainy season.

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Walk along the sand of Haad Sai Khao

Haad Sai Khao or the White Sand Beach is one of the most popular and most visited beaches of Kho Chang. If you are looking for a beach that has a peaceful atmosphere with modern amenities like luxury hotels, bars, and eateries, along with being family-friendly, consider coming here to Haad Sai Khao.

The beach, as the name suggests, has long stretches of powdery white beaches with super clear blue waters and tall palm trees. You can relax in the sand with a book or simply sunbathe for the perfect tan, and if you feel hot, you can either grab a cool drink from the beachfront cafes or take a dip in its cool waters.

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Explore Bang Bao and Khlong Kloi

The Bang Bao or the Khlong Kloi beach until a few years ago was a secluded and hidden gem of Koh Chang. It lies 1 kilometer further from the village of Bang Bao. The beach, for the longest time, was home to just one fisherman family.

Still, with the influx of more and more tourists and with more and more people getting to know about its existence, that house is now flanked by a lot of hotels and resorts on all sides.

The beach has a very chilled out and laid back atmosphere with great scenic views and an amazing choice of delicious food and refreshing drinks.

WHERE TO STAY? Best hotels in Koh Chang

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Lonely beach

Welcome to the Lonely beach A.K.A., the party hub of Koh Chang. Lonely beach, just like the majority of beaches in Koh Chang boasts of a serene atmosphere, white snow like the beach, thick forests, and an overall laid back vibe. Additionally, the lonely beach also has a great nightlife thanks to its many bars and clubs located on the beachfront.

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Indulge in Delicious Curry at the Lucky Gecko

The island of Koh Chang has a number of options when it comes to doing a bit of indulging. From sampling street foods to eat at high-end restaurants, Koh Chang has got you covered. Most of Koh Chang’s restaurants are set up by Thai ex-pats that now serve a delicious fusion of local and Thai foods.

The Lucky Gecko in Koh Chang is one place that you must visit at all costs! Here you can get your hands on amazing Austrian schnitzel prepared by the chef himself while his Thai wife whips up some truly delectable Thai green curry.

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Check out these activities in Koh Chang

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