Top 16 BEST Things to do in Chumphon for Big Cultural Lovers


While the province is famous for its sandy coastlines and beaches, why not explore dry land for yourself with these underrated things to do in Chumphon?

Are you craving for an off-beaten track or a remote getaway in Thailand? Then, there are plenty of things to do in Chumphon for big cultural lovers. As the name suggests, “Lots of Blessings,” this province offers travelers a respite from the city’s hustle and bustle with its unique trove of vistas, both land, and sea.

Chumphon has a magical charm all of its own. The province is ideal for travelers who revel in culture, history, and nature. It’s a quiet setting, unlike the crowded streets in Bangkok and Phuket.

When you think of Chumphon in the Southern Thai Province, the ones popped into your mind are sandy beaches, swimming, and coconuts. Hitting the waters is a popular activity for tourists, but the place has a lot more to offer.

From exploring a national park to uncovering local Thai beliefs, the Chumphon province points of interest provide a unique experience for the cultural traveler. So, ditch the waters once in a while and immerse yourself with these underrated Chumphon attractions.

Top 16 BEST Things to do in Chumphon for Big Cultural Lovers

Uncover local Thai beliefs at Wat Kaew Prasert

Enter the Wat Kaew Prasert temple and see various effigies depicting diverse Buddhism practices of the Thais, Chinese, and Indian. You can take your time looking at the statues of gods and goddesses from one building to another before heading up to a Monk-lined stairway.

The top of the staircase greets you with a garden showing the fate of a person in the afterlife. The left area depicts how gut-wrenching hell would be for sinful people – with most statues showing graphic, detailed scenes of torture! Meanwhile, the other side of the garden shows the righteous in prayer with Buddha.

If you plan on visiting this place on a Sunday, expect free food from the temple!

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Get culture knowledge at the Chumphon National Museum

History buffs would likely visit the Chumphon National Museum to take a glimpse of the province’s history dating back to 4,000 years. Expect to see prehistoric tools, jewelry, weapons, and artwork among those on display.

Also, there are interactive displays of architecture and house models of the past. The museum includes photos and reveries from Typhoon Gay, which hit the province in November 1989.

Chumphon Night Market
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Tease your taste buds at the Chumphon Night Market

If you want to delve deeper into the culture of a place, then eat like a local. Treat yourself with authentic food such as Pad Thai, curry, spring rolls, and omelet served with fruit shakes. If you like seafood, expect over 10 mussel stalls with a variety of cooking styles served for about $1 to $3.

The Chumphon Night Market happens every day at 6 PM to 11 PM by Wangma Road near the train station. After a snack, you can explore other stalls selling wares, spices, and textiles.

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 Chumphon National Park

Explore the vastness of Mu Ko Chumphon National Park

Mu Ko Chumphon National Park comprises a group of 40 islands off the coast of the Gulf of Thailand. If you’re not into swimming, you can explore the area with its vast landscape – forest, mountains, islands, and beaches. Why not stroll in its famous hanging bridge leading to a mangrove forest?

Among the many things to do in Chumphon National Park, you can try:
1. Island hopping
2. Bird watching
3. Cave exploring
4. Hiking
5. Wildlife sightseeing

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Get an Insta snap at Khao Matsi Viewpoint.

Climb up Khao Matsi Viewpoint situated at the mountaintop to admire the panoramic view. Below you can find Chumphon’s fishing piers, Hat Pharadonphap, and the Chumphon Sea. On the viewpoint, itself, is a statue of Goddess Guanyin, Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva looking over the waters below.

After taking your Insta snaps, you can have a snack and a cuppa coffee there, too. It’s best to visit Khao Matsi in the morning and take the paved road for an early jogging exercise.

Things to do in Chumphon: Pak Nam Chumphon, Thailand
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Uncover age-old traditions at Pak Nam

If you go up to Kaho Matsi Viewpoint, you’ll see Pak Nam below. Head to this fishing port district and enjoy traditional Thai desserts such as mango sticky rice, roti, mung bean candy, or coconut rice dumplings.

There are old shops nearby where you can shop for antiquities or souvenir items. Pak Nam is home to beaches and temples, where you get to explore if you have the time.


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Pick oranges at Suan Nai Dum Orange Orchard or see their odd toilets!

Also known as the Orange Orchard of Mr. Dum, the 200rai orchard is a haven for nature lovers. Various floras pop out of well-maintained walkways, rest areas, miniature, and treehouses. You can buy these oranges and other fruits in their store and nearby stalls.

One thing that makes this place peculiar is Mr. Dum’s collection and display of toilets. He turned them into effigies for display and educational purposes, but that statue of a bum piqued everyone’s curiosity!

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Take a breather at Wat Tham Thale Sap

This secluded temple is a perfect getaway for those seeking recluse from the city. Built with beautiful, huge tree trunks, the setting is ideal for individuals looking to rest and take a breather.

The structure is built next to a hill cave, which has a perfect view of a picturesque reservoir. You can call for the keeper to talk about Wat Tham Thale Sap and know more about its history.

Make your way up to Wat Khao Chedi-Phra Yai.

Near the Chumphon Airport is a large and towering golden Buddha sitting on a small hill. You can drive up there by car, but it’s a little adventure to take its 50-step stairs to the top.

Also, greeting you at the top are some golden monk statues that presumably guard the place. If you walk around the hill, you get a good glimpse of Chumphon’s plantations.

Visit the golden Wat Pa Yang Temple

If you can’t get enough gold from Wat Khao Chedi-Phra Yai, head to Wat Pa Yang Temple, where the entire complex is made of gold! Most of the monuments and decors are heavily influenced by Chinese Buddhism.

You can find various reclining Buddha statues as well as bell effigies for communicating with the spirits. The vast temple also includes an Ordination Hall where visitors can take a peek inside.

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See the Wisai River Waterfalls

One of the many things to do in Chumphon is getting near a waterfall at Wisai River. Not too far from Wat Khao Chedi-Phra Yai is an inter-connected waterscape as a recluse from the city life.

There are a lot of waterfalls in the area, including Kang Prong Waterfall, Rapids Water Park, Kaeng Roi Ru Waterfall, and the famous Pho Sa Le Waterfall. There are food stalls by the river bank where you can eat and lounge beside the river.

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See a prince and a royal battleship

The shrine of Admiral Abhakara Kiartivongse, Prince of Chumphon, is a must-see destination for devotees and people who pay cultural homage to Thailand’s history. The prince is the son of King Chulalongkorn and is the founder of the Royal Thai Navy.

On special days, the locals come to light incense and firecrackers to pay respect to their prince. Exhibited nearby is the Royal Chumphon Ship, which has been decommissioned in 1975. Close in the area is the royal palace of Prince Krom Luang Chumphon Khet Udomsak.

Phato Canal Rafting or Camp at Phato District

Try not to get wet when you’ve gone rafting at Phato Canal. If you want to get your adrenaline rushing, this expedition is definitely a ‘what to do’ in Chumphon. You can absorb all of nature’s wonders with its lush forests and orchards.

In some parts of the riverbank, you can actually camp there with friends and family and go wildlife sightseeing.

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Stroll by Nong Yai Wooden Bridge at Nong Yai Tang Chang Park

Nong Yai Tang Chang Public Park was created to establish a flood control measure when Typhoon Gay hit the area. There’s a series of stone monuments depicting the king’s initiative of the park’s implementation.

Visitors come here to stroll at the kilometer-long Nong Yai Wooden Bridge and catch a glimpse of the elusive Javan Rusa Deer.

Engaged with the locals at Baan Tong Tom Yai “Seahorse Village”

People who want to stay in an authentic Thai home would love the community engagement and collaboration at Baan Tong Tom Yai, or the Seahorse Village. It’s a fishing village known for its marine conservation and for the plentiful seahorses floating nearby.

Travelers get to stay and eat local dishes in houses and learn how to prepare themselves.

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Drink local coffee at Tham Singh Village

Calling all coffee lovers! One of the many underrated things to do in Chumphon is visiting Tham Singh Village and taste local brews within the area. The farmers collaborated to create coffee houses to produce 50 tons of beans. If you want to know the culture of the place, buy locally grown and made goods!

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