Top 16 BEST Things to do in Bangkok


If you're looking for the top things to do in Bangkok, here are some of the attractions and interesting experiences you can while in the city!

Whether it is a scrumptious cuisine or a cultural spot that you’re looking for, Bangkok is home to countless destinations that offers enjoyable things to do in Bangkok!

Located in the center of Thailand, Bangkok didn’t earn its moniker “Venice of South East Asia” for nothing. Its vast land is filled with a vibrant culture that encapsulates different stories, places, and foods that you can easily revel in.

Being the only Southeast Asian country that was never placed under the rule of any European country, Bangkok, Thailand offers a fresh vibe to its visitors – something which its neighbor countries can’t offer right away.

This city is not just about Siamese cats. Still, the opulence of its country would simply put anyone in awe – especially the temples, buddha figures, and beach resorts.

What makes a visit to Bangkok unique from other destinations is that you get to experience both the serenity of nature and urban sprawl. This fusion is what makes the word “Bangkok” more enticing to the eyes of every traveler.

What to do in Bangkok? Bangkok is Thailand’s capital city, so almost everything that the country can offer is within your reach. From visiting its pulsating markets where you can taste flavors that are unique in Thailand to delving into the country’s culture by paying a visit to its museums, the list of Bangkok tourist spots would make you think about visiting again.

When you start planning your Bangkok activities, the only problem that you will encounter is how to narrow down the activities to do in Bangkok – because it isn’t exaggerated when you find out there is a LOT.

If you’re still uncertain whether to book that Bangkok trip or not, here’s a list of things to do in Bangkok to tickle your desire to travel!

Top 16 BEST Things to do in Bangkok

Tom Yam Goong

Eat delicious Thai Food

There is no better way to start this list with a mouthwatering suggestion: to have a bite on delicious Thai food.

Once you hear about and visit Bangkok, a picture of a spicy cuisine is probably the first image that would pop in your head. No one can blame you for that!

Bangkok is a gateway to Thailand’s most famous cuisines including Stir-Fried Noodles (Pad Thai), Spicy Shrimp Soup (Tom Yum Goong), and Red Curry (Gaeng Daeng).

Just a friendly warning: keep an eye on the food that you will try or else you’ll end up craving for more!

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Lumpini Park
via Flickr|BenGrantham

Stroll around Lumpini Park

If you’re looking for a spot for Bangkok sightseeing, then you must consider dropping by Lumpini Park.

Aside from being the oldest, Lumpini Park is also the largest open space that you can find in Bangkok. Its long history stems from its construction back in the 1920s and was named after Lord Buddha who came from Nepal.

Now, the park serves as a place for relaxation and recreation. Strolling around the park, you’ll witness people from different walks of life – doing Thai Chi or just simply enjoying the beauty of nature in Lumpini park.

Do not worry about the fees! Visiting Lumpini Park is free, so why not spare a few hours of your trip in the tranquility of this park?

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Wat Arun Ratchawararam, Bangkok
via Wikimedia Commons| Preecha.MJ

Visit Wat Arun

Among the list of Bangkok attractions, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to witness the majesty of this 79m temple – the Wat Arun.

If you have seen postcards about Thailand, then you might have come across Wat Arun before. Named after Aruna, a Hindu god, the temple of Wat Arun is known to be the most visited and most photographed temple in Thailand.

To get there, you can take the Skytrain and ride a Chao Praya express boat going to Tien Pier.

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Grand Palace
via Wikimedia Commons|Andy Marchand

Visit the Grand Palace

Can you really consider it a trip to Bangkok if you haven’t visited the Grand Palace?

This architecture that is more than 200-year old serves as home to Thailand’s kings and a venue for government-related events. Aside from its gold-tipped structure, what makes this destination more attractive is that it gets illuminated at night revealing its opulent and romantic vibe.

Do not keep your guards down when visiting Bangkok attraction! Aside from the vast area that you must cover, there are lots of possible fraudulent packages around so always remember that you only must pay the entrance fee – nothing else!

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Explore Bangkok’s nightlife

Bangkok tourist attractions aren’t just temples and parks – it’s also perfect if you fancy revealing your party feet!

The neon lights-filled party scene in Bangkok is something that you must try whether you’re a party person or not. There are lots of choices that you can choose from including nightclubs, trendy cocktail bars, and refreshing rooftop bars.

Go and party as if it’s your last one! Leave your hotels and explore each corner of Bangkok to watch how it changes into a lit place at night.

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wat pho bangkok the statue of the reclining Buddha
via Flickr|blink+

Visit Wat Pho to see the reclining Buddha

What to do in Bangkok? Go and visit a temple they would say or catch a glimpse of a Buddha. If that’s the case, then why not check out the huge and one of the most prominent amongst them?

Encapsulated in gold, the Reclining Buddha which measures 15m tall and 46m long is a great option if you wish to explore more of Thailand’s culture. Here, you can find 108 bowls signifying the number of positive deeds the buddha has made throughout his life.

The Reclining Buddha is located near the Grand Palace so why not take advantage of the opportunity to tick two boxes from your Bangkok trip bucket list?

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Bangkok national museum
Joyofmuseums / CC BY-SA

Take a tour inside the Bangkok national museum

What to see in Bangkok? Aside from the smiles of the locals, you can also witness the long history that built the country you’re currently exploring.

Partaking in a tour inside the Bangkok national museum would introduce you to the biggest artifact collection in Thailand.

Originally, the museum was just a simple avenue for King Rama the V to showcase everything that he had received from his father. As time passes, the museum had accumulated several pieces of relic including precious stones, weapons, ceramics, and puppets.

Insider tip: for foreign visitors, the best day to visit the Bangkok national museum would be on Thursdays because there are tours offered in English.

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Food Tour in Bangkok
via Flickr| Ninara

Go on a food tour

With countless cuisines offered in every corner of Bangkok street, it would be hard for travelers to resist going on a food tour. Go beyond the usual Thai cuisines and get to know Thai street food. There also several international cuisines offered around the place. From squid to papaya salad (Som Tam), you will never run out of choices and have your meal prepared right in front of you.

Apart from the bursting flavors, these foods are offered near places of interest in Bangkok at an incredibly affordable price. So you can satisfy your hunger whilst not breaking the bank!

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boat trip at Chao Phraya river
via Flickr|Juan Antonio Segal

Go on a chill boat trip at Chao Phraya river

Have you ever wondered how Bangkok got the nickname ‘Venice of the East’? Hold on because it’s not about having a portion of the city submerged in water – it’s because of Chao Phraya River!

The Chao Phraya River is Bangkok’s lifeline due to having all the city’s canals interconnected through this river. Locals and tourists alike also use this as an effective mode of transportation and to avoid the traffic jam in the city.

More than that, who wouldn’t fancy streaming on a river as you become delighted with the sight of the high-rise buildings of the city? There are lots of places to see in Bangkok, and if you’re running out of time or you just want a mild way, taking a boat down the Chao Phraya River would suit you the most.

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Bangkok street foods
via piqsel

Try Bangkok’s street food

Exploring different Bangkok points of interest is difficult if you go with an empty stomach. Lucky you, there are food stalls almost everywhere, so it’s easy to grab a food-on-the-go!

Aside from satisfying your hunger, you will also have a taste of their culture. Have you ever thought about why most Thais eat together? Or why they share their dishes? Clue: It starts with the letter ‘C’ – their culture!

This one’s a no brainer tip, but should you wish to taste the best street food out there, check out which has the longest line – because people always go to the stall that offers the most delectable treat!

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tuktuk in Bangkok
via Flickr| Bernard Spragg. NZ

Ride a Tuk Tuk

There are lots of places to go in Bangkok, Thailand but nothing can bring you the authentic Bangkok travel except for riding a tuk-tuk. Riding a tuk-tuk has its pros and cons.

While it can help you navigate easily, this type of transportation easily gets stuck in traffic jams.

Take note that this doesn’t have meters in them so you will have to negotiate a price before riding!

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Bangkok Thailand Floating Market
Image by Dean Moriarty from Pixabay

Visit the floating market

Still guessing what to do in Bangkok? You might think that it’s very cliché and mundane to go shopping – but what if you do it with a twist? Go shopping in floating markets!

Hop on a locally decorated boat and start immersing yourself in the vivid floating markets of Bangkok. Later, you’ll get to see different stalls selling a wide array of local products – from tropical fruits to exceptional souvenirs.

Always remember to communicate with the locals! A floating market is a good avenue to mingle with the locals and experience their culture firsthand.

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Chatuchak market Bangkok
via Wikimedia Commons|edwin11_79

Roam around Chatuchak market

Whether you’re the type of traveler who isn’t into waters or you simply love shopping you must not spare the Chatuchak market from your travel list.

Where to go in Bangkok? This vibrant market houses more than 8,000 stalls and is considered as one of the largest marketplaces in the world. The Chatuchak market is open to visitors every weekend, Sunday and Saturday. In an estimate, there are around 200,00 visitors who check out the place daily.

With the number of stalls available, name an item and you’ll find it here at local-friendly prices. Since it’s a big place, consider having a map with you to not get lost.

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puppet show bangkok
Go watch a puppet show is one of the must things to do in Bangkok | Photo by form PxHere

Visit the Bangkok puppet show

Among the things to see in Bangkok, you shouldn’t miss visiting the Bangkok puppet show.

This isn’t your ordinary puppet show where the people who control the puppets stay hidden – they’re actually part of the show!

Through watching these puppet shows, you’ll get educated about Thailand’s classic folk rale and its magnificent craftsmanship.

Another great thing about watching puppet shows in Bangkok, Thailand is that an orchestra accompanies it – a perfect package to dodge the time constraint in your trip while witnessing different aspects of their culture.

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Things to do in Bangkok: Jim Thompson house
via Wikimedia Commons|Photograph by D Ramey Logan

Visit Jim Thompson house

Amidst the urban sprawl in Bangkok, a hidden gem is in the heart of the city – the Jim Thompson house.

Known as the “Thai Silk King”, Jim Thompson established this house which became a museum keeping a gigantic art collection. Inside the museum, you will see the world-renowned Thai Silk and the rich story behind its craftsmanship. Aside from that, you’ll also discover bits of Jim Thompson’s story!

It’s no secret as to why this museum made it to this list of places to visit in Bangkok. However, make sure to plan your visit ahead – the structure of this museum is quite big and new visitors can easily get lost.

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Chinatown Bangkok
Visiting the Chinatown is one of the interesting things to do in Bangkok

Try the Food in Chinatown

A list of things to do in Bangkok wouldn’t be complete if you will not experience Bangkok’s Chinatown. Almost every country capital has its version of Chinatown, so why miss the chance to experience the fusion of Thai and Chinese flavors?

Filled with different restaurants and food stalls, you’ll gain an authentic experience as you pass by the traditional Chinese gates – formally welcoming you to Chinatown. Running out of options doesn’t have a space in Chinatown because there is an endless number of Chinese foods to try!

While there are other places in Thailand where you can get Chinese food, Bangkok is where you can find almost everything so if you’re looking for the golden flavor, never miss trying this!

The best experience to a Bangkok travel is not just about the sights that you will be seeing but the culture that you will be gaining and exchanging with the locals. After browsing through this list, don’t hesitate and be spontaneous enough to try everything and create your Bangkok experience!

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