Top 10 AMAZING Thailand Tourist Places and Spots


Your list of Thailand tourist places to visit just got shorter - yet the experience is as jam-packed as ever. Taste Thailand’s best with these top-rated tourist spots.

Coming up with a compiled list of famous tourist places in Thailand proved to be an effort-consuming chore than I expected. It is not because I have no recommended places to boast; on the contrary, there is a multitude of great Thailand tourist places you should not miss that trimming the count down to ten is almost impossible.

Whatever makes a tourist spot worth your while, I believe Thailand has its way of getting all these ingredients, sprinkling them all over the islands, and presenting them in a way that can arguably be counted as enchantment.

Thailand calls you by your given name, shows you picturesque views you only see in magazines, photobooks, and websites, and then tells you that you can have the same tropical escape, live the same island dream and feel the same rewarding experience.

It’s as if you have no choice but to heed… and you gladly do. With full luggage in tow, you are suddenly yet knowingly en route to all of the best Thailand tourist spots listed here. I apologize, you’re welcome, enjoy Thailand!

Top 10 AMAZING Thailand Tourist Places and Spots

Grand Palace
via Wikimedia Commons|Andy Marchand

The Grand Palace, Bangkok

Bangkok’s Grand Palace remains one of the Thailand tourist spots you have to visit. This massive complex may have grown more crowded over the years. Yet, a tour around is as informative and fulfilling as ever.

Within the grounds of the Grand Palace, you will find two primary zones. The first one is home to the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. The other zone contains the outer, middle, and inner courts that make up the royal residence.

The key to having a great experience in this tourist place is by coming early in the morning. Book a tour with an official local guide and have an in-depth understanding of the Grand Palace and the highlights that speak of Thailand’s rich history, spiritual culture, and heartwarming hospitality.

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 Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya
via pixabay|PIA NGULUA BO-I

Historic City of Ayutthaya

Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya is a UNESCO World Heritage Site situated in Central Thailand. It is well-regarded as Krung Kao, which translates to ‘ancient capital.’

People who visit this city make it a point to tour the Ayutthaya Historical Park, home to four temples, namely the Wat Phra Ram, Wat Phra Si Sanphet, Wat Mahathat, and Wat Ratchaburana. In order to have a full authentic experience, rent a traditional costume or chut thai to wear as you roam around the park.

There is more to Ayutthaya than its historic temples and glorious ruins. One of the Thailand tourist places located here is the Bang Pa-in Palace, the royal family’s choice of residence during summertime.

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Railay Beach, Krabi
via Wikimedia Commons|Wokshots

Railay Beach

There is one Thailand tourist point which seems to have been curated especially for the rock climbing enthusiast. Railay Beach, because of its stunning limestone formations, is a true climber’s paradise. In fact, ardent lovers of this sport desire to conquer its cliffs even just once in their lifetimes.

Railay Beach is actually a collection of four stunning beaches that are a stone’s throw away from each other: Railay West and East, Phra Nang, and Tonsai. It belongs to the Krabi province and can only be accessed by boat due to the limestone cliffs that separate it from the mainland. This seclusion, though, added quite an intriguing charm to the place.

Should you find yourself in Phra Nang, amuse yourself with peculiar sights of phallic carvings hidden in a small cove – and discover why there is such a strange shrine.

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Wat Mahathat Old City Sukhothai Thailand
via Wikimedia Commons|Adam Jones from Kelowna

Sukhothai Old City

The name Sukhothai, in local language, translates to ‘The Dawn of Happiness.’ It is considered as the initial platform of Thai arts and culture. This is evident in the many impressive shrines and historic ruins that are scattered all over the city.

A visit to this UNESCO World Heritage City will have you feeling as if you got transported back in time. Explore the vast area by bike and immerse yourself in the different zones that comprise the Sukhothai Historical Park. Three stunning temples you should not miss are the Wat Si Chum, Wat Pra Luang, and Wat Mahathat.

The Loy Krathong festival is a special event best celebrated in Sukhothai’s Old City. Its intricate architecture, calm waters, and olden settings give a sense of dramatic emotion to the traditional festival of lights.

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Koh Phanganvia Wikimedia Commons| Visions of Domino

Koh Pha Ngan

Koh Phangan is a truly tropical destination off the Gulf of Thailand. It is among the Thailand tourist places, which arguably became famous for one specific tourist activity, and for Koh Phangan, it is the monthly Full Moon Party.

If you are part of the curious bunch, travel to Haad Rin and mingle with locals and other tourists gathered to participate in the infamous full moon celebration. Expect a night of body painting, dancing, and socializing fuelled by colorful cocktail drinks served in buckets.

For those wanting a different kind of adventure, hire a boat and sail through Koh Phangan’s exotic diving sites. Sail Rock, or Hin Bai in the local dialect, proves to be a local favorite because of the abundant marine life which can be explored here.

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Bangkok Thailand Floating Market
Image by Dean Moriarty from Pixabay

Floating Markets, Bangkok

What is a visit to Bangkok without checking out at least one floating market in Thailand’s capital city? These longboats, their local merchants, and the various products on sale have been integral parts of tourism in the area. Widely photographed and immensely raved about, these floating markets are more than just societal venues.

Every floating stall contains a part of Thailand it is most proud of. Some offer delectable local dishes cooked right from the boat, matching savory noodles with sweet fruits in season. Others sell Thai artistry in the form of locally-made handicrafts, fast fashion, and trinkets to bring home.

The Taling Chan Floating Market lies 12 kilometers off Central Bangkok. It is one of the best weekend floating markets that you can visit if you do not wish to travel far to experience one.

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Chiang Mai sunday walking street
via Wikimedia Commons|Takeaway

Sunday Walking Street, Chiang Mai

Should you find yourself in Chiang Mai on a weekend, do not miss the chance to visit the Sunday Walking Street. This night market is a great venue to score artistic local finds, cheap bargains, and delectable Thai food.

The path to take is towards Rachadamnoen Road, with the market starting from the Tha Phae Gate. Be spoiled with choices that speak highly of Thai artistry and attention to detail. Speak to the local vendors and artists about their products and see just how passionate they can get when talking and explaining about their crafts.

The Sunday Walking Street in Chiang Mai is truly one of the well-loved Thailand tourist places you would keep coming back to.

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Wat Phra That Doi Suthep Chiang Mai

Doi Suthep, Chiang Mai

Measuring 1,676 meters above the ocean floor, the mountain of Doi Suthep in Chiang Mai is truly worth the hike. Up above its peak lies a golden temple set amidst a natural surrounding teeming with birdlife.

A morning visit to this place is warranted should you wish to see Doi Suthep in its full glory – with the sun rising, birds soaring, and only a handful of people coming in.

Doi Suthep is part of the Doi Suthep-Pui National Park. This mountain, together with Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep and the Bhubing Rjanives Palace, make up the attraction that is well-visited by people coming to Chiang Mai.

Aside from hiking, some of the other activities you can do in Doi Suthep and its surrounding areas include biking, visiting the Mon Tha Than Waterfall, and paying a visit to a local tribe village.

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Maeklong Railway, Bangkok
Image by Jason Goh from Pixabay

Maeklong Railway, Bangkok

Bangkok is home to one of the unusual Thailand tourist places you must see to believe. It is none other than the Maeklong Railway, a place commonly regarded as the “Umbrella Pulldown Market.’

What’s in the name? A visit to the place will show you exactly how the term came to be. Many market stalls are situated right on the railway, some in the corner, but definitely extending to the tracks.

The Maeklong Railway, being a fully-functional mode of transportation, calls for all umbrellas and other items to be pulled off just before the train passes by. The quick and snappy actions of the merchants to secure their belongings make an unusually entertaining sight to behold, gathering thousands of Bangkok visitors daily just to witness this one-of-a-kind activity.

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Ko Lipe
via Wikimedia Commons|VascoPlanet World Photography

Ko Lipe

Ko Lipe remains to be one of the important tourist places in Thailand despite being branded by many as a place that might have lost its charm over the years.

While there is the truth that Ko Lipe looks nowhere near its unspoiled glory days, tourism in the area allowed for good businesses and favorable advancements to come in and make the place the highly-developed tropical destination that it is today.

Ask any local of the best beaches in Thailand to visit, and Ko Lipe’s Sunrise, Sunset, and Pattaya Beaches will surely make it to the cut. These beaches remain to be great examples of the ultimate Thai dream vacation: electric blue waters, white sandy beaches, and dramatic sunsets.

If you can manage to pull yourself away from the relaxing ambiance of the island that is easy to fall for, venture out into the sea and go snorkeling and diving. Ko Lipe has some of Thailand’s best reefs, which you should not miss.

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