Thailand Itinerary: 2 Weeks in Thailand for First Time Visitors


Planning to stay for 2 weeks in Thailand and would like to know where to go? Here're our five Thailand itinerary suggestions!

One of the many queries that we often get from fellow travelers who would like to spend some time in Thailand is how long should they stay? Our answer is always the same, at least 2 weeks in Thailand should bring you to some of the top destinations in the country and still have enough time to get the most experience from each place.

In this Thailand travel itinerary, we’ll be breaking down a few different kinds of routes that a lot of travelers take that caters to a few different types of interests. So, either you want to relax, go for an adventure, or explore Thailand’s interesting culture – there will be one perfect route you can use as a guideline for your two weeks in Thailand.

Thailand Itinerary: 2 Weeks in Thailand for First Time Visitors

Plan your trip in Thailand
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Planning your trip

First of all, before you write down your full itinerary, make sure that you’re all set for your trip to Thailand by planning a few things ahead of time.

Here are a few tips we have to mention first thing before you continue reading or your planning:

Do not over plan

Yes, overplanning can kill the joy of having the freedom to change your itinerary. Sometimes we discover new places along the way from word of mouth from fellow travelers and would like to check it out. Still, if you have already booked everything beforehand, you’ll likely miss all the good stuff you might hear.

Do not pre-book your accommodation

In case you change your mind, or you decided you’d want to stay longer in one destination because a day or two is not enough. You would like to see more, but you’ve already committed to the next destination – this is never fun because sometimes hotel booking websites require a reservation fee or full payment upfront with little time for cancellation.

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ferry or boat

Book all of your domestic transport when you’re in Thailand

You can pre-book your tickets (bus, ferries, trains, and flights) beforehand. Still, we generally do not recommend this as you’ll really never know how your days will be once you’re in Thailand.

Plus, it is easy to book tickets online even when you’re in the country, so don’t stress too much on this and leave it on the day when you actually need to go (or few days before you intend to go).

Book your tours when you’re in Thailand

There are some tours that need further research and re-booking like if you’re planning to go on an ethical elephant sanctuary. Still, beyond that, you can easily book tours on the spot or online when you are in Thailand.

Of course, you can always book a tour beforehand if you really know what it is something you want to do, but honestly, there are so many local tours that are online that are far cheaper and better than the ones you find online.

But if you really want a tour that will take you throughout Thailand without any hassle, you can check these ones:

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Things to remember before coming

Get insurance

Yes, the hospital in Thailand is cheap if you want just a general check-up if you get sick or in case of an accident but could be easily covered if you have insurance. We always suggest having travel insurance before you arrive in Thailand as a precaution because you never know what could happen.

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thailand visa
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Get a proper visa

Depending on where you come from, you might need to apply for a tourist visa before arriving in Thailand. However, if you’re from one of the countries that can obtain a visa exemption on arrival, then you would not need to think about this unless you’re planning to stay longer than two months.

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Correct International Drivers License

If you’re planning to rent a motorbike or a scooter in Thailand, you’d need to have the proper motorcycle license and then have it converted to an International Drivers License. Your license from your home country would not suffice, you definitely would need an IDR.

We highly suggest this for insurance purposes in case of an accident because most travel insurance will not cover you if you got into a motorbike accident without the proper documentation.

For more information about Thailand and what else you need to know before coming, here are some useful articles you might want to read:

  • Planning a trip to Thailand
  • Things you should know before visiting Thailand
  • What NOT to do when you’re in Thailand
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How to get around Thailand

Getting around Thailand is honestly easy. The public transportation is efficient albeit some routes are longer than the others (check this out before booking your tickets as it is easy to book the longer route that takes hours).

The most efficient way to travel between cities and towns is by bus and domestic flying if you’re planning to cross country from North to South or vice versa.

You can check our post about the best way to get around Thailand, read it here.

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Phra Maha Dhatu Naphamethinidon
via Wikimedia Commons|JJ Harrison

Best time to visit

The best time to visit is between November and March if you’re planning to visit the islands but otherwise avoid Northern Thailand, especially Chiang Mai, during the dry season, which is the months of March and April as the air will be so polluted due to burning crops.

You can check out our post about the best times and months to visit Thailand in detail, read it here.

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2 Weeks in Thailand: Three different kinds of routes for all types of travelers

Chiang Mai
Image by Michelle Maria from Pixabay

Northern Thailand in 2 weeks

  • Bangkok (2 days) – Land in Bangkok and spend 3 days
  • Ayutthaya (1 day) – Go on a day trip to Ayutthaya from Bangkok
  • Chiang Mai (2 days) – Fly to Chiang Mai and spend 2 days
  • Pai (1 day) – Take a bus to Pai from Chiang Mai and spend 1 day/night
  • Koh Samet + Islands (5 days) – Go back to Chiang Mai and catch a flight to Koh Samet and spend 5 days exploring different islands along the coast of Northern Thailand
  • Bangkok (2 days) – Take a bus from Koh Samet to Bangkok and spend 2 days exploring the city a bit more
  • Catch your flight back home
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Phi Phi Island , Phuket Thailand
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Famous tourist route for 2 weeks

  • Bangkok (2 days) – Land in Bangkok and spend 2 days familiarizing yourself with the hustle and bustle of the city.
  • Chiang Mai (3 days) – Fly to Chiang Mai and explore its city and surrounding towns by scooter for 3 days
  • Pai (2 days) – Take a bus from Chiang Mai to Pai and spend scooting around the small mountain town for two days and head back to Chiang Mai by bus again
  • Phuket + islands (5 days) – Catch your flight to Phuket from Chiang Mai and spend 5 days exploring Phuket and the surrounding Thai islands and beaches
  • Bangkok (2 days) – Either you take a bus or fly back to Bangkok to spend a couple more days exploring the city before heading back home
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Huai Mae Khamin Waterfall
via Wikimedia Commons|Piith.hant

Adventurous route for 2 weeks

  • Bangkok (2 days) – spend a couple of days in Bangkok and explore its attraction, perhaps visit the night markets and explore what adventurous eats you can find there.
  • Chiang Mai (3 days) – Fly to Chiang Mai and rent a scooter around the mountains and chase waterfalls. You can perhaps even go on an ethical elephant sanctuary.
  • Kanchanaburi (2 days) – Fly or take the bus (it takes 9 hours) to Kanchanaburi and go on a hike around Erawan National Park and bathe in random waterfalls you might encounter.
  • Phuket (5 days) – Fly to Phuket and spend 5 days exploring the islands. Perhaps go scuba diving, snorkeling, and participate in other types of water activities. Hiking is widely available in Southern Thailand, too!
  • Bangkok (2 days) – Fly back to Bangkok, explore, and catch your flight back home.
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