Top 15 Places to Visit in Northern Thailand

Take a break from the beach and check out some of the amazing places to visit in Northern Thailand and chase waterfalls between jungles.

If you’re tired of the beaches and crystal blue waters and would like to be a bit more in touch with nature and take an adventure within the jungles of Thailand then we are certain that you will enjoy a visit in some of these places to visit in Northern Thailand where the vast mountains will provide grounding solitude.

From a plethora of outdoor activities and countless mountain to hike and waterfalls to take a dip and explore, the nature you’ll witness in Northern Thailand is spectacular beyond belief and you’ll have to see it for yourself.

We have noted down the top 15 places in Northern Thailand that are worth visiting, read further and learn more about it below.

Top 15 Places to Visit in Northern Thailand

Doi Phu Kha National Park

It is located in Nan Province in the mountains of Doi Phu. The park is famous for camping, viewpoints, trekking, and hiking, walking trails, waterfalls, cave exploring, wildlife, natural rock formations, and much more. Bretschneiderasinensis, a lost fauna, is also spotted here.

Rare beautiful bird nuthatch inhabits here. A very rare striped weasel Hog Badger, Assam macaque, pig-tailed macaque are also seen in the park.  Elephants were also spotted in the park. Rare reptiles like BungarusSlowinski, Parafimbrios Lao and Pseudoxenodonbambusicola are said to be seen only in this park

The 1715 viewpoint, circular trail, lan Du deo campsite, and viewpoint, ThamPhaPheung, and Thammaa caves, are the places to visit in Northern Thailand.

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doi inthanon national park
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via Wikimedia Commons|Sirapa Atikomchakorn

Doi Inthanon

It is the highest mountain in Thailand located in Chiang Mia Province. It is a deeply forested area which is conserved, and DoiInathon National park is made.

The park is famous for a number of trails, viewpoints, picturesque surreal scenery, waterfalls, trek to highest points, and swimming in the stream. Mae Yai and Wachiratan are the famous waterfalls in Doi Inathon.

The wildlife is quite large, wild boar, gibbons, are quite common. Nearly 362 bird species are reported. Bats are abundant. The Karren hill tribe people also reside here. The sunrise watched is magical with greenery, chirping of birds, and serene of the proximity.

At Kaew Mae Pan nature trail serows may be seen, Doi Inthanon summit, AngKa Luang trail, two chedis, Mae Pan waterfall and campsite, flower garden of Royal Project, Brichinda caves are all not to be missed on this visit.

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Wat Phra That Doi Suthep Chiang Mai
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Doi Suthep

WatPhraThat on the mountainous Doi Suthep is the high Buddhist pilgrimage spot that dates back to the 13th century. Doi Suthep National park is the part of Doi Suthep. The scenes of Chiang Mai from the mountain top are a must to watch.

Places to visit are Mae Sa Falls, HuayKaew Falls, Mae Sa valleys cool weather, MokFa Area having nature trail and caves and royal retreat Bhubing Palace are the northern Thailand points of interest.

Lampang: If planning to visit places in Northern ThailandLampang should always top the list due to the versatility of the region. Horse-drawn carriages are the highlights of the city.

Chae Son National Park has 6 tier waterfall and natural geysers, 9 million years old limestone stalactites owing Pha Thai Cave National Park, Wat Phra That temple.

A signature ceramic museum, wat Phra bat phupa Daeng temple having staircase to heaven, Wat Pa Fung, Ma O cultural road market, walking street of Kad Kong Ta, Wat Chiang Rai, Mexican sunflower field, organic farming village, Thai Elephant conservation center, Chae son National Park are the spots to be covered while on visit to this small yet majestic city.

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Doi Phu Nang National Park
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via Wikimedia Commons|Yoshifumi Iwata

Doi Phu Nang National Park

Located in Phayao province, in the mountains of Phi Pan Nam range. The area is quite full of natural resources. Doi Phu Nang forest is the highest mountain in it, and three forests are preserved for the national park.

The park has a very accessible and famous campsite. The scenic view is stunning. Playing Ukulele while camping is a fun activity. The climate is cooler here.

Tarn Sawan waterfall, Huai Ton Pueng waterfall, Kaeng Luang dinosaur park, Pang Ngun cave, sunset point, Lignite mine are some of the landmarks not to be missed when one visit northern Thailand.

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Chae Son National Park
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via Wikimedia Commons|Mr.Peerapong Prasutr

Chae Son National Park

Home to a mighty 6 tier waterfall and hot water spring, this National Park is located in Lampang Province of Northern Thailand. Boiling eggs in hot spring water is fun.

Large fauna and flora habitat are found here. Variety of birds like white jungle bird, tailorbird, woodpecker, warbler, white-rumped shama, etc.inhabit the park and can be viewed often.

The highlights of the park are Chae son hot springs, Chae son 6 tier waterfall amid colored fauna on valleys, campsites, Mae Mon, and Mae Khun waterfall are good for the trek but under guidance, WatThamPhaNga Temple, and caves.

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Pai Canyon
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via Flickr| James Antrobus


Pai Canyon, also known as Grand Canyon, is situated in Mae Hong Soon Province of Northern Thailand on the banks of river Pai.

Pai canyon promises you to be lost in nature’s lap with plenty of scenery, mystifying galore, and much more to explore. A motorbike ride would end up to be most adventurous. There are windy and turns after turns on the road from Chiang Mai to reach Pai.

Sai Ngam hot springs, Pai romantic sunset point, watching from Chinese village, sunrise is just awesome, Pambok and Mae Yen waterfall trek, exploring ancient Tham Lod Cave.

Climbing WatPhra That Mae Yen was also known as white Buddha is placed on top of the hill and sunset from here is mesmerizing, not to miss wild mushroom shakes, bar street must be enjoyed.

Hammocks are a perfect relaxing place, bamboo bridges are for wandering in nature. The organic foods, wheatgrass drinks, exclusive teas, and delicacies to be relished.

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Wat Rong Khun Chiang rai
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Chiang Rai

House to Magnificient white temple, located at 114 miles from Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, has so much to vouch. WatRongKhun or a white temple is the most awaited visit by tourists.

The temple is the epitome of hell to heaven’s journey. The minions and ultra-complicated craft on walls are so confusing. The place is wealthy of temples like monkey temple, black temple, WatPhraKaew once emerald Buddha house).
Blue Temple/ RongSuea Ten is an excellent masterpiece of architecture. On the outskirts of the city, a huge seated Buddha statue at HuaiPla Kung Temple gives an aerial view of the vicinity, also known as a Guan Yin.

Climbing and walking to Mae Fah Luang garden. Interaction or homestay with Akha hill tribe to have a sneak peek on their lives and culture. The night market is the key feature of Chiang Rai, from relishing local delicacies to buying apparel and souvenirs.

Mae Khachan hot waterfall visit, and boiling eggs there. Light show at the ornate clock tower of Chiang Rai, Northernmost part of Thailand visit.

Majestic view of Golden Triangle cannot be missed, Opium museum, Singhapark and Lum Nam Kok national parks and trekking on mountains, boat ride to Laos. Chiang Mai is one of the best places to visit in Northern Thailand.

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Mon Chaem

NongHayi Royal project encourages villagers to grow vibrant flowers, strawberries, and lettuce, resulting in ultimate panoramic scenes nearby. Gazing and wandering in the valleys and hills nearby is no less than adventure walk.

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Chiang Mai
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Image by Michelle Maria from Pixabay

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is the largest city in Northern Thailand and very safe to travel. It is the heart of the cultural heritage of Thailand.

When In Chiang Mai adventures are on the way:

Visit White elephant nature park, scooter Riding along Mae Hong Son loop and interact with lovely smiling hill people, not to be missed Buddhist temples of wat Phra, Wat Pan Tao, Wat Chedi Luang, wat chedi.

And attending monk’s talk of wisdom, trekking waterfalls, hill and mountains are liked, walking in Sunday market relishing local delicacies and admiring crafts, the night market is another option for tourists, famous Thai massage, diving at Hang Dong Rock quarry and get a sacred tattoo of Sak Yant.

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Mon Chong

Doi MONG Chong is a mountain inside the Omkoi wildlife sanctuary. Protected mountain goats residing here are the attractions of the Mon Chong. Red, pink and white azalea blooms here. The mountain resembles a lion’s head. Camping and driving to explore the beauty in it would be the right choice.

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Pha Daeng National Park

Located on the Burma border, plush, dense woodland intense scenes, birds flock defines this National Park.
Sri Sangwanwaterfall, Pong Ang hot spring, Hua Cha caves, three-tiered limestone cascade picnic spot, are places to be visited inside the park.

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Lam Nam Nan National Park

It is a popular spot for boating, and the scenic forested area is a steep mountainous area. Sirikit Dam Reservoir having small islands and reefs in it, Choeng Thong waterfall, PhuPhaya Pho mountain viewpoint, Choeng Thong-Kio Khian route for birdwatching point are the attractions of this park.

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Doi Pha Hom Pok National Park
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via Wikimedia Commons|Chaiyathat

Doi Pha Hom Pok National Park

Foggy and windy all year round, the perfect sunrise and sunset define this dreamy remote mountain top national park in Chiang Mai Province. DoiPhaHomPok Nature Trail, Huay born cave, Fang hot springs, tat mok waterfalls, campsite, a medium hike. The mountain is covered with forest greenery.

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Chiang Dao
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via Wikimedia Commons|gary4now

Chiang Dao

It is a famous birdwatching site, a small colorful city placed in the lap of Doi Luang mountain. Buddhist shrines and cavern in the caves, WatThamPhaPlong, DoiChaing Dao, hot springs, waterfall, dense woodlands are to be explored. Drinks, delicacies are to be relished. The place is quite near to Chiang Mai.

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