Top 10 Places to Visit in Central Thailand


Here are the top places to visit in central Thailand you can easily visit from Bangkok. From ancient cities to lush nature, read further and learn more about each place.

Central Thailand has been a witness to many black pages of Thai history. To plunge in the past and dig the old-time, there are many places to visit in Central Thailand.

Top 10 Places to Visit in Central Thailand

Places to visit in Central Thailand Sri Nakarin Dam National Park
via Wikimedia Commons|Kittipong khunnen

Sri Nakarin Dam National Park

The IUCN category 2 parks are located in Kanchanaburi Province of Thailand. The park is famous for a seven-tier waterfall, extensive wildlife, caves of prehistoric time, dense green forest and peaceful ambiance of the vicinity. The famous Erawan falls quite accessible from the park.

The major attractions of the park are: Huai Mae Khamin waterfall, it is located on the west side of the park. A 7 level waterfall has many ponds and tiers at every level. Swimming here in the small ponds are advised. A well-defined trail is for hiking the waterfall.

Well equipped campsites, Khaoen Sri Nakarin viewpoint, Neramit and Phra caves, and natural hot springs are also worth places to visit in Central Thailand.

Two lesser-known waterfalls Pha Tat and PhaSawan, are also beautiful and worth visiting. The mountains in the forest are limestone decorated. The slow loris, civets, squirrels, bats, and leopard are abundant.

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Bang Pa In Royal Palace Ayutthaya

Bang Pa-In Palace

It is located on the banks of the river Chaopraya River in Bang Pa District. This magnificent Palace was once used by Royal Thais in summers.

The architecture of the Palace is of European style. Thai and Chinese architecture is also seen. A Khmer style prang is quite beautiful in the midst of the pond. The modern-day finishing is given by King Chulalongkorn.

The Palace comprises of many buildings like WehartChamrunt( Royal Palace), Shiny Heavenly Abode WarophatPhiman, Ho WithunThasana, Divine seat of AisawanThiphya art. The beautiful lush garden and an artificial pond in the vicinity is so picturesque.

A beautiful temple known as Wat Niwet Thamaprawatis also in the palace vicinity. Boating in the Chaophrayariver is also recommended for sightseeing. The Palace stands witness to many Royal events of and Royal guests.

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Thailand–Burma Railway Centre

It is a private museum and research center in the Kanchanaburi district. It has restored the grave memories of the second world war. The mountains were cut in those days to build this railway line from NongPlaDuk Junction to Thanbusayat Station.

The building consist of a military cemetery, equipment, and tools which were used in the construction of railway tracks are on display, Model of the ‘death railway’ is kept here. The museum also has videos showcasing the events of that time.

The story of this railway center goes back to the time of world war 2 when the Japanese military forced the prisoners of war to build this railway. During the construction of this center, many prisoners died. Due to the large casualty, it is also known as the ‘death railway.’ The museum is private and managed by an Australian architect and his firm.

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Wat Ratchaburana
via Wikimedia Commons|Davidlohr Bueso


It is a Buddhist temple located on an island of Ayutthaya Historical Park. The temple was built in the memory of two royal princes who fought to the death for the throne. The temple is known for the rare artifacts of lord Buddha found in excavations. Famous WatMahatat is near to this temple.

The architecture is of a typical Khmer style. The temple has a Prang in its center, symbolizing Mount Meru, a center of Universe in Buddhist mythology. There are secondary Prangs in the temple. Typical to its construction, an ubosot, viharn, is also found here in the temple premises.

Ornamentation of the temple has sculptures of Naga and Garuda of mythological significance. The artifacts and Buddha images are kept in the Chao Sam Phraya Museum. The other temples in the Ayutthaya are Wat Phrasi Sanpete, WatPhananChoeng must also be visited.

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pilok village e-thong kanchanaburi
Image by ภาณุพันธ์ ปาณิกบุตร from Pixabay


It is a small village located in Thong PhaPhum district of Kanchanaburi district of Thailand. Visitors coming to this village prefer homestays or in camps on nearby mountains.

The village is surrounded by lush forests from all sides and mist. It is famous for the mining of tin and tungsten. The village also borders itself with Myanmar and depicting multicultural ambiance. Burmese and Mong tribe people live in this village.

A traditional dress Sarong is a must buy from here. Indonesian Batik print on clothes is also found in the markets of E-Thong. Thong PhaPhum National Park can be visited from here. Also, the ‘death railway’ is quite near to this place.

The scenery and the mere whooping of gibbons and monkeys in the silent atmosphere are so calming. The village is untouched by roads or defined trails and thus is quite raw and less visited but worth visiting when on a visit to places in Central Thailand.

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Khwae Yai River, Kanchanaburi, Thailand
via Flickr| David McKelvey


It is located on the banks of the Mae Klong River, Kanchanaburi is at the west of Bangkok. The slower pace of the city makes it a loved spot for travelers. There are many places of historical importance in Kanchanaburi. The location is full of caves, waterfalls, forests, and natural existence.

Relaxation on River Klawai banks and walking on the bridge is soothing. The boat party karaoke passing by is such a delight to see. The slow train ride to Nam Tok is loved. Hellfire pass visit reminds of the black chapter of Thai history. Exploring SaiYok National Park and Tham Thon Lot National Park.

The epitome of beauty Erawan waterfalls can not be exempted from the much-loved visit. Visit war cemetery, and World War 2 always tops the list. The Srinakarind Dam on River KwaiYai is ideal for a picnic, the landscape beauty surrounding it cannot be expressed merely in words.

A 1OO-year-old tree standing isolated near Wat Thong Mangkonthang cave temple. The limestone covered Tiger caves on the hilltop is quite alluring. Kanchanaburi is one of the places to visit in Central Thailand.

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Erawan National Park
via Wikimedia Commons|Kanchanaphum Jantrathip

Erawan National Park

Home to the famous Erawan waterfalls, the park is located in Kanchanaburi Province. The park is nature’s splendour, and a nature lover would be surely awestruck. The colder months of November to January would be best to visit and explore the Erawan National park.

The seven-tier magical Erawan waterfall having clear turquoise blue water is just impressive. Nearby Huai Mae Khamin’s waterfall is also not to be a miss.

The well defined and marked trails are best for exploring the park. Tryst with wildlife and capturing the macaques, wild boar, wild elephants, etc. would be an exciting activity.

The caves in the national park as Phartat cave, Ta Duang cave, Rua cave would leave you spellbound. Prehistoric era stones, evidence of human habitation in the area are also a delight for history lovers.

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Saphan Mon
via Flickr| Yoav David

Saphan Mon

It is an iconic bridge build by Mon tribe people. It is located in the Phra Nakhon district. It has been registered as an ancient monument by the Government.

The 447-meter bridge is made up of wood connecting Thai and Karen crossing Old City moat. At the Mon end of the bridge, traditional Sarang wearing men and glimpses of the culture is seen. A souvenir market has unique Karen shirts and much more. Handmade products of Mon village should be bought.

The footbridge spans on the Song Kalia River. The Buddhist temple Wat Wang Wiwekaram is a landmark here.
There is a culture in Buddhist festivals where a bowl of rice to offer as alms to the monks on the bridge.

The place around the bring is for admirers of exquisite architecture. The distinct culture of the two tribes at different ends of the bridge is so fascinating.

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Prang Sam Yot
via Wikimedia Commons|Davidlohr Bueso

Prang Sam Yot

Also called Monkey Temple, the remains of this 13th century are located in the Lopburi district. Earlier it was a Buddhist temple, but now macaques rule the premises. Visitors come here to witness the naughtiness of present inhabitants.

There is an annual festival of Monkey buffet, which is, in reality, a feasting festival for these macaques.
The Prangs are three in number. The towers are ornamented with Sculptures of hermits and mythological creatures.

The ruins of sculptures of Lord Shiva has also been witnessed in the temple ruins. When on a visit to Prang Sam Yot, one can also go to San PhraKan shrine, PhangKhaek. A bicycle ride from SomYot to reach these places would be fun.

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Once a prosperous trading center, Ayuthaya is a ruin of a city located in Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province of Thailand. The Prangs and monastery remain the witness of its splendor. The town was initially been placed on an island surrounded by three rivers. Its location was purposely built for sustaining attacks of enemy provinces in the 18th century.

In 1767 Burmese army razed down the city, and since then, it was not built again; instead has been put in UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is now a historical Park, a fascination for avid architecture lovers.

The four giant temples of the 14th century stand amidst the canopy of ancient trees. WatPhra Si Sanphet is also here. It would be just to say that Ayuthaya represents the real Thai art and culture in its remains.

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