Top 10 Michelin Star Restaurants in Thailand


Looking for the best Michelin star restaurants in Thailand? In this post, we have listed the top 10 mouthwatering and award-winning restaurants you can eat in!

The three-star rating system by Michelins red is used to rate the restaurants based on the quality. Below is the description of Michelin Star restaurants in Thailand.

Michelin Star Restaurants in Thailand

bo.lan crap dip dish


The best female chef of 2013, Songvisava, and her husband overlook the prestigious Bo.lan restaurants. The authentic organic and extraordinary Thai cuisine is their signature, and la carte is also available here. It is located in 24 Sukhumvit 53 Alley, Wattana, Bangkok.

The traditional Thai ambiance of the restaurant makes it among the most glamorous ones. The must-try is the chef’s signature menu named ‘Bo.lan balance’ comprising of a chili relish, Thai salad, a stir fry, curry, and soup. Bo.lan is said to be Thailand’s first and best dining restaurants that specialize in Royal Thai Cuisine. The old Thai style furnishing of the villa-style and natural lighting of the restaurant is worth appreciating.

Their innovation of zero carbon footprint, which fetches them many appreciations. Bo.lan has been featured 19th in Asia’s 50 best restaurants. The Michelin Guide Thailand 2020 has enlistedBo.lan as in its list.

Michelin Guide rating: 1 star

Address: 24 Sukhumvit 53, Alley Bangkok

Website: Check it here

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The selection of the menu is based on the seasons is their specialty. They prefer naturally grown or carefully selected fresh ingredients in collaboration with local farmers.

They have declared on their website that even they don’t fit into exclusive Thai or Western cooking but are influenced by many international cuisines and promise to deliver best to their customers with their creativity. They serve 6 and 9-course meals highlighting Thai ingredients and seasons.

This is also an open-air restaurant; one can enjoy the chefs in spree by sitting on a copper-topped counter. The ambiance is comfortable. The unique snacks include watermelon, Cha Muang, mountain pepper, velvety tamarind, and much more. Organic red rice from Nan province is turned into toasted bread with egg yolk is loved cuisine of Canvas.

Address: 113/9-10 SoiSukhumvit 55, Vadhana, Bangkok.

Michelin Guide rating: 1-star restaurant.

Website: Check it here

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Chim by Siam Wisdom

The exotic Haute Thai cuisine is the promise here. The cuisines are structured to have a powerful influence on both traditional and modern Thai cooking; also, international flavors are uniquely blended with the Thai.

Their quality and innovation have fetched them many laurels. The combination of traditional Tom Yam with fresh river fish and special curries are the hottest loved menu of the food lovers. There are fixed priced menu and la carte also available.

They also offer a unique set menu and premium set menu. A large variety of appetizers, soups, main courses, and desserts are there. The ambiance is quite comfortable and friendly.

Michelin Guide Rating: 1-star restaurant

Address: 66 SoiSukhumvit 31 Yaek 4, Vadhana, Bangkok, Thailand

Website: Check it here

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A restaurant that asks you to be dressed in elegant attire with appropriate footwear. They don’t prefer t-shirts or slippers, nothing to get surprised welcome to Mezzaluna. It is on the 65th floor of Lebua Hotel with mesmerizing views from rooftop and moon touching feels. They serve European cuisines with a twist to Japanese delicacy.

Chef Ryuki Kawasaki believes fine needs no polishing; it ultimately is best.

Wagyu beef is an exceptional Murakami that is the chef’s signature dish of this restaurant, which can either be relished in Japan or at Mezzaluna. There are truffles, oysters, and tea, which are unique to Mezzaluna.

They have season-specific menus, which include Daikon salad, Cannellini Beans “Ragout,” Yurine, Veloute, Pelanta, kabu, Risotto, to name a few.

They have many accolades to their laurels.

Michelin guide Rating: 2-stars

Address: 65th floor State Tower, Bangkok

Website: Check it here

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This is the place where they serve authentic Southern Thai delicacies of 22- course meal. The minutely picked ingredients from southern Thailand is their promise.

The theme of the interior is Southern Thailand’s tropical forest. An old villa with green and sea through the kitchen gives the best ambiance.

In the chain of their commitment, they slow cook the food and on double boilers to retain the flavors of Thai herbs. The colorful plate presented by them would be a visual delight.

The chef is SupaksornJongsiri, who hails from Southern Thailand, puts his effort to be authentic every time. The 7 colored lobsters from Phuket are must be tried. Cashew nut relish is to be relished.

The restaurant is among the top 50 of Asia.

Michelin guide Rating: 2-stars

Address: 56, Sukhumvit 26 Alley, Klongton, Klongtoey, Bangkok

Website: Check it here

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Chef’s Table

Placed on the 61st floor of Lebua Hotel, they have made their kitchen at the center of the dining place. Seeing the chef creating seven inventive courses in front of you is a delight.

Here one gets to see a Molteni stove of brass wrapped in Carrara marble. The inside of the kitchen mimics a Thai monument and ventilation so artistically done that no smoke is ever seen. They expect you to be decently dressed.

Chef’s tasting menu has Carabineros prawn, Scottish sweetbread, corezze chestnut welout, Atlantic scallop, wild turbot, wild vension fillet, black beer biscuit, and chocolate Ganache and King Crab Tiramisu.

The masterpiece of elegance is what Chef’s Table is labeled as. The French origin Chef Vincient is the master of culinary skills. This Thailand Michelin star is prized with 3 stars.

Michelin Guide rating: 3-stars

Address: 61st floor, State Tower, Bangkok

Website: Check it here

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They promise endless varieties of western and Asian dishes in their great set menus. French cuisine with Japanese touch is their loved section.

Their cuisines have an informal setting with menus that showcase a remarkable mix of texture, temperature, flavors, and colors. This culinary theatre is among the fine dines of Bangkok. The overwhelming view of Bangkok from the 25th floor is breathtaking. The open kitchen concept is so majestic.

On the same premises, one other restaurant Yamazato must be visited.

Michelin Guide rating: 1-star

Address: 57 Witthayu Road, Pathum Wan, Bangkok, 10330, Thailand

Website: Check it here

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Twin brothers from Germany are on the spree of creating sophisticated, seasonal delicacies with the tinge of German Cuisine. The glass-ceilinged atrium is the heart of the interior. A 1970s villa is renovated to provide the ambiance of typical Thailand.

Frankfurtur Grune Sobe and smoked eel, chicken salad in one bite, Alba truffles are all served traditionally with a wooden fork. The presentation and dishes exhibit intense fervor of German cuisine. The Mosel and Alsatian wine are not to be missed when here.

It ranks among the top 50 restaurants in Thailand and Asia. The chef has culminated its years of experience in traveling and food in Suhring. The elegant and relaxed environment of the restaurant will be liked. The menus are set according to the season. The quality and simplicity with high hospitality is their signature.

Michelin Guide Rating: Bib Gourmand

Address: No.10, Yen AkatSoi 3, Chongnonsi, Yannawa, Bangkok 10120

Website: Check it here

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They are the champions of the Thai, fine dining. They aim to pass cultural and traditional cooking to generations. Chef Chumphol uses authentic spices to create original taste in his cuisines. His cuisines acknowledge Royal Thai cuisines.

The preservation of original Thai recipes with authentic spices and seasoning is their ultimate goal. They are keen on making their customers vow for those ultimate Thai cuisines. Their ingredients are chosen ones like sea bass is from bang Pakong River and Khao Hom Jasmine rice from Chiang Rai and Ubon Ratchathani.

The food here is served in traditional Thailand Porcelain wares. The menu would have at least 18 unique dishes. The restaurant offers 3 types of lists named Royal Thai SamrakEak ( mellow taste), Royal Thai Samrub Tho (dished with the aroma of roasted spice), and Royal Thai Samrub Tri ( authentic Thai). The menu keeps changing with the season.

Micheline star rating: 2-stars

Address: 131 SoiSukhumvit 53, Bangkok

Website: Check it here

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Le Normandie

The name Le Normandie refers to the French relation of this Michelin Guide and one of the best restaurants in Thailand. The restaurant is placed overlooking the Chao Phraya River from its windows. The contemporary French cuisine is delivered here.

It was established in 1958 since then, ruled Asia for its fine dine French cuisines. The impeccable ambiance and great hospitability are guaranteed. Chef Arnaud Dunand-Authier is the star behind this renowned establishment of French cuisine in Thailand. Their classy wine collection is a feather in their cap.

The cuisine having precise flavoring, pure produce, and exquisite delicacy is what they deliver on the table. The guests are requested to be correctly dressed to complement the French gentleman attire. The males are asked to have a proper jacket if they don’t have one; it can be provided on request.

They specialize in modern French Cuisine, depending on the season. The star cuisines of the menu are Krystal caviar with sea urchin and light foam of potato and Red Carabiniero Prawn with confit melon and piquillo pepper.

Lunch orders are taken up to 2 PM and dinner orders up to 9 PM.

Micheline star rating: 2-stars

Address: 48 Oriental Avenue, Bangkok

Website: Check it here

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