Top 35 BEST Islands in Thailand You Should Visit


Are you looking forward to having a vacation somewhere where you can relax by the beach with fresh coconuts on hand? Here are the top islands in Thailand you can do that!

Thailand, a land of tourism and natural beauty. Here nature is always at its peak, be it summer, winter, rainy, or autumn season. Thailand will never fail to surprise you with its unexplored treasures, be it over land or undersea.

Thailand has the potential to satiate everyone’s hunger with its enriched variety of food that includes fresh seafood, fresh herbs, and spiced up traditional veggie food. Thai people never fail to give you a day making smiles throughout your vacation.

Thailand is at the top of the tourism industry. It serves every tourist with its variety of destinations, which prices from cheap to expensive. Here vacations and tours vary from basic to lavish and luxurious.

Thailand islands are one of those tourist destinations which can make you experience starting from clean white sand beaches, crystal clear water, wild sea life, mesmerizing sunset and sunrise views, lush green layer of plants and trees.

If you are planning to visit the Thailand islands, then this guide will be helpful throughout to make a decision about a well-planned vacation. This guide will let you know the location of the Island, the specialty of that Island, and the activities you can do while visiting that Island.

Top 35 BEST Islands in Thailand You Should Visit

Koh Nang Yuan
via Flickr| Joan Fruitet

Nang Yuan Island

This is one of the best islands in Thailand. It is near Ko Tao, at the Central Gulf Coast of Southern Thailand. A beautiful island with many colors in the ocean, the lush green layer at the land, warm beach water, and breathtaking view.

You will experience various activities here, like swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, racing, and chilling. Boat taxi from Sairee beach hiring will be a good idea to get to the Island, or one can go with the help of a travel agency.

You will find here only one restaurant which is part of the Nang Yuan resort. This resort is the only accommodation here. It serves Thai and Western food. If you love the nightlife, then this is not the Island of your choice, but if you love nature, this is the right one. The main point to remember here that any plastic is not allowed here.

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Khao Phing Kan

Khao Phing Kan

This Island is located in Phang Nga Bay northeast of Phuket. You will have to pay a fee to land on the Island and hover around. The main attraction of this Island is its caves. It is a cool spot for clicking pictures.

Few scenes filmed here on this Island of Movie “The Man with the Golden Gun” so if you want to see such spots in person this Island is waiting for you. Here you can enjoy activities like Island hiking. Swimming can’t be enjoyed here due to muddy and black water. The key to enjoying here is keeping your body hydrated throughout the trip.

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phuket Island
Image by Chamaiporn Kitina from Pixabay

Phuket Island

This Island is located in the Andaman Sea in southern Thailand. This Island is Thailand’s largest Island. It is a charming and clean island. It is like a dreamland. You can see here the dark blue sea, crazy views, fresh air, snorkeling, and kind people.

Here one can manage with the English language. Fiery and speed boats are the option for visiting this place. You can enjoy shopping at the beach surroundings as well. The only issue here is it’s very hot, so you need to put on sunscreen all the time.

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Ko Lanta
via Wikimedia Commons|dronepicr

Ko Lanta

This Island is located in the Strait of Malacca off the west coast of Thailand. It has white sand and clear water beach. If you would like to experience chill weather, best sunsets, and nature, this is the most beautiful Island in Thailand. You can enjoy the whole Island by taking a motorbike on rent. This is a tranquil place with no parties at all and no crowd. This offers fantastic diving.

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Ko Adang east coast
via Flickr|J.M.

Ko Adang

This Island is located within Tarutao National Marine Park in Thailand. It has seen through water and white sand beach.

This Island owns the untouched natural beauty. It looks like a paradise of Thailand. It has the pirate (Chon Salad) waterfall to visit. It offers various activities like Snorkeling, fairytale trekking, diving, and camping. It has a campground for children.

You will get cheap bungalows, perfect camping area, great food, and beautiful sea life over here. One unique activity you can enjoy here is feeding monkeys. Here there is no market or atm, but you can get it with a 5-minute long walk.

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Ko Kradan
via Wikimedia Commons|Tournasol7

Ko Kradan

It is located in Trang province, Southern Thailand. This is a remote island that is not having electricity, just running on generators because there are no residential areas, no shops, no streets, nothing.

It has crystal clear water, white sand beach, palm trees, and a reef just off the Beach. There’s a store with a primary selection of necessities. A few activities which can be experienced here are a walk, snorkeling, swimming, and sailing.

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Ko Phi Phi Don Island
via Wikimedia Commons|Diego Delso

Ko Phi Phi Don

It is located in Ao Nang, Thailand. This is one of the Thailand islands to visit. You can enjoy panoramic views from Phi Phi Viewpoint, which is accessed by a steep track. This is a beautiful place to stop, eat, or even stay for a day. It offers swimming, hiking, snorkeling, and diving.

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Ko Lipe
via Wikimedia Commons|VascoPlanet World Photography

Ko Lipe

It is located in the Andaman Sea, near Malaysia’s border. It’s part of Tarutao National Marine Park. This Island has clear water, clean white sand beach to walk and bike around. Here you can enjoy nightlife with outstanding options for restaurants and hotels.

The locals are very nice and friendly. It is perfect for swimming, snorkeling, stands up paddle boarding, and kayaking. It is not much crowded so that you can enjoy your vacation over here in a peaceful environment.

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Bamboo Island Ko Mai Phai
via Wikimedia Commons|Deror Avi

Ko Mai Phai

It is located in between the Krabi coast and the Phi Phi Islands. It has a bamboo forest, after which it has named Bamboo Island as well. It has see-through water and clear soft white sand at the Beach. The sea is of 3 colors, Blue, Light Blue, and emerald green, which makes it excited for the visitor to see it again and again. Snorkeling can be done here.

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Ko Lan
via |TWNN

Ko Lan

This Island is located off the coast of Pattaya, in the Gulf of Thailand. This is the best Island to visit in Thailand because it is a coral Island. One of the most beautiful beaches. The water is very neat and clean. There you will enjoy various entertainment events.

Various activities like Para ride by speed boat, walking under the Beach with fish, water bike ride, scuba diving, and banana boat rides are the main attraction of this Island. Some foods store, local stalls, and hotels are there to sell fresh fruits, food, and whatever you need.

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Ko He

This Island is located in Rawai, Mueang Phuket District, Phuket, Thailand. This is a coral island with a beach, which is called a banana beach. Water looking like emerald green color and sand looks like white snow, a perfect blend of natural aura.

This Island is very small and less crowded. You can experience here activities like swimming, snorkeling, diving, and Kayaking. You can enjoy here the feeding to fish.

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Ko Sukon

This Island is located in the Andaman Sea in the Palian District, Satun Province, southwest Thailand. This is a rural island with nice and friendly locals. A smile will never go off from the local’s faces. It will make your day all along the tour.

This Island is famous in Thailand for satiating seafood hunger with fresh seafood caught from the ocean all the time. Here Well-known local watermelon, which comes from February to mid of April only will satisfy your thirst.

This Island is not shiny but has a serene and relaxed beach. Here Beach will have 3 colors white in front, black in the back. This Island offers Snorkeling and swimming.

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Khram Yai Island

It is located in Bangkok Bay, about 24 km south-southwest of Pattaya. This Island is not accessible, so you need to just to be on a boat to check out the Island from the water itself. However, the Beach is not accessible, but it looks very clean, and water is also clear. This Island is one of the top islands in Thailand for fishing.

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Ko Chang
via |logoline11

Ko Chang

It is located in Trat Province, Thailand. This is the land of elephants. You can see elephants here. It has a white sand beach and crystal clear water. You can explore here Klong Plu waterfall, Bang bao beach, and Kong koi beach. Here you can enjoy fishing and diving.

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Ko Samet
via Wikimedia Commons|Bjørn Erik Pedersen

Ko Samet

This Island is one of the eastern seaboard islands of Thailand. It is one of the Islands off Thailand. It has a peaceful beach, a stunning sunrise view with lots of food options.

The locals are friendly and helpful here. Here you will get ATM bikes, bars, and well clean rooms on the Island. If you want to relax all alone without city noise, then this is the best place. It offers various activities like swimming and nightlight shows or fire shows.

If you have luggage, then take fiery otherwise take the speed boat. This Island is best for families rather than individuals because this is one of those islands which are kids friendly due to gentle waves.

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Ko Samui
via |rmac8oppo

Ko Samui

This Island is located in the Gulf of Thailand off the east coast of the Kra Isthmus. This Island is known for the dense mountainous rainforest, palm-fringed beaches, coconut groves, luxury resorts, good nightlife, friendly locals, and posh spas.

The landmark of this Island is a statue that is of golden color and12m-tall long. This statue is of Buddha at Wat Phra Yai Temple is located on a tiny island connected to Ko Samui by a causeway. There is Angthong National Marine Park, which you can visit.

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Ko Poda
via Wikimedia Commons|Karelj

Ko Poda

This is beautiful Small Island and less crowded, so it is ideal for exploring the up to a great extent. One can walk between Poda and Tup Island during low tide. Here you can see the level at which the water reached during the tsunami in DEC 2004. You will not find many people here.

The sun is merciless here, and you will not find any food or water here, so you should better visit early in the morning and carry water. Here you can enjoy snorkeling activity.

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Ko Kret

This Island is located in Pak Kret District, Nonthaburi 11120, Thailand. This Island in the river which is named as Chao Phraya River. Taxi is the easiest way to get there, and you can also take a taxi boat.

When choosing a boat, at right, it is the weekend market, and at left, there are few restaurants and shops. After shopping, you can enjoy your drinks and snacks by the river. The activities you can do here are bike riding, walk, and shopping.

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Ko Tao
via Flickr|Retinafunk

Ko Tao

This Island is located in Ko Pha Ngan District, Surat Thani, Thailand. This Island is very famous for snorkeling and diving because here, the water is perfect for breeding for some species like whales, sharks, and turtles.

This Island has everything all around, which you can enjoy like good food, nice bars, restaurants, coffee shops, banks, dive shops, Supermarkets, lush green layers, and scenic beauty.

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Ko Kut
via Wikimedia Commons|Sry85

Ko Kut

This Island is located in a district of Trat Province, eastern Thailand. This is a remote island and not so crowded. Here main attractions for visiting are Khlong Chao waterfalls, Bang bao beach, Huang Nam Keaw waterfall, Klong Chao beach, Ban ao salad, Ban ao Yai, Klong Yai kee waterfall, old trees, along Joa waterfalls, and Koh kradat.

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Ko Phayam
via Wikimedia Commons|Visions of Domino

Ko Phayam

It is located 33 kilometers offshore from Ranong, Koh Phayam. This Island is famous for beautiful white sandy beaches, cashew nuts, and dense area of the forest.

Cashew nuts are grown on the Island. Here on the west side, visitors can get bungalows. Here the best Beach is Hat Kham to lie on. This Beach is on the southern part.

The popular activity apart from swimming and snorkeling here is watching migrant birds that will migrate here during winter between November to March.

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Ko Libong Kantang District Trang Thailand
via Wikimedia Commons|Максим Улитин

Ko Libong

It is located in Kantang District, Trang, Thailand. Here you can visit Yao beach, yong ling beach, and Stone Bridge. Yao beach is having clear blue water and white sand. A stone bridge is a natural bridge formed on the Beach. Here you can enjoy snorkeling.

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Ao Ta Lo Woo Pier Ko Tarutao
via Wikimedia Commons|Rushen

Ko Tarutao

This Island is located in Mueang Satun District, Satun, Thailand. This Island can be visited in Thailand Island hopping along with other islands like Ko Adang and Ko Kai.

There is another point of attraction for visiting is Ao Ta Lo Woo Pier. Here a tourist can do various water activities like Kayaking and boat trips. Land activities include Trekking and bike tours. You can reach out to this Island by plane and by boat.

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Ko Pha Ngan
via Wikimedia Commons|Gezginrocker

Ko Pha Ngan

This Island is located in Ko Pha Ngan District, Surat Thani 84280, Thailand. This Island is famous for various spots. First and foremost is Thong Sala Night Market, This open at 4 PM and it opens until late at night.

This is the perfect place for having dinner with unlimited options. Another thing you can try is the Herbal Sauna Bann Tai. This is located just right to the biggest tree, which is having a diameter of more than 14 meters, and its there for centuries.

You can have a massage in this sauna. This Island is famous for the Full Moon Party, but if you missed it, you could enjoy the half-moon party as well.

There are two beaches which you can visit are Mae Haat Beach and Chaloklum Beach. If you have time, then you can join a Thai cooking class. Last but not least, don’t forget to see Koh Phangan Waterfalls and enjoying a Boat trip.

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Ko Klang

This Island is located in Khlong Prasong, Mueang Krabi District, Krabi 81000, Thailand. This is not Remote Island, so you will experience here everything starting from try batik painting, which is their traditional work, you can buy beautiful batik cloth direct from local artists.

The seafood restaurants contain bikes, bicycles, and sidecar for your transport. You can experience here the sound of birdsong.

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Ko Phra Thong

This Island is located in Khura Buri District, Phang-nga 82150, Thailand. Here the main attractions are golden Buddha beach, and the Moken echo village. This Island is separated from the mainland, so this is ideally a remote island.

If you want to enjoy some vacations away from the city’s noise and pollution, then this is the best Island which gives its best to you.

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Ko Rang

This Island is located in Cambodia. It offers various activities, and it will never fail to surprise you whenever you visit here. You can do trekking here through the Jungle to Sok San Long Beach. How about doing the Blob Jumping, Snorkeling, Boating, diving, and Ropewalks at High Point Adventure Park?

Yes, all these are highlights of this Island. One more exciting activity you can do here is for going on a night swim with the glowing plankton.

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Ko Ngai Krabi
via Wikimedia Commons|Marcin Konsek 

Ko Ngai

This Island is located in Krabi Province, Thailand. This is known as most Romantic Island, which is full of lustrous nature and scenic views. This Island is quiet and less crowded so one can enjoy here with all alone with nature. The main attraction here is snorkeling.

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Ko Mak

Ko Mak

This Island is in Ko Kut District, Trat, Thailand. The main attractions here to visit are Koh Mak temple, Koh Kham. Muay Thai Koh mak gym, sea tales Koh mak speed boat, the kingdom of Somchai’s affection, and Koh mak museum.

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Best islands in Thailand: Viking Cave Phi Phi Island

Ko Phi Phi Le

This Island is of the Phi Phi Archipelago, in the Strait of Malacca. This Island has been famous for the controversy of altering some sand dunes and clearing some coconut trees and grass to widen the Beach by a production company of a film.

This led to damage to the ecosystem a lot. Then this Island kept closed for tourists for restoration. I can be a joyful vacation here by just doing few things like visiting the phi phi viewpoint, Koh phi phi lay, moo dee bay, Viking cave and Maya bay, bamboo island, diving in phi phi, shark watching tours, rock climbing.

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Ko Phai

This Island is located in the northeast of the Great Phi Phi Islands, Thailand. This Island policed by the Royal Thai Navy. It has Lovely clean beaches with white sand and see-through crystal clear water.

Here you can enjoy walking on the Beach, snorkeling, diving, and fishing. Here you will see a huge number of marine animals. You will have to very watchful while walking here from sea creatures like crabs and scorpions.

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Ko Yao Yai
via Wikimedia Commons|Ole.Pophal 

Ko Yao Yai

This Island is located in Phang Nga Province in Thailand’s south. This Island is characterized by sandy shores, rubber plantations, mangroves, and fishing villages. Here you can look around the beaches like Loh Paret and Loh Jark. This Island will not disappoint you with the activities. Here you can enjoy diving, swimming, snorkeling.

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Ko Kham

This Island is located in Ko Mak, which is in Ko Kut District, Trat, Thailand. This is the Island with super smooth white sand, clean beach, and crystal clear water like our swimming pool does. You can enjoy here snorkeling, sunbathing, or Kayaking.

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Best islands in Thailand: Ko Wai
via Wikimedia Commons| Khaosaming

Ko Wai

This Island is located in Ko Chang Archipelago, Trat Province, eastern Thailand. Here you can spend the night, walk to the Island, walk around the Island, trek the hills, go for snorkeling, and watch the sunset.

Every tourist wants a perfect vacation without any hazard to be revamped until next vacation. This guide will be proven helpful to plan one of those once in a lifetime vacation of Thailand Islands by just giving you all the insights.

Plan it very well with the insights to capture those fleeting moments, cherishable, and mesmerizing memories of life.

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