Hiking in Thailand: Top 20 Places to Go Trekking


If you're looking for an activity beyond the usual beach lounging and temple hopping, why not try to go hiking in Thailand and explore its vast jungles and spot exotic wildlife from afar? Read further to learn more about it!

The beautiful scenic views of Thailand‘s archipelago, mountains, safari, forests, serene bylanes of cities, temples make hiking in Thailand a must-do when in Thailand. Hiking in Thailand, trail, trekking is ardent activities for tourists to explore ‘The Land Of Thousand Smiles.’

Thailand has so much in it. The geographical division of Thailand is such that it differs in population, natural features, resources, development level from each other. The variety found in these politically divided six regions is a sign that so much is there to know more about Thailand. The Buddhist culture and philosophy of religion can be relived and learned here.

The full life in a number of National parks, the architecture of Thailand, is worth appreciating. Nothing can overpower Thai cuisine, unique in itself.

The mountains, highest points, steep valleys, challenging to climb locations, rainforests, National Parks, landscapes, the iconic Of Buddhist culture and religion, the ethnic and tribal villages least to forget the long coastlines and beaches, countryside, the nightlife of Bangkok, the long-tail boat rides, floating markets are also to be explored.

With remote and dense interiors, hiking in Thailand would be a loved activity. There are points to capture the beautiful phenomenon of sunset and sunrise and twilight rise not be missed. The varied flora is so iconic. The sight of coral reef Lime Mountains is simply vowed. Getting to know the by lanes and countryside would be frolic.

So many nature trails would be fun to track. Mountain treks, forest trails, inside city trails would be remarkably informative and entertaining. The ruins with sparkles of the past would also be included in hiking. The more you dig, the more is explored in Thailand.

The beautiful land still has so much to explore and a chance for hikers to know more and more. The good thing is that hiking and trails are planned and informative. For city life to be described, the trail would be the first choice. Here are 20 different places for hiking in Thailand that are summed up.

Hiking in Thailand: Top 20 Places to Go Trekking

Khao No

This is a mountain situated in the Nakhon Sawan district of Thailand. This is only 40kms away from Nakhon, an ideal for hiking. It would not be wrong to call this mountain as Monkey Mountains. While on the trail, one encounters thousands of monkeys around, hoping to be fed.

There are caves in the mountains. These caves are home to hundreds of giant bats. Seated Buddha in the cave is a landmark. Climbing from the metal ladder with hip hop way was so terrifying. However, as they say at the cost of remarkable beauty all around to be watched.

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Go hiking in Thailand and check out Mae hong son mountain
via Wikimedia Commons|NorthThailander

Mae Hong Son

It is the most mountainous region of Thailand, located at the country’s western border and in proximity to Myanmar. The region is called as ‘the city of three veils of mist’ as mostly city is covered with mist. I also loved the hiking trail in Thailand.

The bikes ride in Thailand’s most famous route, the Mae Hong Son Loop. The waterfall comes in the way while on the trek after crossing forest terrains, valleys, and uphill climbs.

phu chi fa

Phu Chi Fa

Phu Chi Fa is a mountain area. It is a lesser-known gem of hiking in Northern Thailand but demands a visit. It is located at two hours’ distance from Ching Rai. Nautical twilight, civil twilight sunrise, is the most awaited incident. Reaching the top of Phu Chi Fa and watching sunrise would be the ultimate goal of the hike. While on the way to sunrise, point Laos can be seen. The scenic beauty in the trail would be beautiful.

It is home to wild boar, Palm civets, Pheasants, magpies, and barking deer. It is also a forest National Park in Thailand.

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Kew Mae Pan Nature Trail
via Wikimedia Commons|Piith.hant

Kew Mae Pan, Chiang Mai

It is located in Doi Inthanon National Park, Chian Mai. Kew Mae Pan is a nature trail. The 2.86 km long trail for hiking in Northern Thailand would have a bagful of sightseeing and scenic surprises. The vibrant view from the roof of Thailand is so fresh. The uphill hiking and foot walking would be a delight.

The trail is circular and has 21 stay points or stations. Thick forests trail would require a guide as a pathfinder. Dense forests, steep mountains wildlife, and rare plants would be encountered in the trail. Biodiversity in the trail would be so surprising. A waterfall would cross the path too. The beautiful sunrise awaits the early risers. “Thousand-year red roses” are the key sights. Two stupas of king and queen are also seen.

Wat Chaloem Phra Kiat Phrachomklao Rachanusorn, Lampang

This is a floating temple in Lampang, Thailand. It is just a 3-hour drive from Chiang Mai highway waving away forests and trees. The top views are worth watching the beauty is unimaginable. The floating pagodas as they call is lesser popular among tourists but know they are vowed to be hiked.

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Hang Nak Mountain Nature Trail

It is a fantastic hiking trail in the Krabi town of Southern Thailand. It is the best point for hiking in Southern Thailand. The breathtaking views of Krabi and steep valleys are unique. It would be 3.7 Km. Long trail but worth the effort. The whole aura feels like a fantasy.

Queen Sirikit Botanical Gardens, Mae Sa Valley
via Flickr|Cédric Liénart

Mae Sa Valley

It is a forested area in Chiang Mai. Hiking through the rainforest of Mae Sa Valley passing by hill tribes, rice fields, zipline adventure tree is so overwhelming.

There is an X-center in Mae Sa Valley, which awaits much of the fun and loved activities like bungy jumping, ziplining, zorbing, paintballing, etc. Mae Sa waterfall is another iconic landmark of Chiang Mai. Elephant riding at Mae Sa valley is also done while on hiking to Mae Sa valley.

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phu thap boek
Image by Sirawit Seengam from Pixabay

Phu Thap Boek Mountain

This mountain is about 1768m high and is in the Lao Kho district of Phetchabun Province. The clouds on the mountain, misty mornings, and the popular destination to watch the sunset. One will get to have a closer view of the local Hmong tribe.

Jungles of soppong
via Flickr|Doug Knuth

Jungles of Soppong

It is situated in the Mae Hong Province of Thailand. Soppong is a small in beautiful green valleys. After sometimes walking, thick forests of Sarpong start. Views are simply majestic, steep trekking, and surrounding bamboo trees look so good. There are well-written signs of tours and trips. Climbing uphills, down steep valleys, would give the lovely experience of trek and hiking.

Another thing to do when in Soppong is biking to the Mac Lanne Loop. Visit Tham Lot cave is also recommended. Shan ethnic groups inhabiting Soppong will come across. It is highly recommended to enjoy a homestay in the village. Some caves around also point of curiosity for tourists.

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Umphang ,Thi Lor Su
via Flickr| Amir Yalon

Umphang (Thi Lor Su)

Umphang is a wildlife sanctuary in Tak province of Northwest Thailand. Thi Lor Su is a waterfall on river Mae Klong. This is Thailand’s largest and highest waterfall and ranks sixth in the world. This is, unfortunately, less visited by tourists, so it would be an ideal setup for hiking and trekking. The promising remote location of Thi Lor Su waterfall creates anxiety for treks.

White water rafting, camping in jungles is a loved activity of treks. The landscape beauty is easily accessed without much effort. The panoramic views again are a pleasure to watch.

Doi Chang Cliffs

This is located in Northern Thailand in the region of the Golden Triangle. The trail is a bit difficult, and chances of getting lost are there hence no entry without guides. It famous limestone cliff. One can come across the diverse variety of birds not to be found elsewhere in Thailand.

It is the hottest trekking point and the best hiking trails in Thailand. It is recommended to have professional skills of hiking while en route to Doi Chang Cliffs. Uphill bike rides are done, which are to be by skilled trekkers.

In a beautifully carved cave, a temple is there, where one is supposed to visit on foot. Climbing on the cliff would be through rough ways, but still, the guide is there for the rescue. Generally, it would be one-day trekking. The surrounding views of peaks and villages would be enjoyed. Another famous is the aromatic coffee of Doi Chang. It is world-famous.

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Doi Pha Tang

It is a mountaintop lookout point. It is situated in the west of Chiang Rai, at Thailand –Laos border. The sweeping views from atop the mountain would be a keep in heart moment. This area is home to a large number of mountains. After having a very short trail, one reaches the Doi Pha Tang top.

The top of the mountain is risky to reach, as sometimes it is slippery there. Beautiful sunrise and sunset would be a delight to watch. Watching stars in twilight would make on feeling like plucking them. On the way to the mountain top, the breathtaking scenery is to die for.

Phu Chi Ta and Doi Pha Tay hiking are famous for Chiang Rai and can be covered the same day. The beautiful river view of Mekon River originating from Himalaya from Doi Pha Tang is so serene to watch.

khao dang view point
via pixabay|Sirawich Rungsimanop

Khao Daeng Viewpoint

It is in the Kui Buri district of Thailand. It is said to be the most rewarding hiking place in Western Thailand. Khao Daeng’s viewpoint is in mid of Sam Roi Yot National Park. The trail would be in forests with the pleasant experience of watching monkeys.

The shrimp farming and blessed, hopeful sunrise are also passed by. The 360-degree panoramic views of mangrove forest-covered of Panburi, enthusiast cyclists, beautiful trails, and kiteboarding are freezing scenes on encounters.

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Nan Province

Nan is a rural province in Thailand. It has the bulk to explore. It shares its border with beautiful Laos, and Nan is situated on banks of river Nan. There are so many unexplored hiking trails in Thailand lie Nan. Hiking in Thailand’s Nan province, one would come across Wat Phra is a beautiful Golden Buddha statue of blessing. One must visit the temple and have picturesque scenes from the top.

Nan Riverside Art Gallery Perfect place for art and culture blend feel. Must visit for art lovers. Nan Noble House It is made up of teak wood. It is quite famous for, in house antiques like weapons, ivory carves, ancient weapons, etc.

Wat Phumin It is a famous landmark of Nan. It is the best place to have a closer view of Nan culture. Nan Art Café is a loved place for pastry and coffee in the beautiful ambiance of the surrounding. Nan is home to many ethnic groups like Thai lu, Mabin, Htin, Shamu, and mien. It hs a large number of National parks.

Khao Yai National
via Wikimedia Commons|BerryJ

Khao Yai National Park

It is situated in Thailand’s Nakhon Province. It is quite proximal to Bangkok just 180 km away. This is officially the first National Park of Thailand established in 1962. It is a part of Khai Mai Forest, which is a world heritage site by UNESCO.

The widest variety of land animals, mammals, birds, reptiles, etc. White hand hybrid gibbons are the attraction of the wildlife visit. Barking deers, sambar deers, porcupine, Pig-tailed macaque, civet, gaur, Asian black bear, other, dhole, jackal, elephant are the mammals in this park. Nearly 85 species of reptiles reported.

The fauna is so variable here. Vipers of many varieties are found here. A bird named Rufous tail robin is a rare found, only seen in Khao Yao National Park. Apart from this wide fauna of birds seen like the cuckoo, Japanese thrush, Woodpecker, northern goshawk, to name a few. This national park is home to the largest population of horn bulls.

Due to extreme wildlife type, this trail is advised for trained people with expert guides. While on hiking to Khao Yai National Park, two beautiful waterfalls are definitely not to be a miss.

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Doi Suthep Monk Trail

It is in the Chiang Mai district of Thailand. This would be a loved trail while on a visit to Chaing Mai for Northern Thailand hiking. The monk trail is quite shady and comfortable. The endpoint of the trail would be a temple, so it is advised to dress to cover fully.

While on the trail, one encompasses snails, rolly pollies, caterpillars, and unique species of plants. Probably ancient-looking Buddhist shrines, ancient structures, green gardens are the attraction of monk’s trail. Having a view of Chiang Mai from the mids of trees is simply adorable. Songthacus ride on the way back is highly recommended for fun. Hiking for some more minutes would take Wat Phra, where the trail is narrow, muddy stairs send chills to the spine.

Mae Sariang

It is located in Mae Hong Province and borders with Myanmar. It is a pretty easy trek of Northern Thailand. It takes five hours from Chiang Mai to reach here. It is a serene surrounding away from the hustle of the city. It is entirely surrounded by forest and mountains.

The hill tribe villages come across in trail with a thousand-watt smile of villagers. A bicycle ride would be fun here and possibly a way to see the tribal life of Thailand and original teak houses. One gets to see paddy crops field, Mae Surin waterfall on this trail. A site believed to house a relic of the Buddha named Phra That Sii Chom, where prosperity and good fortune are also asked a must-visit.

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Phu Lang Ka National Park

It is located in Chiang Kham district of Phayao Province. It is a significant tourist attraction in the region. The fog sheet is a sight to be seen. Wildlife is also vast.

This has a layer of three mountains overlapped with each other. The forests are evergreen and deciduous types. Orchids and other wildflower blooms on Phu Lang mountains in winters. Nam Tok Tat Kam waterfall, a three-tier waterfall is to be imagined with open eyes. Three nature trails can be found while hiking in the National park.

Chang Phuek mountain Karnchanaburi Thailand
via Wikimedia Commons|Ditsakul

Khao Chang Phueak, Pha Phum National Park

It is a National Park in Kanchanaburi Province of Thailand. It is a less discovered park by tourists due to its central location. It has tin mines, which are rare. Caves, waterfalls, forests stretched up to Burma are all there in this National Park. The hikers stay at night in Tarzan’s hut and are always welcome.

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Kamphaeng Phet national Park
via Wikimedia Commons| Meneerke bloem

Kamphaeng Phet

It is a province in the center lower part of Thailand. It has great connectivity with neighboring provinces. The Kamphaeng National Park is a UNESCO listed World Heritage site. Marvelous archaeological sites, ancient temples, and ruins are in wait for you.

A bicycle ride to explore the park while on hiking would be so refreshing. Hot spring named Phra Ruang is also there. The trail in night markets would give a chance to relish the local specialized delicacies.

For more adventure 2 National Parks Khlong Lan and Mae Wong National Parks are nearby along with waterfalls.
Hiking in Thailand would be an adventurous trip. So much is explored, and equally unexplored places are there. On every visit, something fascinating cross paths.

There are secure as well as tedious breathtaking trails, but in the end, the collage of vivid scenes would relegate the hardships encountered. The highest point of mountains, National parks with some of the rare existence, cannot be left out. The hiking trail in Thailand mentioned above are not to be overlooked. The Pagodas seen during the paths are the epitome of sanctity.

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