Top 30 Interesting Facts about Thailand


Are you interested in knowing some facts about Thailand before your visit? Here are 30 things you probably don't know about the famous Land of Smiles.

The land of Thousand smiles, magical Thailand, is full of surprises and adventures due to its geography and unique culture. 30 facts about Thailand are summed up below:

Top 30 Interesting Facts about Thailand

Facts about Thailand Sri Nakarin Dam National Park
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1.  Thailand is the land of Lord Buddha’s ardent followers, and they follow Buddhism. Such is the regard for a religion that it has become a tradition for men to become monks at some point in their lives. Being a monk by the age of 20 is highly regarded. The shortest span as a monk is for three months. This is one of the unique facts about Thailand.

2. Thailand’s non-vegetarian cuisine will have bite-size chunks of meat to obey the commands of Buddhism that no animal can be cooked or served as a whole. Strange is it, but religious belief is highly regarded.

3. It is estimated that about one-tenth of the animal and bird species existing are inhabitants in Thailand. The smallest mammal (Bumblebee bat) and the most abundant mammal (whale shark) are found in Thailand. The wildlife is vast and vivid here.

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4. Until 1939 the country was called ‘Siam.’ Officially the country is now known as the Kingdom Of Thailand. The word ‘Siamese twins’ for conjoined twins originated from Siam oops! Thailand only. Once 23 types of Siamese cats were home to Thailand.

5. One of the historical facts about Thailand is that it is the only Southeast Asian Country that has never been under the colonial rule of any of the European countries. Prathet Thai is the nomenclature given to Thailand in their language, which means “land of the free.” Indeed right for these free-spirited lovely people.

6. Beware of whistling at night, Thai belief is sounding at evening calls ghosts and spirits to you. Please do not whistle outside at night as you will alarm the locals.

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7. Thai Monarchs are highly regarded by their people. If a currency note falls off your hand, don’t dare to put your feet on the note, you will be charged under illegal acts. A Hollywood movie named “The King And I” was never featured in Thailand because it was considered disparaging to His Majesty.

Even pointing fingers to Buddha’s image or monarchs statue is prohibited. The charges of treason are considered for any disrespect to the king. This is one of the facts about Thailand to have in mind always when in Thailand.

8. Approximately there are 1430 Islands in Thailand. Tourists return to explore the new one, such is the charm of the Thailand islands. Thai Islands have been featured in Hollywood movies famous being the James Bond Island. 30 million Tourists are welcome in Thailand every year.

9. One of the fun facts about Thailand is the monkey feasting festival. A funny sight encountered when monkeys shy to have their piece at feasting. Strange but true in Thailand, a buffet for monkeys is organized at Pra Pram SomYat Temple, Lopburi Province.

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The story dates back to Lord Hanuman, saving a daughter of God from the hands of a demon. As a mark of respect, these 3000 macaques are fed with tons of fruits, cake, meat, etc.

10. One of the cool facts about Thailand will startle you that a big city in Thailand is named as KrungthepmahanakhonAmonrattanakosinMahintharayutthayaMahadilokphopNoppharatratchathaniburiromUdomratchaniwetmahasathanAmonphimanawatansathitSakkathattiyawitsanukamprasit.

This nomenclature is in Pali and Sanskrit language. But to relieve you, this is none other than Bangkok!yes, this is the city of Gems erected by Viswakarman on the wish of lord Indra and Venice of the East.

11. Rice is the most important crop in Thailand due to good rains. It is a highly staple food consumed in all the three meals of the day. Such is the urge for rice that if one is hungry, he would demand rice, be it any time of the day. The world-famous jasmine rice is exported from Thailand only. It ranks second in rice export.

12. One of the interesting facts about Thailand’s culture is Thai greeting, ‘wai.’ Don’t say hi or handshake just wai. It is a traditional way of putting together and raising them upwards towards your face while you bow and slightly lower your head as a mark of gratitude. And yes, never point your fingers to anyone; it comes under rude behavior. Say SawadeehKah or Kraap to greet someone and smile.

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13. Thai people follow such a pleasing gesture to excuse. When passing in between the groups, they will crouch to avoid the interruption.

14. It is advised not to plate too many dishes on your platter at once. Sequentially first have rice with one or two delicacies; proceed if you have enough room for other dishes. Also, it is customary to leave a morsel of food on your plate as a mark that you loved the food. Cleaning the plate of the food is signaled as you have not been fed of hunger.

15. Never stand on any of the Buddha images, they are considered as the sacred form in Buddhism. The same applies to monarchs’ images also. Please be aware never enter a Buddhist temple without proper covering.

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16. Asia’s best bird watching site is in KaenKrachan National Park of Thailand. Although national park is also home to gibbons, leopard, and wild elephants in prominent.

17. Thailand has many of the tin mines. Tin is considered as an essential mineral rather than gold or silver, why? Because the statues of Lord Buddha are adorned with beautiful tin ornaments. Now you know the influence of tin in Thai People. It is also the largest producer of tin in the world.

18. The famous energy drink ‘red bull’ has originated from Thailand only. Red bull is derived from a local Thai drink named KratingDaeng. The drinks became very popular in Asia, and eventually, it was modified in 1976 according to the western taste and named red bull.

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19. Thailand is the world’s largest exporter of orchid flowers. It is estimated that nearly 1500 varieties of orchids grow as wild here. Orchid is also the national flower of Thailand.

20. The National flag of Thailand is raised at 6 AM and lowered by 6 PM. The National anthem is highly regarded and played on television and radios at every morning. Please stand up during National Anthem as a mark of respect to their king.

21. One of the exciting facts of Thailand is that in the survey of Forbes rich list, a former Monarch was listed as the world’s richest monarch. Late Bhumibol Adulyadej has this owner to his credit. He was estimated to own assets worth $30 billion.

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22. One of the Thailand facts is that there are around 35000 Temples in Thailand. These temples are home to some of the best relics of Lord Buddha. Sometimes the temples are placed at the top that it takes one whole day to trek those mountains. Many a time, photography is prohibited and yes, being modest in clothing is the prerequisite to enter the temple.

23. One of the important facts about Thailand that it is also called as Land of White Elephants. The white elephant symbolizes the royal power. A century ago, it was home to 1 lakh elephants, which declined to more or less 5000. Thailand has always been synonymous with elephants.

24. The reclining Buddha statue stationed at Wat Pho temple, showing the journey of parinnirvana of Lord Buddha, is the most notable giant Buddha image in the world. The Land of Buddhism has something or the other to show ardent devotion in Buddhism.

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25. There are Phi or spirit houses outside the Thai residents. It is believed that if continuous gifts and offers are kept in these houses, the act would keep the spirits away from that house or even from the proximity.

26. The Grand Palace, situated in Bangkok, is the major tourist attraction of Thailand. It is estimated that nearly eight millions tourist throng to Bangkok to see the resident of Monarchs.

27. Among the unique facts about Thailand is Asia‘s largest weekend market, Chatuchak weekend market. The avenue of shops has everything a shopping addict desires. The famous Thai delicacies are to be relished here.

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28. One of the facts about Thailand to be kept in mind while entering Thai houses, it is expected not to put or cross over the doormats. It is believed that doormat is home to spirit, and stomping on it will cause it to enter the house. Also, it is customary for women to sit with their legs tucked sideways and men sitting cross legs.

29. In public transport, Thailand employs a different hierarchy in the seating arrangement. Their way of seat allotment: monks, the elderly, pregnant woman, children followed by women. Isn’t it weird, but it’s a fact in Thailand.

30. A seaside resort city called Pattaya is famous for ‘Tiffany’s show.’ It is the first transgender cabaret show of South East Asia. Pattaya is very famous for sex tourism. It is known for the highest rate of suicides by male tourists.

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