Top 15 AWESOME Experiences in Thailand


Looking for some awesome experiences in Thailand? Here's our list of the top activities you can expect to take part in while in this majestic land of smiles!

Thailand is a land of lush green forests contrasted with best beaches, islands, waterfalls, temples, Food, and culture. Visit this South Asian Nation would make you ink the most beautiful experiences in Thailand for eternity.

Top 15 AWESOME Experiences in Thailand

Mae hong son loop
via Flickr| John Shedrick

Ride around the Mae Hong Loop

For excursion trips ride along Mae Hong Son Loop of Chiang Mai is never to be omitted. The 600 km long loop passes through forests, mountains, and mists.

The adventurous bike ride is one of the fervid Thailand experiences. Riding along some of the routes like Chiang Mai-Chiang Dao-Pai, Pai-Sappong-Mae Aw, and Ban Rak Thai-Khun Yuam-Mae Sariang-Mae Cham are a bonus to the excitement level. The curves in the track and bypassing the lush scenes are fun to ride.

Mae Hong Son Loop is for exploring the panoramic beauty and tourist hotspot of Chiang Mai. Interacting with Karen tribe people in the Chaing Mai and relishing the ultimate Thai cuisines are the awaited activities for heavenly experiences in Thailand.

If you love to know the minute Thailand, limestone caves, mystic waterfalls, and lush rocky gardens riding, the Mae Hong Son Loop is for you.

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Thai Cooking Class

Go on a cooking class

Your stay in any of the hotels, homestay, or beach bungalows will be a deficit if you do not try the hands-on culinary skills of Thailand. During your stay in Thailand, the food aroma will swipe you away, and you will need long to know the smack secret.

The Thai cooking classes provided would be adherent to the game of spices they play with. The techniques involved in Thai cooking are an integral part of Thai culinary; otherwise, their ingredients are very simple. If you master the proportion of spices and ingredients, you will be able to showcase your talent anytime.

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Khao Gaeng

Eat and taste delicious Thai Food

The light, tasty, and aromatic Thai dishes attract people from all over the World. Eating in Thailand is synonymous with adventure, whether in star-rated hotels, Michelin restaurants, food courts, or street-side; every place has something refined about the Food. Tom Yum, a soup of Chiang Mai, is a must-try in Thailand; the good thing is that Thai foods are easy on the pocket.

In addition, the cuisine will include a wide variety of vegan and meaty plates. Laap, Phat Khaprao, Khao Soi, Pad Thai, Gaeng Kaew Wan Gai, are some of the diverse culinary of Thailand.

Rice is the staple food of Thailand; it would be no surprise if you get to eat rice for breakfast, lunch, and supper.  The rice dishes include stir-fried, dessert, noodles, and the aromatic spice hoarded curries of, shrimp, seafood, must be tried for the satiating your palette.

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Phra Maha Dhatu Naphamethinidon
via Wikimedia Commons|JJ Harrison

Visit DoiInthanon

The highest mountain peak of Thailand is in Doi Inathon; it should always be on the list when in Thailand. The places of attractions here are Doi Inathon National Park, the roof of Thailand, and Mae Ya waterfall is some of the places to be explored in Chiang Mai’s Doi Inthanon.

Watching the gigantic waterfalls in the midst of lush forests is one of the subtle experiences in Thailand. Hiking to the highest point of Thailand to reach Doi Inthanon National Park is a thrilling adventure.

Hiking along nature’s trail is never to be missed when in Chiang Mai. Royal Pagodas must be visited. Visiting the temples and eyeing the panoramic views from the Thailand roof is a keep for a lifetime.

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Tatton Waterfall featured
via Wikimedia Commons| Nawit science

Chase Waterfalls

Thailand is blessed with so many amazing waterfalls. From high to medium-sized clear water, waterfalls are to be seen in every National Park. It is surrounded by lush green forests; each one is unique in itself.

Thi Lor Su is 250 meters tall, the highest Waterfall in Thailand, and among the most beautiful ones in the World. Erawan Waterfalls in the Kanchanaburi District ranks first for its remarkable beauty and emerald green turquoise water and nibbling.

There are many places to hit nearby when on a visit to Waterfalls. Having a splash at Krabi Hot spring Waterfall is so soothing. The waterfalls must be in the list for nostalgic experiences in Thailand.

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Khao Sok National Park
via Wikimedia Commons|Chaiyathat

Enjoy an off the grid experience at Khao Sok National Park

Khao Sok National Park is situated in Surat Thani Province and is most famous for the rafflesia flower. Khao Sok provides the best of the beach, forests, limestone caves, and countryside experience. The park is near to Phuket and loved destination for tourists.

Enjoying Thailand’s tropical rainforest by boat is thrilling. Camping near Cheow Larnlake and hiking to the nearby forest for wildlife watching. Flora and fauna of the National Park are unique in itself; also, the exotic birds are to be seen around.

You can go canoeing, hiking, or kayaking in this paradise of Thailand. The viewpoints are surely going to inked for a lifetime. Going to Khao Sok Village is also a part of this pleasant visit. The raft houses in the Cheow Larn lake should be checked.

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Pai Canyon
via Flickr| James Antrobus

Enjoy and chill in Pai

One must explore Pai for the threshold of enjoyment. Pai is a picturesque village in Northern Thailand. The attractions in Pai are Pam Bok Waterfall, Pai Canyon, Mu Paeng falls, ThaPai, Wat Phra, or White Buddha and Hot springs. Besides visiting these places, hiking, walking in the streets, relaxing bath in hot spring, visiting circus school, chilling at Earth Tone Café are the ardent part of Thailand experiences.

Having tea at Yun Lai Viewpoint is a lifetime experience. From hiking to this viewpoint and seeing the surreal Pai valley is the bliss of nature. Kayaking in the Wuth Nam Lang River would be fun. There is a Buaeng Pai organic farm, which is a real signature of nature. The scenic cascade of the waterfalls must be enjoyed with a plunge.

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Thong Nai Pan Noi, Koh Phangan
via Flickr | Fabio Achilli

Relax at Thailand’s beautiful beaches

Beaches in Thailand are the epitome of romance and the best holiday destinations. Lying on the beach, having a Thai massage, and admiring the tides of the sea are what one desires for relaxation. From crazy nightlife to quiet space, Thailand has variety in its beaches.

The white-sand palm-lined beaches of the never-ending Andaman Sea are serene and paragon of landscape beauty. Some of the famous beaches are Phra Nang Beach, Railay Beach, Phi Phi Don, Bang Pao, etc. are few to be visited here.

Railay Beach is an absolute wow and must be visited. It has some beautiful picturesque beaches nearby. The beaches of Phuket are must be on the list.

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Wat Phra Sri Sanphet, Ayutthaya
via Wikimedia Commons| Sabyk2001

Explore the Ancient City of Ayutthaya

Ayutthaya, located at the Gulf of Siam, has 18th-century remains of Prang and monasteries, which are the witness of its splendor past. Ayutthaya was located on an island surrounded by three rivers, such as the strategy to save it from war-ship attacks and seasonal flooding. The site is of great archaeological importance.

It was once a booming commercial center of Siam. It has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. The planned grids consisting of roads, canals, and moats are the point of appreciation for Archaeologists.

The history lovers do love to explore this ruin of grandeur. Wandering in Wat Mahatat, visiting Wat Yai Chai Mongkhon, and admiring the 50 feet long Reclining Buddha are some of the exciting features of Ayutthaya.

Note: Ayutthaya day trips are provided from Bangkok

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Chinese New year
via Wikimedia Commons|siraprapa khrueakaeo

Come during Thailand’s exciting festivals

The festivals in Thailand are celebrated with much fervor. The famous festivals are Songkran, Boon Bang Fai, Wonder fruit music and Festival, Chinese New year, Lopburi Monkey Banquet Festival, Lantern Festival, Candle Festival, Ghost Festival, Mekong Naga Fireballs, and Phuket vegetable Festival to name a few.

The national festival of Thailand is the water festival of Songkran. Most of the festivals are marked to bring good fortune, Buddha’s glory, or seasonal crop harvesting celebration.

The strange monkey buffet in Lopburi is fun to see monkeys shying and hogging on splendor spread. The festivals are the best option to socialize and know the Thai culture in depth. Some of the festivals are weird, crazy, and fun-fuelled. From dancing to blessing by monks and locals, piercing themselves with dagger will raise the exciting Thailand experience

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pilok village e-thong kanchanaburi
Image by ภาณุพันธ์ ปาณิกบุตร from Pixabay

Go on a day trip to Kanchanaburi from Bangkok

Kanchanaburi is just 150 km. from Bangkok. It can be reached by slow trains, minivans, or private coaches. The attractions of the Kanchanburi are Erawan waterfall, DamnoenSaduak floating market, River Kwai Bridge, Death Railway, War memorials, museum, hellfire pass, krasae cave, and submissive beauty of riverside.

While on a day tour cruise, tour at along River Kwai is not to be missed. Jet skiing option is also there. The beautiful emerald water seven tier Erawan falls visit will give the perfect vibe of Thailand experiences. The floating markets are unique in themselves.

The dark past at Death Railways, hellfire Pass, and war museums would take one to the era of the Second World War. It is much peaceful than Bangkok a day must be spared to explore this beautiful place.

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Experience a Traditional Thai Massage

Have a Thai Massage

Getting a Thai massage when in Thailand ought to be done. Whether in hotels, spas, or beach bungalows Thai Massage facility is provided. Thai Massage focuses on pressure points, circulation, energizing the body, and relaxation of muscles. The Thai Massage has a history of 2500 hundred years.

It is a traditional healing system in Thailand. While on the exploring spree of Thailand, having a Massage will reenergize one for more exciting experiences in Thailand.

What could be more fascinating than having a massage at the beach and enjoying the joys of the essence? The aromatic oils used in massage are nowhere to be found. Thai massage in Bangkok is world-famous.

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Wat Chiang Man
via Wikimedia Commons| Stefan Fussan

Go temple hopping

Thailand is the land of ardent devotees of Lord Buddha. There are more than 40,000 temples in Thailand for the followers of Buddhism and practically impossible to visit, but some of them are not to be missed. You are advised to be fully dressed if you intend to visit the temple.

The Buddha temple, Wat Suthat, and Mahatat are some of the prominent temples in Thailand. The marvelous architecture, sculptures, chedis, prangs, and Relics of Buddha are to be admired. Some of the temples are on the mountaintop from where the majestic views are just excellent.

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Mu Ko Lanta National Park
via Wikimedia Commons| Wanjak Atikomchakorn

Go Island hopping

Southern Thailand is part of the country where islands and beaches are abundant. Island hopping is the best excursion activity while on a visit to these islands. Phuket, Koh Samui, Krabi, Phi Phi Island, Ko Tao, KoPhaNgan, Pa Tong, and Simian Island are some of the popular islands.

Staying on one of the islands and hopping the other one by long-tail boat or speedboats is a fun activity. Apart from hopping, scuba diving and snorkeling are famed activities.

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Wat Mahathat Old City Sukhothai Thailand
via Wikimedia Commons|Adam Jones from Kelowna

Explore the Ancient City of Sukhothai

The ancient capital city of Siam, Sukho thai, is the synonym of the glorious past of Thailand. The 700 years ruins dictate its majesty in the bygone era.

It is at a distance of 280 miles from North Bangkok. The impressive Sukhothai Historical Park is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The main attractions of the park are Wat Mahatat and Wat Si Wai. Exploring these attractions on a rental bicycle would be listed in thrilling Thailand experiences.

One will encounter the monks in the wats, and the Buddha images with the best carving and sculpture are found in Sukho thai. The graceful walking Buddha is famous for Sukho thai. Noen Prasat Phra Ruang is an example of the beautiful and planned construction of Sukho thai. In addition, the Khao Naria peak in Ram Kamphaeng National Park is a must-visit for nature lovers.

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