Diving in Thailand: Top 20 Diving Spots to Check Out


Looking for the best spots to go diving in Thailand? Here are the top 20 locations in the country where you can test the waters!

The idyllic underwater kingdom of Thailand is so vast and spectacular that scuba divers love to hog here. The diving in Thailand would be a visual treat and learning experience for divers.

The land of Thousand Islands has so many diving sites that are second to none encompassing the unmatchable marine flora and fauna.

Thailand is a country, which is blessed in abundance of natural resources. The long coastlines, beaches, Islands, Archipelago, wildlife, forests, and last but never least, the exotic marine life in tranquil waters. Seventy percent of the world is water and contains vast aquamarine life in it.

It is estimated that nearly eighty percent of the existing marine lives remain unexplored. Such is the perfect habitat of underwater. The marine fauna and flora remain a point of inquisition for dive lovers.

The underwater kingdom comprises nearly 230000 species, which is only thirty percent of total marine existence. The reefs, sea creatures, corals, algae, rare species are all in a water bed. The amazing experience of scuba diving can be summed as an encounter with the lesser-explored serene world of water.

Thailand is a country of long coastline, pinnacles, and islands. There are many scuba diving spots in Thailand, with some being the best diving sites in Thailand and the world too.

The out of the world experience of being deep inside the ocean with no hassles of land life, just encountering God’s bounty of beauty and variation in the clear turquoise water. It is here one realizes an amazing world away from the land. Diving in Thailand demands scuba divers be versed in their tasks of diving.

The depth of water, remarkable steeps, and plow in diving sites of Thailand are key for fun scuba dive. The variation in depth allows one to explore fauna according to water levels in dive. The calm water with average temperature is an added advantage for divers. The water current is usually low.

The Koh Lanta, Phuket, and Phi Phi Island are some of the best diving sites in Thailand. Manta ray and white sharks are also in dives. One with a passion for macro photography in Thailand would get picturesque underwater sights to be captured and frozen for keep. The best part is the whole year is the Thailand diving season.

Diving in Thailand: Top 20 Diving Spots to Check Out

Andaman Sea
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Andaman Sea

The best scuba diving in Thailand is in the Andaman Sea. Every diver of the world marks two world’s best diving sites in Thailand named HinDaeng and HinMuang.

Koh Dok Mai

Koh Dok Mai is a small limestone island located in the east of Phuket, Thailand. It is a thrilling dive site. It is just 15 min away from Chalong Bay.

The dive depth here is about 25 meters. The limestone walls are covered with corals, gorgonians sea whips, tiger tail yellow seahorses, ghost pipefish, white-eyed may eel, leopard sharks, and Nudibrands are also e encountered.

The vast underwater kingdom is observed while on dive. Two small caves on the west side of the IslandIsland are explored. Diving would be ideal between November to May. Macro photographers would have ample to capture. A 50-minute drive would be suitable for exploring the fantastic fauna of underwater.

To its 10km of famous west shark, the point is found.

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koh phi phi island
Image by Michelle Maria from Pixabay

Koh Phi Phi

It is the best diving site of Andaman Sea Dive centers around Ton Sai Bay. Turtles, blacktip white tip reef sharks, leopard sharks, sea horses, pipefish are the underwater lives found. The uniform temperature of 250C is throughout the year.

January to April is said to be the best time to visualize Koh Phi phi. Water current is usually low, making dive quite easy. Snorkeling in Koh Phi Phi is also loved. The sparkling clear water and the spectacular reef is a delight.

Other dive spots in the vicinity are KohBida, Melong wall, Hin Dot, etc.

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Hin Daeng (Red Rock)

It is located in Mu Koh Lanta National Park, south of Phuket. It is famous for its magnificent marine life. The best point for whale shark siting. There is a high probability of seeing Mante Ray’s white shark.

Red soft corals cover the rocks, from where name red rock derives. It is a 45 meters dive. Barracudas and moray eels are sighted. Also, rainbow runner, jackfish, longfin batfish are seen in the water kingdom.

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Richelieu rock

It is located in the north-west of Phuket. It is a part of Mir KohSurinmarine park. It is among the best diving spots in Thailand. It is a 50 meter deep dive and is remotely located pinnacle at about 10 km east of Surin Island. It requires two dives to explore the water kingdom.

The regular sight of Tigerfish, snappers, bannerfish, lionfish, harlequin shrimp, rare tomato clownfish, and octopus is there. Scavenger barracudas are also spotted here. Whale sharks are also expected to be seen as it is also termed as Whale shark magnet.

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Hin Mouang (Purple Rock)

It is located in the south of Phuket in the Andaman Sea. It is famous for its superb violet coral. The lush soft coral garden is a raw intake for macro photographers. The dive is about 60 meters. Swarms of tiny silversides are seen in dive. Predators like jack and trevallies, leopard sharks, and whale sharks are also found in.

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 koh Tao
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Koh Tao

Koh Tao is Thailand’s most popular Island, mainly for divers and snorkelers. The highest number of annual dives takes place in Koh Tao. The fringing of corals underwater takes one deep in an underwater paradise. Koh Tao has a favorable climate and 12 months of the diving season.

» Where to stay: Best hotels in Koh Tao

Chumphon Pinnacles

Chumphon Pinnacles is among the Koh Tao’s best dive sites. It offers everything a diver wants, such as mountainous, varied marine life, and the number of depths in dive.

The dive site is located just about 12 km away, it takes roughly 40-45 minutes to reach the dive site. The scenic route as one plunges for a memorable dive is just wow.

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Aow Leuk
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Ao Leuk

It is a serene bay located on the South-Eastern coast of Koh Tao. The beautiful boulders, coral reefs, marine fauna, brain corals, Christmas tree corals make it a loved spot for divers. Depth of 15meters. Nudibranches and pink anemones, along with crabs, loved by macro photographers, are also spotted.

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HTMS Sattakut

Also called a wreck dive. It is located near Sairee beach. It is an artificially created dive where the military vessel used in the battle of Iwo Jima is sunk. The wrecks have created a depth of 30 meters at the site. The dive site offers a wide range of underwater lives as trevally, snappers, moray eel, grey reef sharks, and putter fish. It is advised for level 2 divers.

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koh nang yuan
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Koh Nang Yuan

It is a small Island in Northwest of Koh Tao. The picturesque sites, sparkling turquoise waters is loved by divers here. Koh Nang Yuan is made up of three small islands that are clubbed in low tides giving an amazing view.

Two diving sites named Green Rock and Japanese Garden are found here.

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Similan Islands Thailand
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Similan Islands

It is an archipelago in the Andaman Sea in Nga Province of Southern Thailand. It is a group of nine Island which make this Archipelago. Two National parks also come in Simian Islands. A turtle sanctuary has also been created here. Many scuba diving sites are in this Archipelago.

Christmas Point

It is a beautiful dive site in the north of the Simian Islands but remotely located. It consists of granite rocks and boulders on the seabed. It swims through 25 meters.

The moving marine lives look divine underwater. Leopard/ zebra sharks, white tip reef shark are easily seen under deep water. Shovelnose shark can also be seen if luck strikes a cord. Eels, bony fishes, sweetlips are also found. The Christmas point is reached via a speedboat or liveaboard cruise.

Must say one dive is not enough for exploring the whole seabed inhabitants and beauty. It is one of the most scenic sites in all Simian Island. The dive is not suitable for beginner divers.

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West of Eden

It is situated on the west of Simian Island number 7. The dive is fantastic due to variation in depth of 10 to 35 meters. The divers get to have variety in inhabitants of marine. The sea bed comprises of granite boulders, soft colored corals and giant sea fans.

It is the most likely place to see ribbon eels, frogfish, ghost pipefish, sea moths, and many critters. Some shallow regions of dive comprise rubble, sand slope, which may fall up to 30 meters deep.

Good macro life habitats West of Eden diving site. Kuhl stingray is also seen sometimes. There are small caves that must be explored. One can have a chance to hit with dogtooth tuna.

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Elephant Head Rock

It is located in open water between the southern edge of Island 8 and the next IslandIsland. It is a beautiful diving site that is an exposed dive site. Sharks are sure to be encountered.

The Simian Island habitats Manta rays and Whale sharks are not seen here. Green turtles and Hawksbill turtles are often encountered when they are on feeding spree at shallow sites.

The sweetlips, giant trevally, blue-ringed angle fish, Fusiliers, Red fire gobbies are frequent at the site. The Elephant Head Rock is known for having two of the fish species which are not found anywhere in the world.

These are endemic Andaman sweetlips and the Andaman Jawfish species, which are frequently seen here. The surges between rocks make diving quite challenging.

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Koh Tachai

Tachai is an island between the simian and the surian Islands. The sites in Tachai Islands are named as the best scuba diving in Thailand. A large number of submerged pinnacles and boulders form excellent dive spots.

Southern Rock

On the Southern side of Island Island, rock boulders are found. These are best for swim-throughs. The site is famous for spotting Manta rays, leopard sharks, and may times whale are also seen. It is a diving point in KohTachai.

– Twin Peaks Average depth is 22 meters. The very small marine lives are found here. The shrimp and sea horses are seen in dive. The dive site has two large rocks.

Eels, clownfish, angelfish, yellowtail barracudas, pink anemones, and stingrays are seen at the dive.

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Underwater world of Surin and Similan islands Thailand
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Surin Islands

It is an archipelago with two large Islands, KohSurinNua and Koh Surin Tai. Including Richelieu rocks and those two Islands are in the Surin National Park. It is the best diving spot in Thailand. A large number of pelagics like eagle manta rays, white sharks are inhabitants here. Snorkeling is also a loved activity here. Longtail boat rides take one to hidden secret spots.

Koh Torinla

It is located in the south of the two Surin Islands. It is a fantastic dive site of Surin Island. It is also known as Koh Khai. Healthy live corals of reefs are seen here. Due to the pinnacle in the way it draws the number of whale sharks towards it. Diving excursions are quite joyful here.

The hard and soft coral stretches to hundreds of meters. Thousands of invertebrates, fishes, and reptiles find solace in deep waters at KohTornilla.

Manta ray, moray eels, white reef shark, large bony fish, turtles, hawkbills can come in eye contact while on dive. Octopus and porcelain crabs are also here.

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Koh Chi

Koh Chi is the small IslandIsland in the northern part of the Surian Islands. The water is clear here, and marine life found here is quite interesting. It comprises mainly hard corals, granite boulders and is scattered all around. Large Predatory fishes like Trevally, Barracuda, and tuna form the marine fauna. Turtle and sea snake also path across. Those with skilled sight will see ribbon eel in the dive. The diving depth is about 18 meters. Deep in the seated bottom, chances of Whitetip reef shark site is also there.

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Hin Rap

It comes under the top dive sites in Thailand. It is a pinnacle in Surin Island, having rocky ridges, coral reef, and rocky sea bed. The depth is 20 meters maximum. Wide marine fauna is seen in scuba diving.

Turtles, batfish, stingrays, white morays are spotted at the somewhat superficial seabed. Whale and sharks are quite possible to be sighted.

The slightly deeper part will have more corals; comparatively, the site is also cut by canyon. Here stingrays, moray eels, angelfish groupers, triggerfish, clownfish, parrotfish, elkhorn coral, flutemouth fish, leaf fish, stonefish are seen. Flora consists of red algae, coral flora, and coralligenous.

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Best spots for diving in Thailand: Whaleshark in Koh Chang diving site
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Koh Chang

If you’re up for an exciting and relaxing holiday, Koh Chang also called Elephant Island and offers one of the best diving in Thailand. Artificial wreck dive, coral walls, pinnacles, and lots of marine life compose Koh Chang. More than 30 dive sites are in Koh Chang. Dive resorts are for exotic stay and dive from known spots. Koh Chang has the opportunity to explore dive for novice and children too.

The T11 Wreck site is also in Koh Chang.

» Where to stay: Best hotels in Koh Chang

Hin Luk Bat

It is a pinnacle and dive site in Koh Chang located in West of Bao Pier. It has 2 buoy lines attached in the depth of 12 meters. The dive site is quite big, with many levels. The average depth of the dive is 25 meters. Anemones of different colors can be seen at the shallow sand bed.

The other buoy line will take diver straight to the large wall of the coral reef. It is considered as the best diving site of Koh Chang. The serpent, disc, and spined coral are bumped in divers. It is also a great swim through. Aquamarine life like Nudibranches, marbled sea cucumbers hermit, crabs are to seen in diving.

Corals, moray eels, stingrays, parrotfish, fusiliens, large grouper as butterflyfish, bannerfish, barracudas, angelfish are regularly seen. Dolphins are also seen regularly.

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Koh Rang

It is a small pinnacle located in Koh Rang, South of Koh Chang. It is a National Marine Park also. This is a dive site but a bit more in-depth. One buoy line attached to the pinnacle which is about 14 meters down. Corals of multiple types encountered in dive when even not very deep.

Pinnacle divining always gives chances of fish watching when in dive. Giant travelers, sailfish, triggerfish, eagle rays are some of the fishes would come across in dive to Koh Rang. This diving site can be reached by boat, and sightseeing in the sail would be an additional visual treat.

Another diving site Koh Tian can be dived via Koh Rang diving site.

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HTMS Chang

It is a 100-meter long wreck. It is located at 3Km Southwest of Koh Chang. The ship was sunk in 2012 to create an artificial wreck. Since then, the wreck is home to artificial reef feeding of marine life. The dive is the biggest wreck dive in Thailand. It is quite close to Koh Chang and can be reached by boat.

A wide range of marine lives is centered here like corals, shells, gorgonians, etc. Many fishes like batfish, filefish, scorpionfish, barracudas, giant groupers, squid octopus, shrimpfish, whale sharks are all sheltered here. Underwater boulders are also here. The dive site owns the bulk of Christmas tree worms, which is very colorful and scenic.

HinRaab, HinLuk Bath are neighboring dive sites.

The above-mentioned diving spots in Thailandattracts the number of tourists who are ardent lovers of scuba diving. The magical marine life with chances of exploring more and more unknown marine habitats is a sheer passion for divers. The favorable climatic conditions promote scuba diving in Thailand.

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