Top 10 Spots for Camping in Thailand


If you're looking for more activities beyond the typical beaches and tourist attractions, why not check out these spots for camping in Thailand.

An attempt to fathom Thailand‘s natural abundance, camping in Thailand would be an ideal choice for tourists and visitors. The cool breeze in starry night with serene surroundings is going to be an excellent experience. The stay at the destinations would make one familiar with the varied geography of Thailand.

Thailand is a country where accommodation is quite affordable, but camping in Thailand remains a much-loved activity of tourists. Although camping can be a raw and rough experience at first-hand starry nights, turquoise waterfalls, pristine forests, trickles of river flow, scenic beauty, outdoor games are the beautiful end results.

The adventure of landscape, picturesque surroundings, the high point of view, wildlife, birds, and fauna cannot be summed in mere words. The sights watched and experiences are worth for keeps. Camping in Thailand provides proximity to flora fauna and nature’s fantastic plethora.

The camping is generally done in headquarter area of National Parks where forest rangers are available round the clock for Thailand travel guide. The campsites are usually accompanied by toilets and bathrooms, sometimes even BBQs. Most of the campsites provide necessities like a tent, sleeping bag, mat, cot, and lamps, etc. and if not, they can also be rented.

There are many sites mentioned below in Thailand vacation guides for camping.

Top 10 Spots for Camping in Thailand

Khao Yai National
via Wikimedia Commons|BerryJ

KhaoYai National Park

It is situated in Nakhon Ratchasima Province of KhaoYai. It is a part of World Heritage UNESCO recognized, Dong Phayayen-KhaoYai Forest Complex. Lam Ta Khong Campsite and PhaKluaiMai are the two main campsites here.

The area around these campsites is worth hiking and for the trail, but one must consult Thailand travel guide. Campsites have toilets, showers and parking spaces.

To  6Km. of the start point of the Park is the first campsite Lam Ta Khong, ideal for wildlife watching and open grasslands for camping. The second one is loaded with species of reptiles, birds, porcupine, etc. A trail is to be enjoyed.

Beautiful HaewSuwat Waterfall, Nongphak Chi Clocktower, is also for sightseeing.

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Doi Inthanon National Park
via Wikimedia Commons| Z3144228

Doi Inthanon National Park

It is located in Chiang Mai, known as ‘The Roof of Thailand.’ It has remarkable trails, impressive scenes, sunrise points, remote villages. The campsite would be a loved activity, starry night is ideal for camping. Local Thailand guide does not speak English here, but nearby Karen village people do speak English and friendly enough to make one learn about the local worth visiting spots.

Three campsites are there, at the base of summit road, Sureya and one at the riverbank named Ban Mae Luang. Visit paddy fields, bath in super clean river water. BBQ and fire-pits are also there. Thailand’s holiday guide would advise you to bring your camping instruments. Camping would give ooze of Landscape beauty and nature’s bliss.

An overnight stay and camping are advised to explore many attractions of the National Park area. The temperature drips really down at this place at night, so be equipped with warms.

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Huay Mae Khamin Waterfalls
Obraz Nattapong Tawiporn z Pixabay

Huay Mae Kamin Waterfalls

It is located in Kanchanaburi Province. There are two campsites here one ta the Si Sawat Reservoir and others at the bottom of the waterfall. The waterfall is seven-layered, and its beauty is enhanced from July to December.

The visit should be a high ranking in a Thailand Holiday Planner. The fresh flow of water would coax one in for jump. The lesser-known campsite is quiet and serine a much delight for nature lovers.

A Busy and popular waterfall Erawan fall is also in the KhueanSrinagarindra National Park is also a campsite.

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Mom Chaem

Mon Chaem is just at the 40 minutes drive from Chiang Mai The marvelous beauty of scenic mountainous and rows of colorful flowers are the real charm. The weather is quite cool and favorable for strawberry, lettuce, cabbage, herbs, and vegetables.

The table farming of these makes the place quite beautiful and picturesque. The campsite is FuangFah camping. While on camping, one gets the chance to visit the Hmong hill tribe people. The bougainvillea increases the beauty to tenfold.

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Nernchangsuek in Thong PhaPhum National Park
via Wikimedia Commons|Khunkay

Thong PhaPhum National Park

It is located in Kanchanabhauri province bordering Myanmar. It is famous for Tarzan tree houses stay in dense forests. Also, it has vast biodiversity. The large camping area is there in Park’s headquarters.

Thailand Trip guide would tell you about the camps, toilets, and bathrooms in the camping area. The National Park lacks good trail, so less popular with tourists.

Khao Chang Feuk, JokKa Din Waterfall, Pilok Mine, and the view across Burma are fantastic to watch. KhaoYai waterfall, Dip Yai waterfall, KhaoNoi cave can also be visited during camping. A wide range of wild animals like buffalo, elephant, the goat of mountains, tiger, bear, deer, civet, and many birds could be seen while camping.

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Khao Laem National Park
via Wikimedia Commons|PraiyaSongpukdee

Khao Laem National Park

It is located in the northern areas of Tenasserium Hills in Western Thailand. The fertile green forests surround the National Park. Mesmerizing sights of waterfall, viewpoints, caves, and hills are just impressive.

Pom Pee viewpoint is an excellent camping site in the Thailand visitor guide list. The sunset point here is just magical and sightseeing nearby. The essential tips for camping here are mentioned in Thailand travel information.

Two other camping sites kroengKrawia waterfall and swamp is also liked. The waterfall is quite challenging to trek as it is nine layered but fruitful results for nature’s lovers. The swamp is the center for birdwatching in the cold season.

There is a Sangkhlaburi district next to it, which is also an ideal camping site. AncientSunken Temples are also to be explored on the kayak.

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Umphang ,Thi Lor Su
via Flickr| Amir Yalon

ThiLor Su Waterfall

This spectacular waterfall is located in Mae Chan in the Umphang District of Tak Province in North West Thailand. This is Thailand’s highest and largest waterfall in the interiors of forests of Umphang wildlife sanctuary. ThiLor Su Waterfall is remotely located, hence a place of curiosity to explore more.

Moreover, less tourist visits the place due to its remote location. Sleeping under the sky with the twinkling of stars would be fun. Reaching the waterfall is marked by well defined 1.5 km trail from the main road.

Huge limestone cliffs, multiple layers in a waterfall, freshwater streams give a soothing experience of bathing while on camping. The dry season obviously would be ideal for taking a plunge in such a wide water body. Treks present here are quite adventurous, camping here would be the best choice.

The campsite has a toilet, washroom, and a tuck shop. While camping here, Karen village is visited and the chance to be one on one with their culture. Other visits while on camping are Mae Clong River rafting.

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via Wikimedia Commons|stijnooievaar


It is situated in the Northern part of Thailand. The chilled and breezy weather camping is quite popular here. Mountains of Phetchabun is a camping site. To have morning vistas, incredible sunrise, this is the destination in Thailand destination guide. At an altitude of 6000ft.

A camping site named Phu Tub Berk is centered for magical sunrise from the top of the world feel. This sunrise point is among the world’s most spectacular ones.

The Phetchabun is a place of history and fertility known for its forested mountains and rivers with waterfalls. Camping here would be a lifetime experience.

Other popular places to visit while on the visit are Thesia of mist at KhaoKho, Phetbura Buddhist park, Si Thep Historical Park, PhuPhaeng Ma, Savanna fields of ThungSalaengLuang National Park, Thai Lom walking street and many more.

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Camping in Thailand: Erawan National Park
via Wikimedia Commons|Kanchanaphum Jantrathip

Erawan National Park

It is located in the Kanchanaburi District of West Thailand. It is very famous for its waterfalls. It is quite near to Bangkok just 5 hours journey, so ideal for weekend camping.

The visit to Erawan National Park is all about swimming, photography, hiking while on a camp stay. The campsite in the Park is on the bank of a freshwater river. The Erawan waterfall here is 7 stepped, hiking till last is also a challenging activity for hikers.

To have a night stay is a magical terrain with stars, a cool breeze, and woodland screeches. The falling water is green colored, such a majestic sight. The camping area has a pagoda and a floating pontoon. The foot massage by small fishes in the lake is all for free. The best Thailand travel guide would suggest a person with an instinct for connecting to nature must have camped here.

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Nam Pha Pa Yai

It is located in Chang WatSaraburi, Thailand. It is a great camping site very near to Bangkok. A major climbing site in Southeast Asia is here. The limestone cliffs, caves, and rocky cliffs are exciting spots for climbers while on camping in Thailand.

The rare routes formed by lime is loved by climbers. The outdoor sports are the major attraction of here. The campsite is on the bank of River Pasak. The site is exclusively developed for climbers.

The camping is an amazing experience in itself. The benefits of camping are that one gets to have time to explore the nearby places of interest. While intending to camp in Thailand, one must consult the best Thailand Tour Guide for the purpose. One must also go through the guide to visit Thailand to be loaded with information about camping sites.

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