When is the Best Time to Visit Thailand?


If you're planning a visit the Land of Smiles soon, read further to learn about the best time to visit in Thailand (and the worse) to know which month to come.

Are you planning your holiday to Thailand soon and would like to make the most of it by coming during its best time?

We don’t blame you, if you’re flying from across the world, you’d definitely want to make the most of your holiday exploring and adventuring around Thailand instead of staying indoors looking outside as it gets devoured by pouring rain.

In this post, we’ll cover the best time to visit Thailand and also why visiting during shoulder season, and off-season should still have its pro’s which a lot of people tend to overlook the moment they hear the word “rainy.”

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When is the Best Time to Visit Thailand?

The best month to visit Thailand

To start, generally, Thailand is a good destination to visit all year round despite its changing weather throughout the year, but if you really want to have the optimum time during your visit, you should consider visiting between December to April. The weather would be pleasant ranging between 23°C to 32°C (night and day), the sun won’t be scorching hot, the wind will be a pleasant experience, and it won’t be too tiring to walk all day.

That said, December to April is also the country’s peak season, especially in the Southern area where you can find most of Thailand’s famous beaches.

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The best weather in Thailand to visit

If you’re coming from the west, the best weather in Thailand for you would be during its “winter” season, which is between November to February. It may be winter for the Thai’s, but it is definitely the perfect summer weather for you as the weather is usually never hotter than 32°C and can be pleasantly chilly at nights.

That said, November to December are the months considered to have the best weather throughout the whole of Thailand (but also the busiest for tourists).

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The best time to go to Thailand

As mentioned above, the best weather in Thailand falls between November and February but also the high season for the whole country. If you’re not fond of crowds, you can always come during the shoulder season, which is April to June and September to October.

April to June is the summer and dry months and temperature during the day can reach 40°C, this might be hot for many, but it is also a really good time to hit the beach around this time, make sure to go in the morning when the sun isn’t as strong.

September to October is the other shoulder season, and these months fall on the monsoon season, so it will rain on many parts of the country. Do not let this hinder because if you visit Northern Thailand, for example, it typically only rains a few minutes to a couple of hours in the late afternoon or at night. The weather will be a little humid, but it is still pleasant and refreshing after the rain.

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The best time to visit Thailand beaches

In general, the only time to avoid the beaches is during monsoon season because if you want to do some water activities such as scuba diving and snorkeling, it will be very muddy, and you won’t see much.

That said, between December and February are the popular months for tourists to come to Thailand to specifically hit the beaches.

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The worst time to visit Thailand

A lot of people avoid Thailand during the rainy season mainly because cities such as Bangkok and surrounding suburbs and towns tend to flood, making their experience visiting the city unpleasant.

Other than that, months between March to April are bad times to visit Northern Thailand as the farmers from Laos, Myanmar, and Thailand burn crops during the dry season. This is popularly known as the “Burning Season,” and a lot of travelers avoid Chiang Mai for this very reason.

We highly suggest you visit Northern Thailand before and after the burning season as it can be very dangerous for your health and especially for little children.

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The best season to visit Thailand

The best season most people tend to fly over Thailand is usually what the locals call their “winter” or the country’s cold season, which falls between November to December.

The weather is pleasant for those who are coming from western countries who are experiencing cold winters back home. However, please still do bring something warm when you come as cities such as Chiang Mai and Pai tend to be very chilly at nights during this time of the year!

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The cheapest time to travel to Thailand

According to Skyscanner, the cheapest month to visit Thailand in September and April – both are during the shoulder season!

September falls during the rainy season, while April is at the heat of the summer season. Both months are not bad times to visit Thailand! Just avoid the Northern part of the country in April as it is the burning season, and it will be very smokey.

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The low season for Thailand

If you’re looking into visiting Thailand during its low season, then come between July to October. It is the monsoon season so expect rain, but like what we mentioned above, if you come to Northern Thailand around this time of the year, it will still be a pleasant experience as rain usually only last between few minutes to a couple of hours in the late afternoon or at night.

So, what is the verdict, when is the best time to travel to Thailand?

It all depends on you! As we’ve mentioned a few times already, the best time to visit Thailand is great all year round! If you have a bit more flexible dates, we suggest you come during some of the notable festivities in the country, such as Song Kran (April) or Loy Krathong (November).

If you have only a few week’s holidays and would really like to have the best of time, come between December to April (except Northern Thailand between March and April) as the weather would be phenomenal!

However, bear in mind that it will be slightly cold in the North between December to February, and there would be more crowds as these months are the highest season for tourism.

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The best time of year to visit Thailand in a nutshell

  • The best time – December to February
  • Popular and busiest time – November to December
  • Shoulder season – April to June and September to October
  • Low season – July to October
  • Summer season – March to June
  • Beach season – December to February
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