Thailand Cuisine: Top 15 Best Food in Thailand


If you're wondering what is Thailand cuisine and what dishes you should seek after during your holiday then here is our list of the top foods you must try!

Thailand is a country where the best of Thailand cuisines can be relished without being heavy on pockets. The authentic herb-based simmered Thai dishes are second to none. With every new Province, a genuine immaculate proportion of taste waits for you. Below is the chosen and most eaten Cuisines from the Thai spread

Thailand Cuisine: Top 15 Best Food in Thailand

Panang Curry
via Wikimedia Commons|Vee Satayamas

Panang Curry

It is a sweet-spicy, thick, salty, nutty red-colored curry of Thailand. The history of Panang curry dates back to 1890 when a book titled Tamra Kap Khao was found to have its mention. It is best when eaten with jasmine rice.

Panang curry is a bit bland in comparison to other Thai curries. Because of this, it is a popular food to try in Thailand as tourists found it best due to less spice compared to other Thai curries.

The ingredients used are shrimp paste, peanuts, salt, shallot, chili peppers, lemongrass, galangal, garlic, kaffir lime zest, cumin seeds, coconut milk, palm sugar, fish sauce, (vegetable stock or soy sauce can replace fish sauce). Pork Panang curry version is popular in the Panang curry variations of eggplants, tofu, and meat.

Some secret ingredient is added to embellish it with heights of flavor.

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Tom Kha Kai
via Wikimedia Commons

Tom Kha Kai

It is a Thai chicken soup blessed with the richness of coconut and a Thai ginger k/galangal. The delicacy has come a long way from broth to this aromatic hot soup in Thailand cuisine. In the 19th century, it was prepared as a broth simmered with chicken or duck. It is among the famous food in Thailand.

The ingredients used are coconut milk, lemongrass, galangal, kaffir lime leaves, Thai chill, dill weed, mushrooms, chicken, fish sauce, and lime juice. The dill weed is also known as the Lao herb. The review for theTom Kha Kai soup is yum, according to Micheline Guides.

The ingredients in the soup are proportionate to deliver the sweet, sour, and spicy rhythm in this best food in Thailand. The aromatic creamy hot soup relished will be a taste to be remembered.

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Kai Jeow

It is Thai street food. Kai jeow is a pork omelet, which is distinct from regular omelets because it has minced pork in it. The streets of Bangkok have food stalls adorned with this innovative omelet.

The ingredients used are eggs, pork mince, soy sauce, fish sauce, black pepper, and oil. This Thailand food is comfort food for Thais as fewer ingredients and less preparation time is required. The Thai cooking style applied here is of great importance in the taste and texture of the omelet. The thin, crisp, and fluffy omelet is because of the low-temperature cooking. Adequate time is given to the sides to get golden brown and crisp.

This omelet, when teamed with freshly cooked rice, is just excellent Thailand food ready in minutes. This peppy and saucy platter is a popular Christmas dish.

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Pad Thai
Image by Chris Tweten from Pixabay

Pad Thai

It is the National dish of Thailand. In other words, Pad Thai is the staple platter of Thais. Pad Thai is a stir-fried rice-noodles dish having shrimp, chicken, or scrambled eggs and can be vegan also. It is also a popular street food in Thailand which takes very little time to cook.

In most of the high-end restaurants, Pad Thai is a relished Thailand cuisine. The dish is all about the flavor balancing of the sauce and the texture of the noodles. The more proportionate the flavorings, the more they are tastier. The dish is so designed that it gets well fitted to the choice of vegan and non-vegetarian options.

The use of tamarind enhances the tanginess of the sauce, so is the flavor. The other ingredients are shallots, ginger, garlic, fish sauce, palm sugar, red chili pepper, roasted peanuts, dry shrimps, chicken, or tofu. When served with lemon, wedges taste to another level.

The vegan version by using bean sprouts is also loved. Pad-Thai traces its roots back in mid 20th century for the use of noodles.

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Homok Talay

It ranks among Thailand’s traditional food. It is a special seafood curry or fish mousse of Thailand. The distinctive flavor of basil and galangal is heaven. Traditionally Homok Talay follows steam cooking of the curry in banana leaves.

It is a specialty of Southern Thailand’s Phuket Province. This red hot spicy curry has authentic taste when eaten in Phuket.

The ingredients required for the curry are lemongrass, galangal, red shallots, garlic, shrimp paste, dried red chillis, snapper meat, shrimp, beaten egg, coconut milk, sweet basil, fish sauce, bamboo shoots, and palm sugar sometimes tofu and algae also.

It is one of those dishes that owns their roots from the Khmer Cuisines of Cambodia and Thailand. Its counterpart is called Amok across the border in Cambodia.

The natural ingredients are blended such that a never to forget result comes out.

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Kao Niew Ma Muang
via Flickr|Charles Haynes

Kao Niew Ma Muang

It is a classic dessert of Thailand, also called sticky mango rice. The ingredients required are glutinous rice, coconut milk, palm sugar, and mangoes. Nam Doc Mai and ok-rong varieties of mangoes are preferred in traditional cooking. It is advised to have this dessert when freshly cooked for authentic and best flavors.

On a trip to Bangkok, one will hog on the spicy and tangy savories of Thailand. Sometimes the curry will have chili bombs, and extreme tanginess of tamarind has to be there. To relieve the taste buds from shots of hot, the sweet Kao Niew Ma Muang is ready to sweeten your palate. It is the most loved Northern Thailand food and dessert.

The fantastic and delicious sticky rice is not at all heavy on the pocket. Sometimes they top the sticky mango rice with mung beans. Such is the creation of Thai dishes with unique combinations and abundance of the ingredients in the country. However, it has originated from Thailand but widely loved in the whole Lao, Cambodia, Laos, and parts of South Asia.

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Som Tam
via Flickr|WordRidden

Som Tam

It is a salad of shredded unripe green papayas seasoned to sour flavor. It is among the best dishes in the world and not only Thailand. The dish originated from Laos. The recipe has a mix of sour lime, hot chili, the salty, sweetness of palm sugar, and savory flavors.

One exciting thing about this Thai salad is it is not just a collection of veggies served as a starter! Instead, it takes full part in the plate. It is the most popular food in Thailand among locals and visitors too.

The ingredients are pounded in a mortar to retains the juices and enhance the aroma of the things added. The dish is eaten with sticky rice, some Thai sauce and a marinated catfish would be a brownie point. The ingredients required are shredded papaya (rutabaga), toasted peanuts, garlic, bird’s eye chili, dried shrimp, palm sugar, cherry tomatoes, lime, fish sauce, and Thai snake beans.

It is customary to tell the vendor or waiter for your level of hotness in Som Tam. They modify it according to your taste, bud. This Thailand traditional food is available at any street vendor to high-end restaurants.

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Pad see eiw
via Wikimedia Commons|stu_spivack

Pad See Ew

High in protein, Pad See Ew is simply a stir-fried noodle in the sweet-sour sauce. It is an extremely popular quick street food in Thailand.

Ingredients required are garlic, wide flat rice noodles, chicken, pork or beef, broccoli, egg, light soy sauce, palm sugar, vinegar, and white pepper. The seasoning is the most important part of these noodles. Seasoning includes Golden Mountain soy sauce and Indonesian sweet soy sauce depending on the tanginess desired. Cooked on the outdoor grill, it outdoes the best of tastes.

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Kai phat met mamuang
via Wikimedia Commons|Takeaway

Kai Med Ma Muang

This sautéed chicken or Thai Yam in cashew sauce is the taste of another level in Thailand cuisine. Other ingredients included are honey, pepper, sweet sauce, onions, chili pepper, carrots, and mushrooms.

The not so sour and hot Kai med ma Muang has listed in Thailand traditional food. The dish is quite popular among tourists, as the adjusted seasoning suiting their pallet would not hamper the exact taste of this magical best food in Thailand.

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Massaman curry
Photo by icon0com form PxHere

Massaman curry

This slightly sweet and mild Thai curry has the Persian influence of cooking. It is among the best food in Thailand, where it is prepared with great zest. Ingredients are beef, coconut milk potato, and peanuts and for the Persian flavor, cardamom, mace, anise, nutmeg, bay leaves, cloves, cinnamon, and cloves are added much to our dismay as Thais don’t use these spices.

Since the 17th century, this excellent curry is part of Thai spread. The aromatic spices added, makes the proportionate blend of Thai and Persian cooking. The best thing is one can relish this Thai curry at any vendor on the nook or in the food market.

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Laab Moo
via Flickr|Takahiro Yamagiwa

Laab Moo

It is a spicy minced pork meat salad with mints served with sticky rice. The ingredients are simple like fish sauce, chili flakes, garlic, spring onions, shallots, bird-eye chili, fish sauce, and a handful of mint leaves.

The minced pork is exquisitely blended with the other ingredients, and the outcome is the taste to keep for memories. For the crunchy bite and roasted fragrance come to it from a special ingredient called Khao Kua. It is Thailand’s traditional food. The most famous is of Isaan. Locals of Isaan love it to complement with Som tom.

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Gaeng Keow Wan Gai

The green curry blended with coconut cream is the signature dish of Thailand.

Ingredients used are green curry paste, chicken, chili, Thai eggplants, bamboo shoots, Thai basil, coconut milk, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, galangal, cumin, fish sauce, soy sauce, oil, palm sugar, and coriander. The heavenly taste of the green curry is dedicated to the green curry paste.

The green curry is what makes the cuisine of Thailand famous for its curries. Green curry history in Thailand goes back to 1908 in the reign of King Rama VI. The white turmeric is often used for garnishing this green delicacy.

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Tom Yam Goong

Tom Yum Goong

Internationally acclaimed Thai spicy shrimp soup is a famous cuisine of Thailand. Thailand’s signature taste of sourness, salty, tasty, and sweetness is embedded in this soup.

The soup brings relief in congestion, flatulence, nausea, and a booster to the immune system. The nutritive value of the soup is quite high. The distinctive hot and sour flavor with aromatic, balanced herbs and spices increase the appetite.

Ingredients include lemongrass, kaffir lime or tamarind, galangal, fish sauce, and chili peppers. Shrimp being the master ingredient, can be replaced with meat or chicken. Tom Yum Goong is made from the famous river shrimp.

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Kraphao moo
via Wikimedia Commons|Takeaway

Phat Kaphrao Moo

Instead of being cooked in slow Thai cooking mode, it is a stir-fried version. The dish has its history associated with World war II. It is a famous la carte dish in restaurants in Thailand. It is Thai minced pork stir-fried with holy basil.

Holy basil is itself spicy and peppery with a flavor close to cloves. Phat Kaphrao Moo is one of the best food to eat in Thailand.

Ingredients used are meat like pork, chicken, beef or seafood, Thai basil, and garlic. Seasoning would be of fish sauce, soy sauce, oyster sauce, cane sugar, and bird’s eye chili. Many innovations have been made to the recipe with vegetarian versions over time. It is generally served with phirik nam pla, and sometimes a sunny side up gets plated with Phat Kaphrao Moo.

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Thailand cuisine: Khao Soi
via |huahommag

Khao Soi

This is the famous yellow curry soup from the Northern Thailand food list. Chiang Mai is the best place to relish this dish. It is a noodle type curried dish.

Ingredients used are hand-cut rice or egg noodles, coconut milk, curry soup base, chicken or beef, turmeric, coriander, soy sauce, and curry paste.

The noodles version of curry is the must to have a list when in Thailand. A bunch of protein sourced from meat and warming spices used is for health benefits. The depth of the flavor can be imagined from the spices used.

The crunchy noodle with curry-based coconut milk soup is served with pickled cabbage, raw red shallots, and lime wedges.

This noodle version of Thai dish was first introduced by Muslim traders of China in Thailand.

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